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What is it taking to have a new life? Is it possible to tell a new life? How about turning back and redo all the things I’ve been asking? It was not usually that have been passed already to me. So I really gather how to put these things straight. When my life started working before, I was feeling guilty, loveless, anger and frustrated. New things have been passed throughout my life. But nevertheless I felt nothing. It felt my shameful from the beginning.


That was the time when I’ve had with my first experience to have a girlfriend. But it flew away from me like a piece of paper written down full of I LOVE YOU, SWEETHEART or something that bothered me from the beginning. The paper I threw it out from my pocket and trashed it already inside the garbage bin. New life has created. And new evidence has turned out good. Good beginnings created new humble beginnings. From where I stood when I was holding from my two hands, I felt from my feet that was shivering from my bones. I thought it was already too late. But it never felt me that wasn’t good. It always crossed me inside of my head.


The first girlfriend I’ve had experiencing with, I gave up and have to obey my the rules and regulations. And I’ve returned to single hood again. To think that I was supposed to satisfy my life back then, it was crucial at that moment. And that moment stole my life to have a meaningful way. But those kind of words never dealt me the same way. And I will tell you what I’ve been doing from the start I am doing.


This is about my story. And the story has greater possibilities in life:


“In the third week of May, 20th day of May, I was invited to see Nick Vujicic in SM Mall of Asia music hall when DSAPI held the invitations for those who just came and saw the event. It was real when disabilities were united as one. But from where I heard from Nick’s voice, my head tilted and said, ‘you must confirm all the greatness of your life, don’t be afraid of who you are. Get out from the shadow and start again from when you are born.‘ And yes, I proved all the possibilities in life was dreaming positive and drew out from my aura that I would do it. And so the next day came, 21st day of May, I went somewhere to have walk-in to apply. It was humid. And I felt something the sun coming inside of my body. So I went instead the classroom instead the office where I went in Cainta Greenpark Village for the first time.


When the glimpse of young man married in his early of his 30’s got a chance seeing me in a nice outfit, I came upon seeing two female teachers and one who had became an assistant to them. And upon he said to me, ‘return the day when we call you.‘ When he said that, I wasn’t confirming that I was applied for any positions. Then the next two days, I went to SM Megamall when the job fair held for various jobs that you want to seek. And so I applied two call center positions for tech support and one position in Manila Bulletin for being as a writer or a graphic artist. The next moment I feel was my intuitions. It would became easy for me if that walk-in apply would be best for me. But it never crossed to my mind. And I said and asked myself, ‘what if I never want this life before, I could redo this before having to look for a job.‘ But it was my instincts.


Five days later, a humid morning although I was playing an old facebook application game called Farm Town. It was 10:30 in the morning. The sun barely wanted to touch my skin and my head spilled from one moment, it was already the time when someone called from my cellphone. And when it rang, I suddenly picked up and answered and said, ‘who is this in the line please?‘ It was a sudden pressure from my chills to my bones. It was something I felt the past week. It was my intuitions again. And so the call said that I’ve had to go to my appointment interview around 1 in the afternoon. I set up a time. I didn’t get bath in time yet. I was smelling like you don’t want to smell me for. So after the game I finished, I hurriedly got a bath, dressed up quickly in my neat and tidy clothes and left the house around 12 past in the afternoon.


When I came around 12:45 in the afternoon in the office, I felt nervousness. The air conditioner felt nothing for me because I came from scorching sun that wants to melt me away. One looking good looking guy with eyeglasses dressing up like a professional came to me and said, ‘are you here looking to apply?‘ And then I’ve answered, ‘yes.‘ For the moment he gazed from the clothes I was wearing, he came off the place I supposed to have interviewing me. And as I thought, I’ve had the feeling that I wasn’t able to get a job right away. My intuitions got me wrong. But when he came back and said, ‘come around and take a look inside the classroom.‘ I got off from my chair sitting with nervousness written in my face. And I came off going with him to the classroom across from another building we would go.


