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PART IV: Inspiration

Inspiration is the form of divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.


I’ve had my first inspiration come from. It was none other than, Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan or simply known as Rico Yan. Yes, he was the first one that he inspired me a lot through shapes of my experiences. Before he died, the form of communication was already there. But after a month, it was a tragedy. He died on March 29, 2002 in Los Palmas, Palawan together with his friends and peers along side with Dominic Ochoa and Marvin Agustin.


Aside from him as one of my inspirational icons was also none other than, Michael Jackson. Without him now on earth, he would still making history up to now. Michael deserved to be a legacy singer and an icon to everyone. Yes, he was kind and teary at the end of the day. He died on June 25, 2009. Despite his death, everyone will still remember his name up to this date.


And the duo inspiration I’ve been looking for are Stan Lee and in memory of Jack Kirby. Stan Lee got all around his comic novels. Together with Jack Kirby, Stan and Jack worked their powerless Marvel comics. Stan still lives up to now at the age of 90 years old. But my grandfather is around 90 years old also. Stan was born on December 28, 1922 while Jack Kirby was born on August 28, 1917 but died on February 6, 1994 on his heart failure.


And there a lot of inspiration names I’ve been following. One of them is Nick Vujicic who was born without limbs both legs and arms. Nick was a form of corner of all inspirational names. Nick was born on December 4, 1982.


Quote #1:

Divine is always be the number one source of christianity. But the sacrifice with inspirations comes revolving around your life.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I always thought inspirations have been around in circles in life. I’ve been too much to put myself in sacrifices. Without it, it would not become that I am here today. With inspirations, of course, will come revolving yourself with their names. What would you think at the end of the day remembering them? Thus it includes you to have one of miracles.


Sacrifices are made to build you to be stronger. But at the end of the day, I’ve been also thinking at the back of my head thinking if there’s a chance to meet them again in another lifetime or timeline. The sources I’ve been getting this are from my angels. And angels, of course, are my divinity prayer souls. I’ve been praying to their names repeatedly.


Quote #2:

Inspire me a lot of great stories. And great stories sometimes create more memories. And memories have been told to be inspired from all the corners of this world.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


There are been told many great stories with various artists, story-tellers, celebrity icons, sport icons and many others. They are been recorded the greatest quotes, stories and articles. What am I doing right now? I’m simply putting down one of my pen writing one of old-fashioned hobbies I’ve been doing – writing and discussing stories from quotes I’ve made through my heart. Quotes are sometimes hard to read without descriptions. Without descriptions, they are not been told in the paper or in the e-paper. Forget about the technology, get a paper and a pen. Write your old-fashioned way of hobbies – called traditional writing.


Digital writing comes variations or shapes of nature. It includes new technology: computers, tablets, powerpoints and android phones as well. What can you do without them? Some others called a digital age. And a digital age comes a lot of variations. You could study easily from the internet. You could easily search your resources. You could type whatever you want. You could publish whatever you want. The reason why digital age comes first, because digital wants to space out the traditional writing.


What about without pen and a paper? Could you live without them? My opinion, I couldn’t live without a paper and a pen. Without a computer, I could live. Because I live from a modern world before the digital age comes in a certain time. Modern age comes all around of modern writing – a pen and a paper. Publishing something you want is hard to cope one of a problems before. In a digital age, you could easily publish your article right away in a second so your readers and followers would easily read one of your articles. Writers has also compassion from their inspirations.


Quote #3:

I hear a lot of inspirational stories. But what about mine? Can I motivate the people with my inspirational story that I can discuss and tell in the public? Does it have the same situation?”   ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Nothing has to be told to have secrets. Sometimes you have to let it out of your honest answers. If it keeps you from success, then go beyond your limitations and expectations. I watch a lot of inspirational videos, read a lot of inspirational stories and listen a lot of inspirational talks. But sometimes I talk to myself in front of the mirror, can I make it do actively in the future? Like Nick, he is motivational speaker. I could be like him. But on my other side, I can talk a lot from issues from bullying and differentiate all sorts of disabilities.


People have to understand about the term of being as a disability. But without a disability, you can teach and preach people with a lot of lessons you have. Lessons can be told and taught. Thus a whole new world can share a lot of successful stories. Like Nick, Brina Maxino has also motivational inspirational video the last night I’ve watched about her. She has Down syndrome like I do. Brina and I have the same. But my story is different from her. I’ve been in denial stage before. But now, acceptance, love and compassion always bring success in your life. Whatever you do positivity in your life, it will come out of your positivity corners around the world.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.


Art and Literature 5

Here comes my continuously part five for my Art and Literature article. This time around, I will be discussing what I write about here in my studio. Considering what I really like to write about is about more in literature or some part of the series. What I am talking about the series of English quotes, Tagalog quotes, Spanish quotes, Summer Sonnets, Sunday Sonnets and What I know about of a person’s name. It’s either foreign artists or local artists.


One of my favorite I’ve been writing about is the entertainment. What I know about series is my considering favorite articles I’ve been writing about. It’s not about the negative issues. Negative issues are for the paparazzi. But my opinion in my writing proves more in positive issues like their achievements or positive views in life. Well of course, I’ve been writing in foreign artists like Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Dakota Fanning, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Marie Digby and the late legendary singer Michael Jackson.


And in local artists I’ve already written were Alodia Gosiengfiao, Coco Martin, Jodi Santa Maria, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo, the late young actor Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. It was difficult at first when I wrote about them. With a lot of brainstorming, creating more ideas and more sufficient resources are the most important writing in an article’s contents. It could have that you can inserting the picture or when it possibly makes in a good review of an article.


Writing eight foreign artists and seven local artists were my most priorities that I written at the first. But there will be more foreign artists and local artists I will be writing in the future here in my studio. So I might be talking about the studio contents.


And also part of the studio contents are literary works such as Summer Sonnets, Sunday Sonnets, English quotes, Tagalog quotes and Spanish quotes. It will be more interesting series to come here in my studio when it comes.


