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Sixtieth-First Tagalog Quote:


Inakalain mo bawal umibig

sa maling oras

sa maling lugar

sa maling hindi dapat ginagawa

pero minsan masakit

na tingnan ang malasakit mong puso

sa ganoon pa man,

mananatili pa rin ang nakaraan

ko sa iyo.


Pinalitan mo na ako

pinalitan mo ang puso ko

pinalitan mo ang galit

sa awa na magmamahal punong-puno

ng kaligayahan pero buo pa rin,

sa akin pa rin ang balik mo.


Malas sa kanya hindi ako

binalikan niya pero sa huli

mararamdaman pa rin niya

na mahal ko pa rin siya.


Masakit pakinggan na nagseselos

masakit pakinggan na pinalitan na,

at masakit sa damdamin sa habang

panahon ay may iba ka na sa

puso na may-ari sa puso mo.


Kung titingnan ang iba’t ibang

lahi, tinitingnan ko ang sarili,

saan ba ako nagkamali

o ano ba ang meron sa akin na mali,

papalitan mo rin ba ako

sa diwa’t merong nagpapasalamat.


Sixtieth-Second Tagalog Quote:


Madali ako man sa dako ng mundo

madali hindi nagpapasakali

tingnan ang kapaligiran

sa kung saan meron o wala

ang tiwala nagbubuo para sa iyo

o sa akin parang hindi totoo.


Bawat lahi, bawat kulay

bawat edad, bawat laki

o bawat sinuman tumitingin

malay ko ba tinitingnan ang

iyong sarili sa bawat tao

may sarili ng kaligayahan.


Lumalalim ang panahon

lumalamig ang bawat segundo

lumilingon sa bawat kanto

o konti na lang ba sa atin

ang wala may sala.


Parang hindi nagbabago

parang hindi gumagawa

o parang malabo na ang

mga tao hindi nagkakasundo

sa bawat tingin ng maraming

tao na populasyon sa

ating bansa lumalaki.


Likas sa yaman tayo ng ganda

sa kapaligiran pero sa

kultura hindi bumabalik sa atin

tayo’y mga Pilipino

dapat angkinin ng likas

kung ano meron tayo sa ating bansa.




This is my comeback writing Tagalog quotes performing what is written in these days. It is whether at the back of my head performing what is right and what is wrong. Did you have feeling that I’m not writing quotes anymore? Guess what, think again at the back of your head. This time for sure, if time permits, I will be writing all over again. And not this time from my cellphone, it is what in my brain department thinks of me and what is writing all about from the bank at the back of my head.


You laugh always at the back of your head whether what is funny all about. Then sometimes you always cry sometimes at the back of your head what is crying all about from the story. Maybe it’s not from the television series you are watching or reading from the book that you might want to know about the story. It’s a long way that haven’t tell my sides either. And today’s 2014. The last Tagalog quotes 29 I wrote was dated back on 13th April of 2013. So here comes Tagalog quotes 30 will keep knocking your hearts to read what is written this time. And what is about this time? The forecast of quotes for this year is already changed. It’s not from the cellphone anymore. But it is written this time from the bank at the back of my head already. I stopped sending too many quotes in cellphone to someone I’m been in love before.


You know what it seems wrong from me last year. Because I was been in roller coaster last May 2013. I’ve had been in love for quite of 8 days relationship. And what is good this time. It is now what you are been waiting for you to read my quotes again with stories or explanations as well.


61st Tagalog Quote:


In this particular of sixtieth-first tagalog quote, this is a revealing love quote I’ve made it for a long-run. I say that this is real. And it made a painful way that I can’t continue. Instead going on and moving on, I wrote this for this day and made it clearer that I’ve had a girlfriend last year. Loving her with all of the blessings I could get was just from her. From where I’ve been running along anywhere I could go, at least I made it an effort not going after her. It was said that my parents at least they told me not to get closer with her again. Even she is also getting married on 12th of June, the day of Independence. Could you imagine if I could still going there? Certainly I’m not going. But still deep inside on my heart, I regret if I am coming on that day. This 61st Tagalog quote is all about hatred, love and understanding quote. You might want to know in the future quotes I’m writing.