As I started walking inside the classroom, he started talking to me again and said, ‘well, we need you to have it here. What position do you want?‘ He asked me again with a quick question. Did I get a job right away? I was obviously hinting the answer saying no I can’t have a job right away. But the intuitions said it was yes. It got me a job. And I’ve started to say my answer and said, ‘anything you could me offer me a position, I can do it properly and learn how to do it.‘ I’ve answered my smart thoughts clearly at the back of my head. And he was amazed from ideas and said, ‘that would be great. The teacher needs you to have an assistant in the afternoon, you can be a sped assistant teacher.‘ To think out of my mind, I was quickly noticing it that they were welcoming me.”


It finally paved way another chapter of my life, a new job, a new career and a best move to conquer my loneliness after I broke up with my girlfriend some few days ago. It was then I realized the faithful day chosen me to have a new job. And this was the tale of assistant teacher who never got wrong from his intuitions. His intuitions always served it right and it proved yes all the time.


The conclusion was already over. This Assistant’s corner: The tale of assistant teacher was the last page of this series. Although it got me a fourth job in my resume, it added a wonderful career that set good examples, courage and perseverance looking for a good job. The fifth job is coming on the month of May. This has something that sets me a good life with a new beginning again.


New beginning creates a path of courage, perseverance, honest and positivity life I always have. Setting a good life means a lot to me. Setting a goal is something that I always want to have new chapter. And it always have the meaningful way. From Assistant’s desk to Assistant’s corner, this has simultaneously written in different months that was started on August 2013 and it ended this month of April 2014. From cover to cover, it has 17 different pages and different filled in blank pages. I thought I would never come up with this series, but it did with a positive life.


Looking for a brighter future comes with full of integrity. Full of integrity comes my passion. And passion creates new vision of beginnings. And beginning is always has the same knowledge written in one word – positive.


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When I bought my first android phone, I thought at the back of my head thinking what I should do with my android phone. It was my first phone that I bought. I’ve had four phones already in the past. There were Nokia 6110, Nokia 3530, Nokia 3120 Classic, Myphone Dual Sim and the last was the Cherry Mobile Burst. But I am planning to buy another new phone in the future preferably iPhone I want to buy.


What was my newest hobby that I was always do? When I’ve downloaded the photogrid from the playstore.com in my android phone, it became a popular for me although I was a lover making some stuff in Adobe Photoshop. When you said something you really loved, you really adored at your side. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking more creating photo messages. Because I never made it before when I was doing something in Photoshop before.


My first photo message I’ve created was this:


Photo message 1

Photo message 1


Down syndrome is not a disease, it’s Awesome!” At first when I created the first photo message, the views from my facebook page became a hit. It was then something I knew from my heart I should for my life. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking creating more of this to become a book in the future. When I thought of this, it will become something you really like for your book what it is best all about.


The second photo message:


Photo message 2

Photo message 2


You are not alone, because I’m like you…and today is Down syndrome awareness month.” But this photo message wasn’t used for my facebook page. I have to use for the Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness month this coming February 2014.


The third photo message:


Photo message 3

Photo message 3


“Life borrows us, and it’s worth to be happy. Smile everyday!” The figure from my face was showing how I was happy for my life was. Being having with Down syndrome for me was not a hindrance to me anymore. And at first, my point of views came at the right direction already. The world is giving me freely thinking of this at the back of my head. And I’ve been wondered how God was grateful to me after all.


The fourth photo message:


Photo message 4

Photo message 4


Each day I smile, each time I am happy, I’m always there by your side, I’m always have to smile for you.” This photo message delivered the happiness quote a big time. Why I posted of this photo message? It simply gives me a wonderful message everyday at the moment I have in my life.


This four photo messages delivered nailing from at the back of my head when I suggested myself what I could do for my facebook page. And to think of it, it never crossed at the back of my head that it will help easing out of my problems here. But to tell you the truth, I am even more happy because of this year of 2014 will come knocking at my doors what I should do to have opening a new book soon. Hopefully I can do manage something that I have to create more photo messages.


And the other four photo messages I’ve created:


Photo message 5

Photo message 5


Life is beautiful, so don’t waste it, because life is good…and the hardest time has difficult to understand…with or without disability, you are still beautiful inside and out.” The fifth photo message was creating a new different diversion for the disabilities who have been using their life without fulfilling their mission. But the reality here in the Philippines, it is one of the common practices that these people should realize how disabilities would allow working in a beautiful work environment. Like I do as an assistant teacher, therefore it won’t do much anything to do if there’s an action some to fulfill in the future.