Sunday Sonnets began on February 3, 2013. I thought one Sunday Sonnet in one day it will last. Until it came to the very point that I rarely added one sonnet at time in February. I wrote two Sunday Sonnets already in February, three more Sunday Sonnets in March and three more Sunday Sonnets in April. There are four Sundays in a month. Sometimes when it’s luckily having five Sundays, I will be writing more Sunday Sonnets. Prior on that, sometimes when writing sonnets is one of the hardest you can brainstorm of the contents. Sometimes when you lack of this, you will going crazy or going gaga all the time in your room. In my past experiences when writing sonnets in my life were much harder than I thought. It was only the moment because I really made my day falling in love.


But today when writing sonnets are making me hardest to the point because I never feel the love inside my heart and at the back of my head. Sometimes I look to the views of life, or somewhat I read about medieval stories, or may the heart wins over my mind when writing sonnets at the finest work.


Summer Sonnets was launched already last April 24, 2013. It was purely different from Sunday Sonnets. Sunday Sonnets were exclusively written in a specific day and it was only Sunday you have to brief yourself and write your sonnet at the chosen day. But the different part of Summer Sonnets are much different from Sunday Sonnets. Summer Sonnets are only having specific time and date. It has to be a summer time. Summer here in the Philippines always start early in March and it ends two weeks before of May. Because the rainy season will start around of that month. If I were living anywhere in the world, I would be surprised to live in Canada, Japan, Australia or Europe where there was always a four seasons of the country. Because when I always hear about the four seasons in the year, I always read about the four seasons.


English quotes started earliest here in my studio when it launched on April 22, 2012. It have had 80 English quotes already and it was divided equally in each form of English quotes. So it was 36 English quotes already that I wrote them. English quotes to me were like much equally meaning with the poems and sonnets about. But the different part was having with a long written quotes. When you write something shorter quotes, sometimes it reminds me of a poem. So I’ve decided to make a longer quote poems.


And the craziest part of my studio was the Tagalog quotes. Tagalog are the Filipino language here in the Philippines. So you might even knowing about what it feels about being as a Filipino. Tagalog quotes were also launched here in my studio on March 31, 2012. Tagalog quotes or Filipino quotes were much different part of the English quotes. Because it has different meanings from English quotes.


And the last part of the series are Spanish quotes. Spanish quotes are the hardest reach to study of a Spanish language. Because it was only time to time when I have had a feeling to write about them. It was because of my auntie who I really liked about. She was my mother’s sister and she was the eldest sister of my mom’s sibling. I really loved about her. The way she speaks and acts, she really gives us a gentle message in each of us. Well of course, mom was different from her sister who I dearly liked my auntie.


Spanish quotes were launched on June 22, 2012 and it was only have had 12 Spanish quotes individually of 6 Spanish quotes. It was driving me only when I have a chance to write about the Spanish language. Besides from the part of writing in nature, I always have the same feelings of my articles.


When writing an article, sometimes I felt about that I belonged to the article I wrote about. How do you feel when you write an article? Me. Sometimes I do have feelings even at the highest peak of the mountain I rarely do. What you are reading about my articles sometimes it wishes you to be inspired. Because that it was have a meaning of my studio.

How to live like me

There is really something that bothers me every week and now. Although I didn’t tell you about this, it is generally something that I usually write about entertainment, my literature – sonnets, quotes, etc., and some of the articles here in my studio. It is quite interesting for time to time. But didn’t you know that I become more a little sensitive when it comes to writing? Of course not, you didn’t know me about that much.


Writing for me works perfectly just fine to me. I wrote my own first words scribbling just like a trivia when I was a kid. First I started about something I really described myself much as a witty, talkative and funny kid I was. But honestly, this is something I want it to share about this. I’m a music and entertainment person. Maybe that’s why some of my article posts are entertainment and music that is something related to me. And the song goes like this:


I’ve been gone through the walls

that haven’t see me a while ago

but you never see the exact moment

so here I am,

clueless and mesmerized,

so when I talk to myself is about you.


I can explain this in my own version. But to tell you honestly, I’m a Filipino. Being having with special condition of Down syndrome expects my whole image as a different level to any of the special adults and special children. Why? Sometimes I am expressing myself that I really, really want to make it to entertainment world. Writing in Filipino sometimes makes me difficult to express my feelings although I’m a Filipino. Taking of my serious side of this paragraph that I write have said, it takes a while for me to pass through the challenges and the problems. So maybe that’s why it seems a little bit of musical of being I am.


Now to the brighter side, I have showbiz royalty although I want it to make my own name aside from my uncle’s name. His name is Danny Javier, first cousin to my dad. They were really the first born males in our family tree. Although I am a little advantage of myself but I don’t consider as I am talented be. First I have heard about his name was sixteen years ago when my dad and my family have occasionally saw each other with my uncle. I didn’t know at first that my uncle was a singer of APO Hiking Society. And the song I want it to express is:


So here I am nothing to know

what I get to know about you

is a little bit of confusing times

and I don’t know about you

often times.


Exactly I didn’t know about him. But it was an opposite of my feelings although I was a bit of star-struck because of my uncle was. During my high school years, I was bit glued to entertainment and basketball world. Me and my dad have had sometimes we played about the golf in Southwoods. And I’ve remembered quite of fifteen years ago when I was in Southwoods, I saw Angel Aquino in my own eyes. She was there where I was swimming in very early morning around of 7 am. She wasn’t seeing me exactly because she was taping about for the show. I didn’t know about the entertainment of local back then. I was glued in entertainment of foreign artists. But it was Antoinette Taus that I really liked about in local celebrities. Then later in my life when I have entered in college, I saw Antoinette all the time back during my culinary years of college. And then we came move to another place where I saw Angel Aquino for the second time but in our residence area. And so she was lived in the same village I was resided about.


Maxene Magalona for example, she was the child actress when was still a child. Blooming like a princess, Maxene grew potentially becoming more actress when her father died of leukemia. Her other siblings made it into the showbiz such as Saab, Frank, Elmo and Arkie. Arkie was the fifth child of Francis Magalona who gained his name in the showbiz of GMA-7. I knew so much of Maxene’s background. She studied first in Maryknoll (now as called as Miriam College) where she and my cousin were studying in the preschool. Then she transferred in another school of Assumption Antipolo where my sisters were studying and my two cousins also. And of course, my school of Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo became the school ground where the Magalonas studied in the same school I was attending. It was later in my life that I knew about this then. Then she graduated in Ateneo de Manila University where she finished her education. Four schools I knew about Maxene were quite that I was not a stalker. It was that accidentally where my cousins were studying and my sisters were.


