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Holy Week 2013

It had been numerous times I have visited Bay (Poblacion), Laguna when I have visited last Thursday. Bay means “Bah-ee” from the three ladies of Maria Basilia, Maria Angela and Mara Elena. Their first letter of their names were taken out thus it called Bae. After a long period of time, now it is called as Bay.


When I have visited the Bahay ni Senor (House of Senor), it was said that it didn’t burn by the Spaniards and even the Japanese soldiers during the period of time. The house have been built since late 1800’s. The surroundings were fields and among around the Barangay San Agustin (Poblacion) was the Saint Augustine Parish Church. The church was near from the place I’ve used to stay. It was around 3-5 minutes of walk going there to the church.


And so I thought, I would like to write an article about the chapel house that built in 1900’s during the Spanish reign. Owned by the Salvosas, Dr. Felipe Salvosa came from Polilio, Quezon and he was attended Boston University where he finished his studies taking up Bachelor in Science of Forestry. He married then, Felicidad Leon Salvosa where she was a native of Bay, Laguna. My grandmother was eldest daughter of Dr. Felipe and Felicidad. Up to now, we went to Bay, Laguna just to attend Good Fridays and sometimes in All Saints Day in November.


I grew up not knowing of my family roots before. But when I realized my family roots after I’ve graduated in college taking up a culinary certificate. Two years after when I finally knew my family roots, both in my father’s side and my mother’s side. My mother’s side were most coming from Bacolod, Negros Occidental and Kawit, Cavite. And my father’s side were most coming from Javier, Leyte (formerly Bugho, Leyte) and Bay, Laguna. Even after two years, everything went smooth for me. I’ve been granted to accept my condition as a special adult (my condition was Down syndrome or trisomy 21 chromosomes).


My father’s side have a hugh lineage coming from Veloso, Salvosa and Javier. Most of the Velosos came from Cebu, Bohol and Leyte where it began the civilization of Velosos. But it seems all of the Salvosas came from Polilio, Quezon and Bay, Laguna. Well my side of Javiers were coming from eastern side of Visayas which it was Leyte. The part of Leyte have a hugh part of civilization and gave a history behind of it. But then, in my mother’s side were also have a hugh lineage coming from Nartea, Sian and Torres. Sians were originally came from the mainland of China, the Szechuan. The Narteas also came from Carigara, Leyte but it was confirmed originally also came from Kawit, Cavite. And the Torreses came from the Romblon islands and Bacolod, Negros Occidental. Of which I know, some of these surnames I come up with sometimes may lead into wrong places. I mean it was not originally came from. But it was my  opinion.


Throughout of my knowledge, Bay sat and have said the oldest town of Laguna. It have been founded in 1500’s. And it was a wide vision when I knew this today. So far, it was one of my favorite places I’ve used going to this place aside from Javier, Leyte, Kawit, Cavite, Cebu and Bacolod, Negros Occidental.





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Candle lighting

Candle lighting


I had been traveling outside of the Philippines many times in my life. I went already in Canada where the places I’ve been through already like Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver as well. That was only the time during when I was a kid. Also in United States I had been through already like in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Orlando and Miami as well. But that was the time I was only a kid back then. To realize because of that, I do want to fly in other countries as alone. But being as an independent person, I wouldn’t do that because I was still afraid losing on my own.


Later in my life, I also went to other countries during my teen years like Taiwan. It was purely a business trip with my father there in Taiwan. But the remembrance I went to were Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. The only thing I went to some of the places before. I also want to discover some other places in the Philippines. There are thousand tourism spots around in the Philippines. We went already in Ilocos region during my high school years where we visited the Laoag of Ilocos Norte, Batac of Ilocos Sur and Baguio of course. They were the places I’ve been through already. But to tell you, I am more like a science geek guy who wants to take pictures of volcanoes. My dreams before was to be a volcano photographer. I wish I want to do that more now that I have a low quality gadget which it’s the camera cellphone.


Camera cellphone is all that I have in my life. It will turn four years old this coming of December, the birth of Christmas. So to ask and so to say. But I didn’t know what to do with the dreams I have. I want to go in Bicol to picturing Mt. Mayon where my first story started in trilogy comic novel books The Anthology of Firelava, The Anthology of Fireice and The Legendary of Fireice. Then to some of the Philippines I also want to travel like in Camarines Sur. And the hometown of my family name in Leyte also I want to visit in the future, the Javier, Leyte.