Photo message 6

Photo message 6


Chromosomes are extra effort, but it’s extra care, long patience, inevitable laughter, gives you a long smile…and it’s worth to have a special someone…your special heart, a special child with special needs. Smile!” Oh, yes! This sixth photo message delivered a beautiful message. Although I’m not familiar to other abnormalities yet, but in the future if God permits me to study more, then I would study more about other abnormalities. Nick Vujicic has said, “if your disability is a hindrance, why would you live normally as any other else. It won’t matter if you act on your own and be an optimistic thinker.” He would say a thousand stories in his concert although I haven’t some of the words from his motivational conferences. Maybe I should do the right thing at the back of my head also.


Photo message 7

Photo message 7


My life without you…even in a darkest corners can change into brightest. I can’t help it thinking about you. I can manage, but there’s a possibility to change of what I am and to be frankly, I am stronger today that I am happier throughout with or without single love.@Single_quotes After breaking smoothly with my ex-girlfriend last 16th of May, I’ve decided if I still have time, then I would do this even without her already at the back of my head anymore. She was the one who pushed me for having a great and wonderful job I have today. To think of it, my ex-girlfriend and I became closer naturally because we have one common thought, it was Rico Yan that was at the back of our heads. And I’ve been normally doing what I love the most I can do for my life.


Photo message 8

Photo message 8


Down syndrome is not only as a genetically disorder, but they are positive and optimistic thinkers. They live fullest with wide smiles and live individual long life.” This was my eighth photo message I’ve created so far. And the message shows how people with Down syndrome creates more happiness. But sometimes like I do, I don’t think the word of stress or negative thoughts. It was a taboo already in our definition or in our dictionary terms. I don’t know of this but lately I’ve been thinking at the back of my head that I should do this each and every day.


And the last photo message I’ve created was for myself:


The Author 3 copy

The Author 3 copy


I don’t know much of myself in the past childhood memories. The only I’ve remembered when asking from my elementary friends, they were the ones who kept telling stories what I really did some naughty events in my life back then. But I admitted that I am really a happiest person. Because of them, I won’t be here today. And besides who would thought thinking at the back of my head that I would be successful today. All the while of this years, it is constantly changing my nature from bad things to good things. And the good intentions are creating more happiness memories and it will give exciting for me in the coming years to come. The public should know that I am aware what is happening to our society but not such said in religion or to any cases, it would be one goal I have: change the world in a good place where disability should act to do happiness in your life. It has something to do with our lives today.


One book I should create about: Inspirational quotes and art of literary quotes. You should be follow me here in my studio articles. And read among the articles I’ve create even each now and then. I should carry my own feet what life is telling me about that this life is beautiful even I have a disability. And in spite of that, I should know what is good from bad.


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Long before Rico Yan came in entertainment world, I didn’t know who I was today. Despite my disability being having with Down syndrome was not a hindrance to me anymore. But to tell you the truth, I have many troubles came when I was a kid.


1981 was a year when I came in. Pope John Paul II was having giving a mass in Quezon Memorial Circle when the time I was born already. But my parents gave me a nickname through Pope John Paul II and my real name came from my grandfather’s name and also from my father’s name also. To decide what was given to my life, I was also given to change the world in times of needed and supported. So I was given to be born here in the world to make it happen bigger.


And bigger opportunities when Rico Yan came around in 1994. I’ve remembered when he came in Master Eskinol commercial, his own very first commercial have ever been made. The longer it waited the opportunities, he also landed on his three film projects and two television appearances in 1996. That was his achievements. But my achievements wasn’t change the year of 1994.


It was the year 1994 that I turned a teenager. And when Rico smiled every angle at his commercial, I also smiled back on the mirror changing my opportunities if I could be also a model. Or if the time will come for me to grab an opportunity. It set my goals.


My dreams before was to become a photographer when I was still in elementary graduation. “If I become a photographer someday, I would get a glimpse to picture the scene of Mt. Mayon in Bicol where I love the area. It gives a beauty scenario,” that was at the back of my head when I said to myself.