How did I know about Maxene, Saab, Frank, Elmo and Arkie Magalona? Because my teachers said during my high school years they were studying the same school I was attending to. But it wasn’t that I was a stalker. It was that I really knew about them. And here goes the song I have perfectly for them:


How did you know the names in my life

where all the times goes by

and the nature of places I’ve been to

in all of my life and

I would take my hands to know about them.


Hahaha, it sounds like that I am running like Martin Nievera’s show in ABS-CBN Martin Late @ Night. It is that I am aware what I am writing about in this article. Although I missed a lot of article postings I really love to write.


How to live like me? Sounds interesting? Of course, you do the same feelings I want it to write it down. But not of all of it, it’s just that I really need to express what I have inside and out. If I really want a song perfectly to be tune, it would be some of the songs I really believe into. It was the song of I Believe I Can Fly where R. Kelly sung the song for the movie of Space Jam. Space Jam was about of Michael Jackson to return to the basketball world.


This article post is about something I really want it to perfectly fit for entire post about lyrical of music and entertainment world. I just want to share because this is how I live exactly. I already wrote about Alodia Gosiengfiao, Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Coco Martin, Dakota Fanning, Jodi Santa Maria, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Marie Digby, Michael Jackson, Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. I wrote 7 celebrities to name of. But did you know why I exactly write about them? It was because they have something returned me a favor. Now it’s time for me how I can execute of how I can earn my money to be able auditioning one of the training dates in the future in ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Circle. Toni Gonzaga is my ultimate crush of my all time now. But it was Antoinette Taus who gave my light to see more for Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. And why Rico Yan in the first place of all the names I wrote about? Because he was the first actor who gave insights of becoming an actor. He showed his achievements so much. And I was really adored the way he handled his self. He now became my part of my life. And he inspired me a lot if I really want it to continue my dreams becoming like an actor just like him.


And why six foreign artists that I wrote about them? They have several answers at the back of my head. Michael Jackson inspired me a lot of dancing and so the dancing became my part of my routine how I dance well today. Britney Spears was the first come into my life. It was that because of her music and her songs were really inspired. Now that nobody knew her very well in her music life that was today. And Dakota Fanning was the perfect example kid in the movie of I Am Sam where she played as the daughter of Sam who was having hard time for himself because he have special condition of Down syndrome. Sam played a lot of common interests in my life and so was I. But in terms of reality, it seems that movie is a perfect movie for the family who have special child partly in the family. And I have a perfect few lines of lyrics that I created a while ago:


It hurts me when you said it’s different

now I know the sense of

nobody knows about me

and I guess that it is perfect time

to say that being down in yourself

proves nothing but to say

the world that I can do this

for my family and my friends.


Hmm…it’s a little bit of melodramatic of lyrics. It was perfect timing that I wrote this for those who have special children or special adults related to you. Being having with my special condition of Down syndrome have said that we can also do the same feelings as the normal people does. Do not be afraid of who you are. Stand up for your good reasons why you are not giving up. Well, it’s almost about the time. I am referring about this article post about me and the world I know about.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

We all know about Michael Jackson as the most successful pop icon in the world. But despite his death on June 25, 2009, everyone have had inspired on him. So his legacy in music still lives on. Michael Joseph Jackson was his real name. He have born on August 29, 1958 where he born in Gary, Indiana, United States. His everyone called him as MJ.


Michael Jackson revolves in my life. During my childhood years, he was the one who introduced how to dance. He inspired me a lot in his dancing skills. So I’ve made an article tribute for him just to write this article. His brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy were the originals of The Jackson 5 until they discovered Michael also have talent in singing. So Michael joined the group of The Jackson 5. Michael’s sisters were Rebbie, La Toya and Janet Jackson. Marlon’s twin brother, Brandon, have died shortly after the birth. So the Jacksons have successfully driven the America audience to their successful performance in the early 1960’s.


It was when The Monkees was in their era of new music of 1960’s. Janet Jackson, Michael’s youngest sister, was later successfully a singing sensation in her generation that entered in 1980’s. Michael’s top-selling album was Thriller that was entered in 1982, shortly a year after I was already conceived from my mother. His top-selling songs, Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough and Rock With You was his first songs that entered him as a solo artist. Michael left The Jackson 5 in 1978 when the Motown Records wanted to give his successful career. Despite The Beatles have fallen in late 1960’s, the Jackson 5 took over the music audience.


Billie Jean, Beat It and Wanna Be Starting Something were also released together in the album of Thriller that released in 1982. Later, the song, We Are The World was released in 1985 where he co-wrote with Lionel Richie for the Africa and US who have difficulties finding a food.


Despite his appearance have changed him, every writers have criticized his behavior. But for me, it doesn’t mean he have changed, his heart have still unchanged for the children around the world. Michael Jackson continued his advocacy to the children who have poor in health. Later in 1988, the Bad album was released in 1988. The songs I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man in the Mirror and Dirty Diana also have made successful one of the top-selling albums in all time.


Michael may have been changed in his appearance and his voice was a bit out of range of his voice but he kept his performance top of his level. His one of his signature dance moves was Moonwalk after the movie of Moonraker that was released in one of James Bonds’ films.


His next eighth album Dangerous was released in 1991. The first song of the eighth album, Black or White, have successfully reached the number one spot in US Billboards. Remember the Time was also released and was successfully reached the top selling of his albums. Later Michael Jackson have founded Heal The World Foundation that was opened in 1992.


After three years, he released his first compilation of his songs in HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1 that was released in 1995. His duet with his sister Janet Jackson in their duet song Scream have debuted in 1993.


After numerous charges against him, Michael have felt nothing but to perform in front of his audience. When he returned in the stage in 2009, his supposed last concert was about to released but it was untimely that he shocked the world. He died on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles, California, US where he left his fans shocking and felt the world would mourn him. I was one of the avid fans of Michael Jackson. If he didn’t die in his age of 50, he would more contributed the world with a peaceful foundation of Heal The World.