Cebu was also the part of my lineage of my father’s side where my relatives were living there. Aside from that, the Negros Occidental’s city of Bacolod I also want to visit because of the sugar plantation. I was sure there were still living business in Bacolod. Aside from Bacolod and Cebu I want to visit, name other places of the Philippines I want to visit. The Davao City of Davao province is also in my list to visit where other of my relatives were also living there. One of the best places I want to visit are Palawan and Boracay.


Of course, I forgot to tell you that I’ve been to Puerto Galera in Mindoro. That was the time I was already in my adult age. Fear of these times I might get to lose interest traveling around the world is your homeland. The Philippines is very rich in tourism spots where you can count the countless spots in the Philippines. I like Philippines very much and I hope to go around the nation as well. 

Some people intended to say mongee instead of mongoloid in some of establishment buildings. But many of them have said abnormal. Isn’t that obvious they are killing one of us? They are insulting us. Now I know that I don’t want to be part of them.


I remember one of the multi-level marketing company that many of the leaders used to call them as abnormal. Because some of point of view, I want to have them in their necks. But I leave to them. Already! Yep, some of them they want to get richer than have killing their prides in their neck. I will name two multi-level marketing companies: one of them is UNO (or Unlimited Networking of Opportunities) and the other one is VMobile Technology Inc. They are using the term of abnormal (in UNO) and mongee (in VMobile). I am so ashamed for some of my schoolmates are still intact with that word where I want to be part of them. But I already forgot them calling someone is insulting the entire race of Mongolia and to be part of that.


In the other side of the story, yes in fact, I am supposed to say that words. That is who I am. I will forgive them if they forgive me in the first place. It’s the lessons I have learned for the past months I joined but to declined in their offer. I won’t tolerate them. But I will leave them in the hands of pure fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters or relatives who have their kid has a down syndrome. They didn’t know what to do. I shall not do this in my article, but I am already doing writing down here in the article as well. This is a matter of fact of my side of my insensitivity. What done is already done.


For other reasons, people want to know that their kid has the same responsibility just like me. Many of down syndrome kids or adults who don’t have the ability to speak like I do. People forget the unconditional love. They only care for themselves, for loving money instead of their relative or family. I also don’t know why many people are still going hopes in the money of others. When someone is reading my article, I am sure some of you or someone will get to mention will like to join my forces. But I will pray for the people who want to change their minds. As long I am still alive and standing with the only one voice writing this article, it is because I am who I am. I have down syndrome. And I will not tolerate people who tolerates others. I will leave them in the name of justice and to God also.


I love in the name of the Father. I obey Him. In fact, I won’t use some names calling other names to the people. In fact, I am still not a perfect writer. I want to tell other people who have to educate to themselves. What will happen if you judge the wrong person? It happens to me every time. When they call me I am look like younger, I say I am really older to them. I accepted myself already last year. In the past, it was really hard to make decision whether I will accept or not for myself only. But I already did. Many times, people around looking for someone who wants to get grudge. I don’t want to get angry, because it will become immature side of me. It doesn’t matter if I like myself or not. Maybe it is the time to decide who do you want to look for.


I have joined in the association group last February 2012 which it’s Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. or DSAPI if that it’s called. I turned older when I joined them to become more mature. Many of the parents, sisters, brothers or relatives are surprised because of me. I don’t know why. It was because I already accepted myself in this year of the dragon. My favorite aunt used to call me, “anak (ormy child).” But she’s my aunt who passed away since 23rd of June 2011. She gave me some coloring set since I loved to draw and pencil my drawings. She also loved my literature works which it kept in my best friend’s house. Then just before the month she died, she told me once. She said, “look for your brighter future that can hold with your success. I only can guide you if you help for yourself. Remember if you don’t do good, I will not guide you. Write whatever you can. Cook whatever you can. Or maybe what’s in your heart will lead to your future. Always follow your heart to decide. And always fight for it.”


And she also said to me, “take care of yourself, my favorite nephew. Don’t forget about me, and always pray for your journey. I have plans for you in the future if you do good well. I will leave to you that you need to tell your mom to help in the future plans in Negros Occidental in Himamaylan. Don’t forget the one you have to tell.”


I once feel every time I go to sleep, she is always reminding all the time. It’s because I haven’t tell mom about the future plans in Negros Occidental in Himamaylan. But I always want to go there. I only have to be careful. My dream places to go: Leyte, Cebu, Bohol, Bicol and Bacolod, and of course is the Boracay. I haven’t go the places I want to go. I don’t want to leave the Philippines behind my back. I want to save the last place to live here in our home. I want to save my family. And I want my sisters to go back here. I need them to be with me, what else I can go for. This is only dreams I am waiting for. And I will fight even it’s my last breath to fight for. If I only have time to tell them, I only want to have courage to do that. And I only want to get the family back they way it used to be even they have their own families. It is because I love them very much.