62nd Tagalog Quote:


In this particular of sixtieth-second tagalog quote, this is about a culture, love and caring for mostly Filipinos today. I might not consider that all Filipinos might understand this. Yes, I am proud Filipino. But it contains my heart writing explaining in english details. I may be not forbid to write but I am willing to risk to write in filipino language. Most of my concerns is written here in this quote. A natural way of living might counteract most of living Filipinos here and abroad. And they said that if you go other country and reside there, you are still Filipino no matter what you change your nationality because you are still born here in the Philippines. But I understand the side of consequences of a role of every Filipino in other countries. Don’t get mad at me. I’m not a sinner. We all make mistakes. But yet in particular day, most of us consider going to other country either for good, permanent or temporary, or going for a vacation. But if I might go working to other country, I invest the dollars to pesos and might open another business in the future. This 62nd Tagalog quote is consider a nationality quote. This might a new, perhaps not the first but it will be more of this in the future.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.


Spanish Ninth Quote:


Nadie se va detras de

cuando usted esta solo,

nadie consigue primero

cuando usted esta adentro a continuacion,

apenas de hecho,

nadie consigue en el centro,

primero o en dura.


Al principio cuando usted sabe que

su dia es lleno de su horario,

entonces usted nota un pequeno cambio

en su vida y

ese es como usted maneja

su situacion.


La gente consigue frustrada,

le gente consigue presionada,

la gente sabe also mal,

pero nadie le coloca incorrecto

en su situacion.


Tengo que conseguir al aeropuerto

a capaz de viajar,

yo tengo que conseguir a la nave

a capaz de ver el oceano

pero nunca he sido en

el lugar en donde pertenezco.


De alguna manera a lo largo del camino

nadie quisiera que usted hablara

la libertad, o nadie le necesita,

o es quiza una poco

de la frustracion o de la depresion.


Pero el dia que he encontrado

es el dia pasado he estado a,

asi que hablar y asi el acto

pero yo nunca han sido pasado.


Spanish Tenth Quote:


Se rasga mi amor

pero mi corazon nunca

no ha estado roto ocasionalmente como esto

asi que tengo caer en amor

en vez de lastimarme adentro.


Cuando doy dolor,

el dolor tiene que ser tomado

en el campo de la felicidad

pero no en el campo

nada puede estar el intercambio.


El amor es como un rasguno

cuando usted me lastima yo tanto,

usted realmente me da

algunas memorias dolorosas

que tenga que tomor.


Pero no, como yo hemos dicho

y asi que yo tiene hablar en mi amor

del favor se preocupa me demasiado

cuando salgo de la ciudad

sin las memorias que se van detras.


Te amo y

como usted me ama que mucho,

nosotros toma cuidado y entiende

en tiempos de desear y de la relacion,

podemos estar parados los errores

y asi que no nos separaremos





In this quote poems of Spanish literature, it is a quite new for me. Although I only started a year ago when I made first, second and third. But it’s really quite hard for me making this new line of my literary works. Out of mind somehow thinks at the back of my head, but in the same way I’ve manage to make a new one. I just did for one day making this. Maybe I’ve to learn more about the Spanish literature although I’m not quite a hardworking for this. Because I’m new again writing this line of Spanish literature. And so to speak, I may be never do a lot of quote poems of Spanish literature.


Ninth quote poem:


In this 9th Spanish quote poem, there are two versions. One was translated from English version and one was written in Spanish. And then again, it was really hard making of this. Because it was a hardworking quote poems for me. This is about the person’s hatred and painful quote poem.


Well at first, when you notice the first, second and third paragraphs, there are five scenarios in this paragraphs. Something when you notice. When you watch some of William Shakespeare plays, maybe a little of dramatic plays would come in at the back of your head. But in a second thought, I always deserve how I feel what’s inside and outside of me.


Tenth quote poem:


This 10th Spanish quote poem is a love and relationship quote poem. Don’t you feel the love when it’s over. Or something that is relaxing at the back of your head. Maybe it was a feeling the same when I’ve encountered this a long time ago. But I’ve never had a girlfriend in my life. I’ve only want you to know that I deserve to be single instead of having with love and relationship to somebody else. Of course, there are no shortcuts in your life when you really love somebody. But in the same way, I feel how I write about this in Spanish version and English version.


By the way, how do you feel if I write in this way of Spanish version? It is how makes me feel when I really need it to be in Spanish language. My lineage in father’s side have Spanish and Portuguese. But in the same way, I also love Spanish language. Why? This is for my auntie who died two years ago. I really loved her so much. But in the way, I really want to make her feel when I write or how to speak in Spanish as well.


Ninth Spanish quote is translated from English version:


Nobody leaves behind

when you are alone,

nobody gets first

when you are in ahead,

just in fact,

nobody gets in the middle,

first or in the last.


At first when you know

your day is full of your schedule,

then you notice a little change

in your life and

that is how you handle

your situation.