Across at the back of my head, my high school dreams has changed through times of desperation what really my dreams were telling me about. Then I decided to tell my school mates, my classmates and my teachers that I will enter entertainment industry someday to become an actor. It was my biggest dreams that set in my mind way back before. It was all because I owe from Rico Yan who really me inspired so much in spite that I have disability. But a disability that I have before was a hindrance. My parents told me several times that I couldn’t entered in universities like University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas or in De La Salle University in Taft Avenue. But the dreams shattered to me when my parents told me that I won’t lasted graduating in my course I really liked was music in UST, theatre arts in UP or any courses in DLSU.


People have changed through times. And I didn’t know what to do. So I always gave doubts and fears inside at the back of my head thinking I wasn’t able coping my own problems. Because that time I was having a hard time on myself in denial stage before.


When I entered college in the year of 2000, my course was culinary arts and I studied in Center for Culinary Arts or CCA. It was a pioneering school who caters students studying in the field of baking or culinary. And at that time, I’ve had a few classmates who was also been a celebrities naming Danica Sotto and Diego Castro. They were my batch mates before. Diego was a son of late anchor man of ABS-CBN, Angelo Castro Jr. and cousin to Rico Yan.


Aside from them, I also have friends with cousin of Agot Isidro, Aljur Abrenica, Heart Evangelista and Rico Yan‘s female cousin. What else that I came in a reality? These cousins of celebrities, I was been blessed to have with them. Although I don’t want to name their names here in an article I am writing, it is about a privacy. Somehow I look myself in the mirror thinking at the back of my head if I could enter in entertainment industry someday and the question is, “when if the time comes?”


So I gave up my dreaming my goals to become an actor, a singer and a dancer. I was frustrated and depressed because of a hindrance that I have a disability. Knowing Rico Yan was not here anymore because when I heard the news that he died peacefully in his sleep in 29th of March, 2002. The news came viral everywhere around the nation. And so the followers and fans of Rico Yan have been giving their love for Rico. But my sides remained calm and peacefully.


Nine years later, it was already 2011. I’ve had a dreams recurring every night thinking at the back of my head because of him. Then one day when I posted some important to do was to set important details each and every day I have. The bad news came when I felt something strange inside of me. But the intentions were not in bad shape. Instead, my cousin invited me in networking in UNO. Literally I joined with her. I’ve lasted five months in multi-level marketing or networking in UNO from June to October 2011. But the acceptance was been made during I was working. So I thought myself having to know that I could do this on my own independent ways of earning.


Out of frustrations and depressions, I broke the chain and accepted who I was to be because of my disability. That kind of work of networking gave me a chills to my bones and my flesh. It was the time I’ve accepted my disability during July of 2011. Then later when I only lasted in October. I’ve joined and searched my genealogy roots both sides of my father and my mother’s sides. Knowing my side of my father, I was surprised when I was related to Pilar Pilapil, Dingdong Avanzado and Mark Bautista because they were all descendants of Veloso. Because I was also a descendant of Veloso clan. Wow, that was unimaginable thoughts inside at the back of my head.


Then at first, my dreams were coming back to me. So I’ve decided to bring my dreams again this time when I will enter the limelight of entertainment industry. With the likes of Danica Sotto, Diego Castro, Pilar Pilapil, Dingdong Avanzado and Mark Bautista, when will I become one of them at the back of my head?


At the end at the back of my head, I’ve remembered that I also have relatives who entered in entertainment industry. My two uncles Danny Javier and Dyords Javier were in entertainment industry. Danny Javier retired from the entertainment industry already, but his sibling Dyords Javier was still in the entertainment industry. So I make a classic move that I will become one of them, but on my definition to make my own name instead.


One year ago I joined with Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, or DSAPI, on January 2012. Then I also joined in their annual walk event of the year, the 20th Happy Walk, in The Block, SM North EDSA on 19th of February, 2012, the day of my birthday. I was enjoying walking with someone that I also have a disability being having with Down syndrome. Having with a disability was not a hindrance to me anymore. Instead, all I want to become is to make my own name whether the dreams is still leading me in the right choice or decisions that I have.


Then I became a member last December 2012 where I got my first membership identification card. And to top of that, I also have experiences to speak in the audience who invited to come over in University of Santo Tomas to speak a short inspirational talk about me. The students, the school organizations and the teachers were applauded at my first short inspirational talk. But I was nervous that time. Maybe I have to speak again in the future.