In my opinion, he would more discovered more talents everywhere in the world with a resourceful of entertainment industry. I would definitely look up to him but Rico Yan was still one of my first inspirations I’ve been look up to. Michael Jackson was one of the millions who discovered the youth where he saw malnutrition children in Africa and US. Many have believed it was one of the findings that he drank the anti-stress drugs that prescribed by his personal physician Conrad Murray.

Why the Korean Pop comes alive

Cassette tapes

Cassette tapes

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys

The boy band and the girl band back in early 1990’s and early 2000’s comes alive. Those times were the time of American boy bands and girl bands. One of my favorite boy bands during my time was Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men, and some other to mention. Well occasionally, I have some their studio albums. And during that time, you have to buy the cassette tapes, neither the VCD nor the DVD exists that time.


People nowadays listen to the Korean Pop, but the American dream and European dream hopes to bring back the boy band and girl band to come back alive. One of them was One Direction. One Direction consists five men in the group. They were Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. All of them were graduated in X-Factor singing contest in the television hit series.


In fact, the boy bands and the girl bands are keeping down in the ground before. During the early 1940’s and 1950’s were the classy ones. From the barbershop music to this generation’s music has evolve already. I give you some examples. Do you remember The Osmonds, The Jackson 5, The Beatles, and The Monkees? Who have the music background before? Them. Michael Jackson kicked a lot from his sensational signatures during he was still alive. Beside from his sensational signature Moon Walk, anybody could make a new move. Dancing sensation comes from him and also Bobby Brown and Elvis Presley made their own dancing moves.


Where are the boy bands come from? Boy bands come from naturally in 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. And the first ones was that I have mentioned above in 1960’s. Well of course, not everyone knows exactly what and where does that it come from. Even if you have a talent, many have shapes in life.


In 1970’s and 1980’s, sensational boy bands came alive again. This time, Menudo, New Edition and New Kids on the Block came alive with their own moves and own hit songs. New Edition consisted of six men. They were Ronnie DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill. Bobby Brown was one of the famous who have made his own moves that sparked in entertainment industry with the dancing sensation.


New Kids on the Block launched their stardom during their height in their success in 1984 to 1994. With the members of New Kids on the Block, they were Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight and Joey McIntyre. And the past members of New Kids on the Block were Mark Wahlberg and Jamie Kelly. Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre and Mark Wahlberg still continued their legacy until early 2000’s. But Mark Wahlberg, now an actor, is still working on his part in the entertainment industry. While Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre were kept their feet in the entertainment industry until early 2000’s.


But the word of “boy bands” was not introduced in the past. It didn’t imprint at the back of our head. So I think this is the perfect article that can combine with the title of Why the Korean Pop comes alive. Boy bands have been introduced in 1990’s. If you were 1990’s baby or 1980’s baby, you would probably loved to hear some of the songs of Boys 2 Men, Take That, All-4-One, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Boyzone, 98 Degrees, The Moffatts, Hanson and Westlife.


Boys II Men consisted of five men before, now three men, and were born in 1988. They were Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris. With the past members were Michael McCary and Marc Nelson. Take That consisted of five men and were born in 1990 up to 1996. But they came back in 2005 up to the present. They were Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and sensational Robbie Williams. Take That and Boys II Men are still alive up to the present. All-4-One consisted of four men and were born in 1993. They were Jamie Jones, Delious Kennedy, Alfred Nevarez and Tony Borowiak. Backstreet Boys consisted five men and were born in 1993. They were AJ MCLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Litrell. *NYSNC consisted of five men and were born in 1995 and lasted until 2002. They were Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez and Lance Bass. The group dismantled in 2002 after Justin Timberlake came apart in his own studio album, while the others stayed in the entertainment industry.


Boyzone consisted of five men, now only four men and were born in 1993 up to 2000. And they were initially coming back in 2007. They were Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch and their past member Stephen Gately. 98 Degrees consisted of four men and were born in 1996 up to 2005. And they also came back in 2012. They were Nick Lachey, Justin Jeffre, Jeff Timmons and Drew Lachey. Nick Lachey have been linked to Jessica Simpson then later separated. The Moffatts consisted of four young siblings and were born in 1990 until 2001. Then later it came back, and stopped again the same year of 2012. They were Scott Moffatt, Clint Moffatt, Bob Moffatt and Dave Moffatt. Hanson consisted of three Hanson siblings and were born in 1992 up to the present times. They were Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson and Zac Hanson. And Westlife consisted of five men and were born in 1998. Then they stopped in the year of 2012. They were Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, Shane Filan and Brian McFadden.


Ten boy bands that I’ve been mentioned were in my time. They were the successful boy bands. Although some all female-group also came alive. Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child were also born in 1990’s. Spice Girls consisted of five girls and were born in 1994 and stopped in 2000. Then they came back in 2007 and stopped again in 2008. But they reappeared again and stopped in the same of year 2012. They were Geri Halliwell, Melanie Chrisholm, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham. But the Destiny’s Child was the first introduced in 1990’s and formally have had six past members. They were born in 1990 and stopped in 2006. They were Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The six past members were LaTavia Robinson, LeToya Luckett, Farrah Franklin, Tamar Davis, Nikki Taylor and Nina Taylor.


Year of new generation that entered in 2000, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and Westlife dominated the early 2000’s. Then it came Jonas Brothers, A1 and Blue. Blue began in 2000 and stopped in 2005. Then they came back in 2009. They were Antony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe. A1 began in 1998 and stopped in 2002. Then they once returned again in 2009. They were Mark Read, Ben Adams and Christian Ingebrigsten and their former member Paul Marazzi. Jonas Brothers consisted of three young siblings that started in 2005 and ended in 2011. They were Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. Then they came back together again in 2012. They were also associated with Demi Lovato. Simple Plan is now considered the new boy band that they started in 1999 until to the present times. They were Pierre Bouvier, Sebastian Lefebvre, David Desrosiers, Chuck Comeau and Jeff Stinco.