People get frustrated,

people get depressed,

people knows something wrong,

but nobody places you wrong

in your situation.


I have to get to the airport

to able to travel,

I have to get to the ship

to able to see the ocean

but I’ve never been in

the place where I belong.


Somehow along the road

nobody wants you to speak

freedom or nobody needs you,

or maybe it’s a little of

frustration or depression.


But the day I’ve found

is the last day I’ve been to,

so to speak and so to act

but I’ve never been last.


Tenth Spanish quote is translated from English version:


My love is torn

but my heart have never been

broken at times like this,

so I’ve falling in love

instead of hurting me inside.


When I give sorrow,

sorrow has to be taken

in the field of happiness

but not in the field

of nothing can be exchange.


Love is like a scratch

when you hurt me me so much,

you really give me

some painful memories

that I have to take.


But no, as I have said

and so I’ve speak in my behalf

love worries me too much

when I leave the town

with no memories leaving behind.


I love you and

as you love me that much,

we take care and understand

in times of longing and relationship,

we can stand the mistakes

and so we won’t separate

each other anymore.

Fiftieth-Third Tagalog Quote:


Kung malaman mo

may mahal na ako

sapat ba ito,

hindi dapat mangyari

ang pagwawakas,

bilang ng araw

makapiling kita sana’y

hindi tayo’y magmahal

sa isa’t isa.


Hindi ito’y tutungo

sa magandang araw

hindi bale na lang,

kung ako pipiliin mo

at mahalin.


Kung ang araw

dadating ng panahon,

lagi na lang galit

at poot na damdamin

tukso at kirot na

pawang sinasaktan,

susuko na ba ang

paglaban ng puso ko.


Pawang ba na

makita ka,

muli na ba nabulag

ako sa pagmamahal

pero ito’y hindi

ko pagpapatawad

na sana mahalin kita

sa kahit sulok ng mundo.


Marahil ba na ako’y

susuko dapat sa iyo

pero ang tinadhana

ng puso ko

sana maiwan nasa puso mo.


Gabi na pinagmamasdan

araw na pinagluluksan ko,

kirot sa isip ko’y sana

mawalan ka sa

aking kaisipan.


Tanggapin mo sana

na hindi kita babalikan

sa kahit anong sulok ng mundo

na hindi na kita

kayang mahalin pa.


Fiftieth-Fourth Tagalog Quote:


Pangarap ko sana

maging artista,

artista na mahilig umarte

mahilig sumayaw

mahilig kumanta,

at higit sa lahat

maging beterano

tulad nila na magagaling.


Pagdating sa arte,

kilos ko’y magpatawa

komedyante na agad

kilos ko’y magpaiyak

drama na agad,

kilos ko’y magparesbak

action na agad

at kilos koy’s magpatakot

horror na agad.


Maaaring mahirap sa umpisa

pero agad aakyat ka,

ni hindi lahat mabibilang

na kahit segundo lamang.


Sumayaw ko tulad

ni Elvis Presley

patok na sana,

tulad ni Michael Jackson

magaling ka na,

pero pag Pinoy dugo mo

sasayaw ako tulad

ni Gary V at Dolphy.


Sa kantahan

walang tutulad kay Lea Salonga,

bumirit ka ng mataas

katulad mo na si Nina,

mapa-ballad, soul, R&B,

o anuman,

mas magaling ka na.


Sa galing at tiyaga,

darating na magiging

artista din ako

at maniwala ka

sa mga pangarap mo.




“Live your dreams higher and always believe. Love me if you can do anything to make me proud. Where you can see the world is full of mysteries, sometimes it always end with the good ending. But sometimes it ends a bad ending. When you see the sun in the east, sometimes you see the sun in the west already. Knowing the day is over, night is starting to gaze in the skies filled with brightest stars and full moon.”


You might never know your love or your dreams will be achieving someday you always believe. Well, on the start of your career or love, there is always a big notice in your door. And sometimes in the door, you knock for your opportunities whether it’s a career or a love you choose. For me, it doesn’t matter what comes first. What I love most in my life stays single all the time. I don’t have commitment for now. I don’t have a girlfriend since my birth. Fling love is not okay, because you lose a friend on the road you are always seeking. In this tagalog quotes today might consider a part of career and love.