My will to survive is to be with my family forever and ever.

Flores de Mayo

Heto na naman tayo, dalawin na magagandang bulaklak na tanawin natin sa Pilipinas. Munting nakikita ko sa mga mata ko kung ganno maraming magagandang lugar sa ating sa Pilipinas. Minsan sa aking palaisipan, naiisip ko minsan tuwing nakikita ko ang Flores de Mayo ay parang mutyang magagandang bulaklak. Ang pinakamagandang lugar puntahan na malamig na panahon para sa mga turista ay ang Baguio.


Baguio ay pinakamalamig na lalawigan sa ating bansa. Pero sa lahat pinuntahan ko dati, lalong sumisikip ang Baguio ngayon kaysa sa dati. Mas maganda pa rin ang tanawin ang Baguio dati. Hindi masikip, hindi maingay at hindi din polusyon. Pero sa aking iniisip ko, lugar lang yan kung iisipin lang.


Marami ding mapupuntahan pag Flores de Mayo, tulad ng Leyte, Bacolod, Cebu man o kahit saan ka pumunta ng probinsiya. Dinudumog tayo ng maraming turista sa ating bansa. Pero sa aking isipan, marami pa man meron matingnan ng magagandang tanawin. Sa aking palagay ko, kahit simple lang, meron ka na. Kahit sa village man o hindi, marami din nagpapakwin sa mga bulaklak. Naaalaala ko yun nagtatrabaho pa ako sa Sampaloc, Manila kung saan ang Dangwa Street. Maraming bulaklak mabibilhin doon. Pero hindi na ako nagtatrabaho doon, higit dalawang buwan tinagal sa trabaho sa pagluluto ng pagkain sa tapat pa ng St. Jude Nursing School.


Nakaka-miss din mga kaibigan ko minsan, pero sa kadalasan ko ginagawa ay nagsusulat kung anu-ano pumapasok sa kaisipan ko at imaginasyon pa. Pero mas madalas na yata ako sa wikang English. Gusto ko pang gumanda ang aking artikulo kaya gumawa ako ng Flores de Mayo tungkol sa mga bulaklak.


Ang mga bulaklak ay mistulang maganda tinitingnan sa ating mga mata kapag ito ay marami nahaluan ng maraming kulay.

Bag of hope and faith

Today is the different topic I will discuss. Maybe it will not be too long or too short. Well, in the first place I want to discuss about my dreams. People will admire if they want. If they don’t, it is also fine for me. It’s all about me.


DREAMS are meant to be hardworking and planning to do in the first place. Of course if you don’t have preparations, you don’t have plans to do in the future. Let’s talk about the article I’ve made in the past. (Read about my past articles in High expectations and Anticipated world.) It is in the last paragraphs that I have mention the foundation in the past articles I have made. Then I though, I said myself if I can do it with my bag of hope and faith. No one else could do it, but I have to do myself.


PLANNING is what you need to prepare, make a calendar or maybe a dream board you have to do. If it is a short notice, make yourself a dream catch. If you want to buy a new cellphone or an iPod, make a short dream. Or you have to make a calendar which you have to make a shortlist among your dream catch. When you plan a long-fulfilled dreams, make also in your calendar to have shortlist in your dreams.


PREPARATION is the most thing to do importantly. If you cram too much, you would not make it. Then I thought about myself, sometimes I find too much disruption. Again, you have to make preparations. A lot to say is less careless to do.


Four things I want to do:

1) I have to get a job to make plan ahead. If I am too much careless, I would not make it. After that, I will build a store in front of our house to make a cellphone loading station.

2) I have to plan which destination I want to go. First place will go to Leyte, my hometown. Second will be Cebu and lastly will go to Boracay.

3) I have to make short notice building career in foundation as I have said earlier in my two articles.

4) I will build businesses which I am more likely to help people to get out of unemployment and fight poverty.

Four years has passed since I have applied in Telus in Market Market, Taguig. That was then how I was transformed today. I realized people is not rich in knowledge. People I met through back then but now, times are changed. Well of course, I have now high expectations. What I have seen myself in the past is already past. Don’t tell anyone who can make rule of that.