Along the road in the entertainment world, the Taiwanese boy band F4 became a top selling artists in 2000’s from the successful hit TV series, Meteor Garden that sparked around the world. Here comes the new generation, One Direction, The Wanted and Big Time Rush brought boy bands alive again and kicked the entire world. One Direction came from the reality singing TV contest, the X-Factor. They started in 2010 and still dominated in the entertainment world. The Wanted also brought boy band world in the entertainment world. The Wanted consisted five men and started in 2009. They were Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes. And Big Time Rush also came in the entertainment world as the new 2010’s boy bands had been introduced. They started in 2009 and they were Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson.


Normally we understand the feeling of boy bands fever in this generation. Where did it start? It came from The Monkees, one of the first boy band in the entertainment history. And it came a big fever for the younger audience today. A lot of girls screaming their names, and a new breed of artists came and brought the boy band fever. The reason, why the Korean Pop comes alive? It have been a fever. A lot of new artists of this generation. And I think only two all-female groups I’ve really like from Korean Pop. And that was 2NE1 and Girls Generation. And the rest of the Korean Pop invasion in the entertainment world came kicking the Philippine shore since 2003. And there was a radio inside your room and banging your room so loudly with Korean pop songs. I didn’t mean that I don’t like them. It’s just that I’m a not-so-good writer, but loves writing what I have knowledge in the entertainment world.


One of the successful boy bands New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys combined their success and launched in 2012 where they held NKOTBSB concerts around the world including the Philippines. Backstreet Boys held the number one boy band group in the entertainment world with $130 million dollars and they were in 20 years already in the entertainment world. Kevin Richardson came back strong with them. And so the Korean pop sensational groups came in the radar such as Super Junior, Big Bang, TVXQ, U-KISS, 2PM, Arashi and SM*SH. It was originally that Korean Pop groups started in late 2000’s when the F4 group introduced the entertainment world with Asian sensational groups.


2NE1 consisted with four females and started in 2009. They were CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy. Dara was formerly working in the Philippines and have joined 2NE1 for their successful all female group. And Girls’ Generation started and paved way in the Philippines air waves when they started in 2007. They were Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun.


After all, Korean Pop comes alive kicking and popping out in your heads. While the American all-male group and all-female groups have been materializing the entertainment world again. Why others have failed in their stardom? Only The Moffatts split up because of the word of “boy band“. While other all-male groups, Backstreet Boys, Jackson 5, Hanson, New Kids on the Block, Boyzone and Take That lasted their groups in years.


So are you in? Or out?

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye

Girls' Generation

Girls’ Generation



Fiftieth-Third Tagalog Quote:


Kung malaman mo

may mahal na ako

sapat ba ito,

hindi dapat mangyari

ang pagwawakas,

bilang ng araw

makapiling kita sana’y

hindi tayo’y magmahal

sa isa’t isa.


Hindi ito’y tutungo

sa magandang araw

hindi bale na lang,

kung ako pipiliin mo

at mahalin.


Kung ang araw

dadating ng panahon,

lagi na lang galit

at poot na damdamin

tukso at kirot na

pawang sinasaktan,

susuko na ba ang

paglaban ng puso ko.


Pawang ba na

makita ka,

muli na ba nabulag

ako sa pagmamahal

pero ito’y hindi

ko pagpapatawad

na sana mahalin kita

sa kahit sulok ng mundo.


Marahil ba na ako’y

susuko dapat sa iyo

pero ang tinadhana

ng puso ko

sana maiwan nasa puso mo.


Gabi na pinagmamasdan

araw na pinagluluksan ko,

kirot sa isip ko’y sana

mawalan ka sa

aking kaisipan.


Tanggapin mo sana

na hindi kita babalikan

sa kahit anong sulok ng mundo

na hindi na kita

kayang mahalin pa.


Fiftieth-Fourth Tagalog Quote:


Pangarap ko sana

maging artista,

artista na mahilig umarte

mahilig sumayaw

mahilig kumanta,

at higit sa lahat

maging beterano

tulad nila na magagaling.


Pagdating sa arte,

kilos ko’y magpatawa

komedyante na agad

kilos ko’y magpaiyak

drama na agad,

kilos ko’y magparesbak

action na agad

at kilos koy’s magpatakot

horror na agad.


Maaaring mahirap sa umpisa

pero agad aakyat ka,

ni hindi lahat mabibilang

na kahit segundo lamang.


Sumayaw ko tulad

ni Elvis Presley

patok na sana,

tulad ni Michael Jackson

magaling ka na,

pero pag Pinoy dugo mo

sasayaw ako tulad

ni Gary V at Dolphy.


Sa kantahan

walang tutulad kay Lea Salonga,

bumirit ka ng mataas

katulad mo na si Nina,

mapa-ballad, soul, R&B,

o anuman,

mas magaling ka na.


Sa galing at tiyaga,

darating na magiging

artista din ako

at maniwala ka

sa mga pangarap mo.




“Live your dreams higher and always believe. Love me if you can do anything to make me proud. Where you can see the world is full of mysteries, sometimes it always end with the good ending. But sometimes it ends a bad ending. When you see the sun in the east, sometimes you see the sun in the west already. Knowing the day is over, night is starting to gaze in the skies filled with brightest stars and full moon.”


You might never know your love or your dreams will be achieving someday you always believe. Well, on the start of your career or love, there is always a big notice in your door. And sometimes in the door, you knock for your opportunities whether it’s a career or a love you choose. For me, it doesn’t matter what comes first. What I love most in my life stays single all the time. I don’t have commitment for now. I don’t have a girlfriend since my birth. Fling love is not okay, because you lose a friend on the road you are always seeking. In this tagalog quotes today might consider a part of career and love.


Let me give you the first post I’ve posted. The 53rd Tagalog quote poem is all about the love grieving in your life. It’s a sad ending story. Sorry to hear from you, guys and girls. If it’s not temporarily in your life you always choose, sometimes it breaks our heart instantly. Of course, I’ve been loving a girl not only once, only twice already. After that, I’ve never gone through another commitment. If I rarely choose a girl, love yourself first before falling in love to your partner. Getting to know or conversation is a good start for you two. But in the same way, I always choose the good positive notes. Because at the end of the line quote have said it’s better to choose yourself alone as a single rather loving someone you’re not really in loved. In fact, I know here at the start. But I simply take notes from it. People should know better than that. Relatively in life, life is always unfair. So choose life wisely to love a partner.