Let me give you the first post I’ve posted. The 53rd Tagalog quote poem is all about the love grieving in your life. It’s a sad ending story. Sorry to hear from you, guys and girls. If it’s not temporarily in your life you always choose, sometimes it breaks our heart instantly. Of course, I’ve been loving a girl not only once, only twice already. After that, I’ve never gone through another commitment. If I rarely choose a girl, love yourself first before falling in love to your partner. Getting to know or conversation is a good start for you two. But in the same way, I always choose the good positive notes. Because at the end of the line quote have said it’s better to choose yourself alone as a single rather loving someone you’re not really in loved. In fact, I know here at the start. But I simply take notes from it. People should know better than that. Relatively in life, life is always unfair. So choose life wisely to love a partner.


Then at the 54th Tagalog quote poem, it is a career quote poem. Why? Because I always want to be an actor, dancer, singer and be a performer. When I was still in high school, I always screamed to my school mates and to my classmates that I wanted to be an artist in entertainment industry. Being having Down syndrome is an extraordinary in the field of entertainment. And I am proud what I’ve accomplish already. Because this is me who I stand out for. Well unfortunately, life is always unfair. But the doors are always there opening for me. If the door opens for me in a good blessing, then I will accept the blessing I will take.

Thirtieth-Second English Quote:


Dreams were never been true,

dreams never lasts a second chance,

but you dream your life would be

richer or to be famous,

this is not a life between

of all you want,

and you will notice the world

is reality.


You dream what you want,

yet you don’t think a fair chance,

and I said,

“please give the world waiting

for you and your dream will live on.”


Thirtieth-Third English Quote:


Take me in your ground

for shall I’m not read

leaping my feet to jump,

don’t be, don’t look,

don’t forget to look what

you see through my mind,

and I think what

is right or wrong.


Be still, be stand on my feet,

be born on my way,

do you think this is not

a paradise for you,

think one, think everything

what your mind tells.


So lot to say,

so lot to act,

every way what we move,

every night what we sleep,

but you walk where I go

stop right there and I fully said

don’t follow me anymore,

and you shall bound

to not see me cry,


Hear me, hear me nothing,

and all over again,

can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t cry,

can’t move a muscle,

I fully notice what I have,

an emptiness through my heart

and my mind,

and I’m lack of everything

and seize all my acts

for nothing else.


Thirtieth-Fourth English Quote:


You are what I am,

I am who you are,

if it’s chosen to be one,

one shall claim to me,

and I am who you think

me as your servant.


You think I am fool,

you think I can fall,

you think I can run,

what possible I can do,

a rain of hope never lasts,

a wave of faith never fades,

and a disaster of your

confidence never run to me.


Which it shall proclaim

by my faith,

without love cannot bring

your confidence,

I am like a sun

protecting my loved ones,

and I am like skies

brighten up your day.


And you know how much

I love you,

how much I can take

care of you,

how much it lasts for

every day’s courage of yours.


I surrender myself to you,

you shield my life

away from any danger,

and you are my life,

my endless love.




The 32nd English quote poem is all about the dreams you are fighting for. For my reasons I wrote about this, it is because I believe one of my dreams will achieve but not all of them. But if they achieve in the span of years I want, then it is proclaim my highest achievement besides a high school graduate and a college graduate for culinary arts.


In the 33rd English quote poem, I always tell myself if I act too soon, maybe my dreams are fading away that so fast. Meaning that you cannot push yourself to another level. Face the consequences. Live in the world. Maybe you can tell yourself if you can prove to something you are really living in your dreams. Maybe that is why one of my dreams are still intact in my mind, or for somehow I cannot resist to achieve.


While in the 34th English quote poem, this is a particularly from one of my favorite quote poem I have ever made. Maybe it’s nothing when you can say it is really nothing in particularly. But it is, really. This is 34th English quote poem that I dedicated to Rico Yan. One of my inspirational person in my life is one of my dedication because of him. I owe him with my life today. If I am not here today, probably I am not writing my literature works here and it is not interesting at all when you are reading of this article I have made.

Twentieth-Third English Quote:


Sun is the brightest,

stars are the shiniest,

but the clouds swept the skies

on halfway of universe,

think of nothing left,

on the other side of perfect life,

it’s not the perfect world.


Think again,

you can’t count the stars

in the night of promises,

you can’t even walk in

the moon without a suit,

but life is vulnerable,

take care of your life,

it amounts to the fullest

of expectations,

life is mystery,

sometimes up or down,

do not count with your life

when it amounts the life span,

time is luxury,

so don’t waste it.


Pray always to your safety

and to your journey.


Twentieth-Fourth English Quote:


Every time I think about you,

you shall mend my heart to tell,

but things were going wrong

every way and out,

you left me alone

and I do not know all things

in and out.