The year of 2008 that I have applied in my first contact center. It’s because my friend referred me to work there. I was so eager that time, but times changed so fast. When it comes to an interview, I always fail in the instant in the eye of the interviewer. I don’t know what to expect and what I have to answer. So here I am, eager again to apply after four years.


Last year was very painful to me. I don’t like the company, and yet it was very scam to me. And I don’t want to mention the name because it was the multi-level marketing company to me.


Back where I am going to say, I have returned from my bad deeds doing good deeds this year. I have applied several contact centers now. The first one I have try was Transcom. I didn’t work me well from there. After a day, I also failed in Startek. Then it came the Stream Global, Sitel, TRG, NCO, Aegis and Convergys. Eight contact centers. What shall I say? They are the contact centers I already tried to apply. Maybe the luck wasn’t for me. I always want to try but I am willing to train dutifully. And then again, maybe somehow, I need more practice in my grammar when I am talking. It is different when it comes to writing and typing to speaking the words clearly. And it is a matter of fact what I am saying.


High expectations from this year I don’t want to forecast but I am willing to say it. Benefits are important for me. The rice allowance, the transportation, the medical and the physical fitness are important benefits for me. If there is none that contact center needs for me, it’s really fine for me. What I need is to gain from an experience from a contact center. So what I am trying to say, I have to fulfill my dreams here first before encountering many problems in the future. Meaning I have to try anything that comes from my heart desires.


Dreams I want to visit the places are Boracay, Camarines Sur, Bicol region, Leyte (of course that is where my hometown used from my grandparents, my father’s parents), Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod. Well if that deserves me, it will wait for me. Then I have to dream more about building foundation. Three things I should do for my foundation: building livelihood projects where people fail to get a job, sustain their financial needs and building a foundation program for down syndrome project fro intervention and speech therapy. I always want that way to help them. In that way, Rico Yan will always look at me here. And I will be always have a big hand for everybody’s needs.


Today it is a different path for me than leading somewhere I don’t really belong. What I need to know, dreams are here for me. Many changes will await for me.

Anticipated world

Hoping this would be the perfect opportunity what I did the past few days. Yes, I’m starting from last week. Last week I went to Bay, Laguna to stay for about two days and one night. Only knowing what is going on, I’ve been unraveling some clues where to start.


Well from the start to bottom, I have always thought this would be the perfect discussion what I should do in my article. First things first, if anyone is reading my article, make sure you are ready to read my article. When there is nothing to do in your day today, start making a habit reading my article. Then I am starting to think what you should do in a day. From the morning I wake up, I am doing a different routine now since our maid takes a vacation for a month. I washed my face to look good in the morning then I brushed my teeth. I didn’t do this every morning. But I have to look good every morning. I don’t do especially when the two dogs were barking already, somehow I have intentionally wake up in an instant. That black dog we have is actually a street dog. But I train him a little since he is still eight months old now. Hoping that he would follow what I need to know about a little instructions about the new dog we have.


In my our place, people buy load from me, here in our house. Because I went back selling loads in cellphone loading business. I am now entering six years experience in cellphone loading business starting in June. I have trained myself already going from multi-level marketing plan last year, but it didn’t work for me well in selling beauty products. I will not mention the name since this is the public article I am writing about. But instead, I gain some knowledge from multi-level marketing. I left for a reason, to change myself in a better situation.


In fact, this is my dreams to fulfill everything. It will start for a new change. Maybe I will name after my full name is then it will have a meaning about it. This foundation will start around this year if my relatives or my classmates or my batch mates will help me about this. This foundation is about for the people who don’t have work and the special children I am building for a foundation program for them. Special children is where I will start in intervention and speech therapy since I am now a different level from them. But I am not that kind of superior since I am not an intelligent person. To start from there, maybe I need help from new gained friends in DSAPI. The president who is the founder of DSAPI will help me there. Maybe so or maybe not it will work. My ways to help people who don’t have work and for the special children just like me has down syndrome would be my priorities to help them.


To be able to do that, I need more funds to create a better way of vision. Somehow I can help and start somewhere here in Manila or maybe in my hometown in Javier, Leyte. This kind of foundation will help everyone who needs the help from the local government or some sectors I heard from somebody. I don’t know with that, but I am planning for the start. This would be the anticipated move I have and it would be a huge move for the anticipated world. This would be also the advocacy when it start already. From the moment from my recent years, I didn’t realize from the start I am here alive in this silent world.


What a melodramatic start is to make a dream. And I hope this would be to read for everyone to make a start from here. Please help me so I need more funds. If I can make a foundation concert then, it would be a huge success.

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