Then at the 54th Tagalog quote poem, it is a career quote poem. Why? Because I always want to be an actor, dancer, singer and be a performer. When I was still in high school, I always screamed to my school mates and to my classmates that I wanted to be an artist in entertainment industry. Being having Down syndrome is an extraordinary in the field of entertainment. And I am proud what I’ve accomplish already. Because this is me who I stand out for. Well unfortunately, life is always unfair. But the doors are always there opening for me. If the door opens for me in a good blessing, then I will accept the blessing I will take.

An interview

Here’s my introduction. It has been a year now, and the countdown starts now. We have 16 days left as you don’t know. This studio began a year ago, on March 16, 2012, Friday afternoon. Of course, you don’t know this either of the trivia I will be giving out. It was the same day when Ferdinand Magellan found the Philippines on March 16, 1521, on a Sunday afternoon where he fought Lapu-Lapu on a Mactan Island in Cebu province. Philippines now have 491 years old when it discovered by Magellan. As you know, nobody knew when was the day Magellan and Lapu-Lapu fought. Look at the picture where you saw these two gentlemen fought for their pride and courage. Lapu-Lapu, on the other side, gave an outstanding award in his tribe. And you didn’t know that time, he was Datu Lapu-Lapu as we spoke about the historic date.


This February celebrants have gone a number who celebrated this month, including me of course as I turned three decades and two years old. Shakira‘s birthday lies on February 2. John Pratts, Heart Evangelista and Kris Aquino lies on February 14. Both Paris Hilton and Denise Richards lies on February 17. While I am having to celebrate my birthday with Empress Schuck on February 19. Rihanna and Cindy Crawford lies on February 20. Jennifer Love Hewitt lies on February 21. Drew Barrymore lies on February 22. Dakota Fanning lies on February 23. Who would expect to have birthday this month? Because we are all May babies, not to mention June babies or July babies if you are premature babies.


Now let me give straight to the topic article for today. It is not about the literature I am writing for today. But honestly, I write who I really am. And giving literature from day-to-day gives more basic information around the world. And I have 32 followers here in my studio. Plus I also have 12 twitter followers. (Note: I am only using twitter for my studio posts that is posting for today’s articles.) No wonder I already have 14 new followers for this month of February. To tell the truth, I am no magician. It really sparks my day if it happens I am posting about my literature side. Maybe I am too much posting about: “What I know about…“, “Entertainment articles“, “Movie articles“, “Education articles“, and other articles to mention. My attention to this studio is writing about literature and short stories. But I stop writing about short stories which it reminds me some of my friends have said to me, “I usually don’t write short stories because it might get caught in plagiarism.” Well of course, I believe on that ethic. Many of you should know about this shortcomings. Otherwise, it might stop you writing your blog.


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) ~ An interview with the entrepreneur of ItmikkiStudio


Why did you call this as studio instead blog? Normally I don’t call this as blog section. If you are writing to a newspaper section, that’s an newspaper article. Mostly freelance writers in newspaper articles writes about their section. And I realize that I have to put some different section here in my studio instead calling blog. Blog is freely writing your article and your wisdom stays on your mind.


When did you start writing? Oh yes, this comes a long time ago. When I was a kid, I usually write phrases and short-broken word phrases such as, “give damn the writing”, “believe me you wrong are person,” or “me shout you can.” Literally I wrote anything when I was a kid. But my relative who my uncle was a writer now in the newspaper. He was the one pursuing his dreams as a journalism writer. But on the other side, I also come from my love of writing. Nobody knew what I was doing when I was still a kid. Honestly, I didn’t know how to use grammar and spelling marks. I learned afterwards I’ve graduated in college. I’ve had poor remarks in my English way back when I was in elementary, high school and college. It got my tongue out as I bit it. So I thought learn some more when you advanced your age to another level. I was not a whiz kid, a nerd or a summa cum laude honor. But I have different path. I have with special needs, or to be called having with Down syndrome.


Why did you choose Mikki and where did it come from? The name of Mikki derived from a character word from Khan Online, Micko. Micko was an archer-healer. She was responsible to heal the party’s needs health points or HP. She uses the mana point or MP to heal health points’ player. I have had a long run playing the Khan Online for almost three years. After the deteriorating hardcore online game fell in 2006, I finally reached Level 144. I wasn’t giving an attention to my life before. It was all about the games. So every time I used another online game in another hardcore online game Perfect World. I’ve used the name numerous times. But after that, that word stuck in my head as if that was my nickname. Let me give a straight answer. Yes, it has a meaning. Mikki, in American dictionary is Mickey Mouse, which I derived the name from happiness. That is why I come up a beautiful name and create the name.


Where did you start writing literature? I began writing literature when I was in high school. Reading Hardy Boys was my first aspiration books I learned how to read during my elementary days. Then later I adapted to learn how to make sonnets, songs and poems during my junior year. Junior year was my biggest happiness stage when I learned how to make poem. It was dated back on December 10, 1998, Thursday lunch afternoon when I was making my first poem. But that a thousand literary works I wrote about have kept through the years. It was really hidden. And I will get it somehow in my friend’s house. But half way across there, the journey really began last year as I came my first come back after 10 years of silence of not writing down a single poem or a sonnet.


What are your hobbies and interests? And why? My original hobbies are dancing, singing, acting if I want it to and drawing. Normally during my peak years, I drew about more than five hundred characters just making it to one hardcore comic book. But at the back of my head tells me that I have to write it down different stories. So whenever I combine them in a good book, it comes out an epic fight between two, three or four characters. Making a story gives a little to exercise your mind to have brainstorming, researching and manipulating your mind to create a good story. Somehow I am still undergoing some of my pending work projects about my publishing house. And I am planning to invest my ideas to a reality work. And my current interests now are writing, volunteering to speak in the public or to help special children and activities to attend some of my articles to work on.