Keeping me warm

and breaking all rules

that are made of,

we are only left

alone in lonely world.




In the 23rd quote poem, it said there is a lot of problems out of the box questions. Well some of my point doesn’t make out really. To think of it, I am not that a guy who can’t make mistakes all the time. We are humans who have making mistakes in the world without knowing it. Some kind of discussion that I really have to come up, it is the kind of understanding if you can relate me though it is not other concerns.


And for the 24th quote poem, this is really quite disturbing poem to me I made it from my mind. Every time I make out of special, I really don’t have the time to type this all the time. I am the person who is always making literature of it because that is what makes me perfect. Maybe not that is really perfect to say. What I am saying here is my experience being as a lonely person that is. I hope you kind like about this kind of feeling. Or maybe it is not.

Seventeenth English Quote:


Lie awake in the darkness,

spread your fear away

when you are alone,

stand no one else

but your shadow still,

press the mid-air into its will,

hope and anger collided with

many fears subside,

subtract the countless

sleepless nights,

when you open your eyes.


Look the brighter night,

and wait for the chance,

call for the angel to

appear to your dreams,

and tell you that you are not alone

in weary and crazy dreams.


I am purely soft and

understanding the will on its own,

I am afraid to fly,

and afraid to get strange dreams I have,

because I am fool,

hopeless and undeniable.


Eighteenth English Quote:


Change me and I thank you,

give me and I love you,

don’t be and I will be yours forever,

a hundred ways give me strength and

weak my mind,

but I don’t get an embrace

and give it the chance,

be a part of the world

filled with happiness,

be a part of the world

filled with hope.


Change and you return,

give you and you love me.


Will it last a second chance,

will it start again,

but it never fills me the

strength of your love,

and the last drop of water

will fill with my heart.




In the seventh English quote poem, there is always saying, “Don’t be a miserable in your life, but to cherish your life.” I don’t know if it ever have happens to you this event. In other ways, people will think that I am different from any normal people around the globe. I have always know in my heart if I have the chance to tell them. They will acknowledge me. They sacrifice what they have pass through all the times. In my part, I have down syndrome. Just in any case you don’t know about this. Just read here below the links I have below:





People have misunderstood me from the beginning of my life, I don’t know why they are keep looking at me and staring at me. This one old lady around in her 40 years of her age criticized how my behavior was very bad that time when I was in the chapel with my mom.Then I realized that time, the point in my life changed me the way I was thinking today. Whether it is how to be like, or not to be like.


The eighteenth English quote poem feels me the experience of my youth age when I was in teenage years. But then, I have simplify many ways to get in love, whether I am in trouble or not. In my past years, I didn’t ask my parents what the real love is. But through watching some Love Notes during that time in Channel 5 or ABC channel that I have learned a valuable lessons from how to teach love from broken to a lucky ones. It is because from my experiences.

Fifteenth English Quote:


Grant me your wishes to come true,

grant me your kindness of your love,

or grant me with your smile,

the smile of your face melts my

sadness problems away,

lift me up with a kindness heart

you have,

bring me hope and peaceful offering,

my problems will fade away one by one,

if your wishes fill with joy,

you laugh and eager to jump,

if you’re happy in your life,

don’t be sad all the time,

and I’ll be there in your heart

and your mind.


Thank be all the gladness and take

me in your place,

so I surrender and

the love will set you free,

the love will take forever and ever.


Sixteenth English Quote:


The cost of every day’s life

makes sweeter,

even love can make you sweeter,

the kiss melts in the chocolate

that made you sweeter,

the big hello warms you a sweet day,

but a single hug makes you

the sweetest of them all.




The fifteenth English quote poem tells about the true meaning of happiness whether you have problems all the time. There is no person who doesn’t have problems in the world. Even the President of our Philippines also have problems, even the mighty Queen Elizabeth II also have the problems and there are more people who have more problems. This poem tells you that you have to build your strength and have to carry your shoulders on your own. Even I do have like that, but  things is always have on their way. If things could go worse, pray for your own and let things be possible solving on its own. Just believe it to Him and believe in yourself. There is no other around you can help but yourself.


The sixteenth English quote short poem is my favorite them all. The sweetest in your life exists only in your heart that everybody is enjoying about it. When I meet a girl in my life, I will always tell her about this one I have made. Then everybody in my facebook account that where did I get that, it is my self-short quote poem. This one will famous someday. Every time I read it, sometimes I think myself as it could be someone’s short poem. Then again, it is mine.

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