What makes you inspire to write? And where does it come from? I write and I love. Because the real transformation of me becomes a little attention. I want to become a writer. Honestly, I am not a good writer and just an average writer who loves to write everyday your daily life. My goal before was becoming a new poet in 21st generation. But now it comes a little curvy to my road inspiration. I want it to be a different. I want to become an animator, an artist, a writer and a poet. Well it comes from the books I read from Hardy Boys. Then it comes from William Shakespeare and Emily Browning. From animation and as an artist, there is a lot of inspirational people I look up to. I look from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. And I also look from Michael Jackson who loves to dance. That’s where I learn the basic steps of dancing, his signature moon-walk dance.


Do you want to have publish your works to somebody else? It depends if he or she agrees on my terms and conditions. Normally I want to try doing my own way. If it becomes success, then it would have more production to my rate of making stories, quotes, sonnets, songs and poems. I am still dreaming to have as an aspiration building a production studio, publishing studio and sooner if Philippines will agree to this, making a success of own film and production studio. Just like when I see some studios in North America countries and other countries as well. In this way, a lot of Filipinos will come out making new films, new animations and new channels for the better’s economy. I love who I am becoming like an American dream. That is why I am making it to a Filipino dream.


What makes you busy for a daily life? I come out often two or three times in a month for spending a little from my expenses. Normally my business comes first. But when it comes to a reality is God first. Then second place comes family. In third place is my business. Fourth is my retirement. And fifth comes last making my own family. If I break my busy cycle, then I won’t able achieving anything.


Do you have facebook page and twitter account? Yes, I have a facebook page. It’s called ItsmikkiStudio. Just type the whole words in a search bar and it will come out. You will receive and follow what I am doing in my facebook page. It same goes to my twitter account where my facebook page is attach to my twitter account.


Do you plan to get an interview from anybody else? Of course, if there’s an interview. I would come up my best answers to give answer. I am usually afraid getting an interview.


Why? Well, it’s because I don’t give a trust and confidence to myself. Maybe that’s why I put myself in danger answering in not of my condition.


Are you ready to enter show business or politics? In show business, it’s a yes. And in politics, maybe.


Why maybe in politics? Politics is an area for the floor of lawmakers who are aware making it doing good. And some others want to have a power in money. Money sometimes to me is an evil doer. You can do anything in your money if you are rich. So there’s a corruption going on the Philippines and some other countries as well.


Why yes in show business? It was one of my high school dreams. I might get a chance working my own money to grow, to create more projects, help foundation to grow, build businesses and help for unfortunate people. Show business is my area to response one of my dreams. Which it’s actually I am aiming to make film and production studio here in the Philippines.


Wow, you have many dreams. Did you achieve anything? Not yet, but I am planning to make it real someday according to my dream sequences. I dream of this while I am sleeping. Some people considers it boring and not achievable.


Thank you for having an interview with you. Do you have anything to share with your followers? Oh, yes. Please always follow me in my facebook and my twitter account. Both have same contents in ItsmikkiStudio. Just follow and enjoy reading my articles and literary works. And please support me for having cause of foundation in the future.


Until next time.

“No one else makes standing alone in your way.”


Considering my literature is on top of my interests and hobbies, the music is also part of my life. Well in that case, I have to tell about more the music department what I have in my back of my head. Where shall I begin? Oh and of course, it started way back from 1984’s famous Thriller by Michael Jackson, and still never that I forgot about that. The way he moves is that how I dance and move well in his signature dance moves. He evolved from generation to another generation. Not anybody knows how to dance it, but everybody will never forget the Michael Jackson’s moonwalk signature dance.


And from other part of my life, there is also my favorite music and that will be the New Kids on the Block that sparks in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. And one of my favorite all-time boy band is Backstreet Boys where they also have signature dance song, Get Down, from their firs album released. Everyone makes favorite in every song of each music artist. What I really like about it is how to compose them very well. I have really admire the music industry, for somehow I also want to be expose in the show business. But it didn’t come to me after all, because what I stand corrected and what I believe. Maybe someday, it will come to me. For sure, that it was hard to believe.


Back to the topic, music is everywhere. Boy band sparks way back in 1970’s where the Beach Boys is also want of the boy band favorites. Well, if you can how you track them somehow. But I don’t know if that’s what clicks to anybody else. The evolution of music industry from 1970’s to 1980’s are really somehow supreme in the top of their music charts. Name one of the bands of all time, the Beatles or the dance sensation group Abba, there are some many favorite artists of all time. But mine is different.


Who could forget the song of Like A Virgin by Madonna that also sparks from 1980’s? And the favorites artist of 1990’s rendition song of On Bended Knee by Boys2Men also sparks in the chart list. But the evolution of trend music is already changing. There is a a K-Pop rendition where some of the Korean groups are starting invading in our ears whether is in television or music station. But I don’t want to discriminate them. They are Asians just like us, the Filipinos. Koreans and Filipinos stands for their feet making way for the Hollywood somehow.


The music sensational American Idol series is very exceptional show to me. The likes of Jasmine Trias and Thia Megia were passed in top 12 in the competition but in the lastest American Idol season 11 of our own, Jessica Sanchez is already in top 3. We hope she can win for us. She will be the first Filipino-Mexican who could win in the American Idol competition. I really love the way she sings for her sultry and emotional voice.


From generation to generation, music becomes part of my growth aside making songs in my literature department. I have no secrets to tell, but you have to keep your hope and patience when it comes you really love what you are doing. Music to my life depends what kind of music to my emotional mood. It can be rock, R&B, sentimental or it can be anything. For somehow, the music stuck to my life no matter what it can bend the time for me.

I’m talking about my past times in computer and yes, its’ my favorite since the technology came in our world. And about the food, it’s not the price you are asking for me. But hey, whatever comes around always come around again. This time, I will talking about both theme of food and computers. And it is sincere I am asking here in my article. Kindly continue you are reading my article.


In the earlier part of my college years since June 2000, I was supposed to be enrolled in UP Baguio ever since I want to go in show business after this kind of series went ballistic. For sure, you never know what it feels like yesterday when you bump some other guy’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Back when I was saying, I have enrolled two schools. One was Maria Montessori College which was near in our home in Quezon City and the other one was very popular if you know what I mean, the Center for Culinary Arts, Katipunan. yes, it was very expensive school you ever thought in any culinary school here in the Philippines. If I may mention anything, that year of 2000 was half of million pesos you have to enroll yourself. Unlike any other popping out courses around here in Metro Manila was cheaper than I thought.


Yes, CCA was the first renowned culinary school since it opened in the year of 1998, two years before I went in the year of 2000. It was new back then. That was the two years later when I got in. And my mother was telling about this to me every time in dinner or lunch. I have no option but force myself to go in my 75% passing grade in my entrance exams in CCA. It was very lucky for me to go in an expensive culinary school. I have bumped many celebrities or cousins of celebrities. Like Danica Sotto and Diego Castro, they were my classmates I was moved to another batch after I failed in product identification 2 subject in the class twice already. Danica Sotto was Vic Sotto’s daughter and now married to the basketball player. And the other one was Diego Castro, the newscaster anchor Angelo Castro Jr.’s son and cousin to Rico Yan. I didn’t know what to do in the first place. Then I thought myself and said to myself, “Hey, I am not here in the place who have time to interview them. They were my batch mates after all.” You have to be friends with them. I joined them because it’s almost time to get in the right place not to fail 3rd time in breakfast class. Eggs were so burden to me that time.


Then again, I proved myself to gain confidence to graduate with them. And I have even a batch mate who has cousin to Rico Yan and Agot Isidro. Who knows that show business is really waiting for me until now. Maybe so or maybe not it will come to me. The answers will show later on. During that year of 2002 and 2003 of both summers, I joined and took dancing classes with my younger brother in the year of 2002. Then I forced myself to go back in the year alone of 2003 by myself. Dance really served me that time. I swayed a lot and moved like Michael Jackson. I love dancing until now. If Michael Jackson was still alive, he would read this article I am writing about and he made me today as a dancer.


Three years after I was so devastated about my culinary career, I took no one to blame but myself. Maybe I am so immature that time, it is because, I, myself, don’t want to move like that for an easy scenario. I showed myself I also love to draw. Since the sixth grade, I have already loved drawing advanced botany plants, human organs inside of our body and also the zoology. Science for me is my bridge to draw in Arts, to be in my inspiration. Later in high school, I also loved Biology, Chemistry then the last, Physics. The father of all Science was Physics. Hahaha, I still remember although my mind is still sharp in Economics, Science, Art and Literature. Then later, I also admired the History in any kind of form of any countries. Of course, I didn’t know what to do.


In the same year alone, I acquired to learn how to draw basic drawings like this manga stuff called the drawing Japanese. Later, I also want to learn the Western drawings if I have time to improve more. Because there are more rooms for improvement all in our lives. Computer now becomes my favorite toy, to enhance typing skill and not because of that, I also loved to play games before. But now, I am a semi-retired confessed gamer. Half a little I still want to play and half of it I want to be serious in my life to get back on the track. Playing everyday won’t solve away from your stress. Think freely and you will discover something interesting. That is always I have in my mind.


In this kind of my favorite year is the Year of the Dragon, the year of 2012. Up to now, I really don’t believe the Mayan calendar stuff. Because God created us, living and non-living things no matter what your religion you are and has different names of the name of God, He still above created us. I begin to love this year, I don’t know why. Something wish or dream will happen waiting for me this year. And I don’t know what month will come in or any day has to wait for me. Because food is not always my favorite, I always look up in nutrition first before your stomach will getting have much for pain. The computers in this technology helps you a lot. If there is really nothing, this kind of writing an article is not existed anymore. Computer and food is really something for me now because of the technology pass. I even love it, then you have to cherish it.

Last three weeks and five days ago, I have had this training in Ortigas. Of course, I want to have more income to work my English fluently. But then it came another start from my cousin, I never knew about her in the start. But she gave me a signal to go there if there will be a future for me — in call center industry.


I have never thought my life will be different if my dreams will not working with me. So I said to myself that I need something to do in my life. No matter what my dreams is telling me, then I have to work on my own. Not somebody is stealing my dreams away.


My inspirations comes in different forms in my life. First, I have never thought I could never dance so well in the present times. I’m thankfully for Michael Jackson who inspires me a lot. Through these years, my eagerness is exploding like there is a superhero wants to kill me. Second if I wasn’t good enough to get exploring my talents, I would never been drawing in arts as well. I have started as an artist drawing in science facts like biologically skin, plants whether it’s living or non-living things.


Changing in my life doesn’t count in different shape of human. It is a God’s given talent. I may be not good in writing or typing like this in shape of paragraph. So if you are telling me I’m not perfect, I am type of a guy who would never give up that still catching my own dreams. My dreams should be building a foundation program first for the children who are down syndrome like me. That inspires me a lot from Rico Yan. When Rico is still alive up to now, he would be looking me up and wants to be part of my program.


Fifteen years before I started to write in sonnets and poems, but right now I may be not a good writer. I am still improving on my own. If there is someone to help me, that’s also good. 10th of December 1998 is my debut that I have my own collection in writing of sonnets and poems. So it started. Through these years, I have never stop writing because it still keeps me going on. Now that I’m a poet, I’m pursuing myself to be a good writer someday. My old blog I started many years, I deleted them already. it is because I stop already back then. And after that, I begin to fall in love again with this kind of environment, to write again.


After Rico Yan and Michael Jackson as my lifetime inspirations, I am also looking to Walt Disney, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. It is because I am not also as an artist, I also want to be part of writing my own inspirations from them. Jack Kirby writes a lot when Stan Lee drew a thousand artwork that time, now have had already top-billed movies. Which is that I want my own homeland to grow more in animation here in the Philippines. An animation studio and a music production is what I want to improve for the Philippines. We have many talent pools here in our country, where else you want to go if you want to go in Hollywood. I always want to look positive in our country. And I am a proud Filipino, that is. After that, I am also looking for inspiration to Coco Martin. He is so good in his acting. If Rico is still alive, he would be working with Coco in show business.

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