But the blessings didn’t stop pouring down this year of 2013. I got my passport on my own applying in Megamall in January 2013. That was also the month I got my NBI clearance and my police clearance as well. So to decide what I was going to do – was to apply again in the next few months. But the 24th Angels Walk came when I joined and supported the autism awareness month last January 2013. It was my first support with the organization I joined. I saw one of UST who invited me last November 2012. And then at the back of my head, I’ve realized it was important for me already attending those events every year.


Then the 21st Happy Walk also came in last February 2013. It was my second Happy Walk I’ve joined. To added, there was one parent who came over to me and said, “I read your blog and I am one of your follower reading one of your article posts. Good job! Continue to inspire us.” At the back of my head, it was barely one year old of my studio site already. My studio debuted on 16th of March, 2012 where I posted my two articles at that time. Then a facebook page came later on 4th of July, 2012. I guessed that I put the dates on historical dates.


It came upon across at the back of my head when I also applied my first PWD identification card last 19th of March, 2013. I also knew why I chose the date because I loved to remember the dates I was putting in historical dates. But then at the height of my depression again during of April 2013, I was hesitated to go out and not looked for another job. Because despite I already completed the requirements including my medical certification. This was already the time if I want to have a girlfriend or not. So the dreams might occurred that I wasn’t able coping it one of my problems.


Then it came the month of May 2013. When my parents traveled to Europe for their vacation, that was the time I’ve had a girlfriend. But then, it was someone who also liked Rico Yan. From her, I didn’t know how to figure out what went wrong from me and from her. I’ve ended up a guy accepting a relationship with my girlfriend. And she was the one asking my hand to have relationship with her. Then I said, “yes.” Soon when it lasted only eight days of our relationship on the day of 16th of May. Our relationship ended eight days of relationship from 8th to 16th of May. Then I was not glad it was not over yet.


When I saw Nick Vujicic for the first time in Music Hall, Mall of Asia, I was surprised what Nick looked like. Because after all, he had no limbs of pairs of legs and arms. And to my surprise, that involved my life I also have a disability. And being having a disability was not a hindrance to me anymore. That was when 20th of May, 2013 happened.


A the height of desperation of cooling our relationship with my ex-girlfriend, all I wanted was to go back with her someday. So I walked in a job of the school on the day of 21st of May. On the seventh day of going back, I was hired already. Knowing myself in a different pattern, I’ve landed on my fourth job with a different job description – as an assistant teacher.


Fast-forwarded to this present day, I’ve accepted a chance to look forward getting to know what it will become for me in the year of 2014. Today is a final day of 2013 and tomorrow is a new day of 2014. I’ve so much to tell looking forward of 2014. What if I walk-in again in different job description? Will it become my job? To tell you the truth, this job of being as an assistant teacher I never chose about of this job. Instead the job looked for me surprisingly. So the words were not scripted but it was a fate for me when I followed my grandmother’s footsteps to become as an assistant teacher.


My lessons I have learned for this year of 2013 was honoring my job so beautifully, getting to know what the surroundings would like to know me better and the world had a place for me to look forward. No matter how small dreams can be, sometimes it can be a bigger opportunity would like to be. When you know how small dreams can act, it can also set bigger dreams in exchange of your place. This was how Rico Yan changed me from time I was depressed and frustrated to have a better job, positive outlook in life, happiness and optimistic when looking forward to future with positive thoughts.


What about you? How Rico Yan would change your life?


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If there was no success, there was no overnight of dreaming for success.


This is a year-end special article all about me from the beginning of 2013 until this month of December. What can you do for success if you can do for your hardworking? Yes, then you have to believe in yourself and not anybody could replace but your story as well is deserving more.


Let me rewind you to the past of January 2013 where I tell my story:


Starting from January 2013:

Applying requirements, joining advocacy in special education


This month was my success getting my second NBI clearance for my future employment. But I was planning to think which job would prefer to get me on the first place. Should I continue get a career ahead for call center career? Or should I continue where I start in my culinary career? My place for a job seeking opportunities was ahead for me already. But to think of it at the back of my head, I should scratch for all job descriptions: animator, writer, chef / cook, call center or entertainment industry. There were all my opportunities which one I should prefer.


After two weeks of January, my parents forced to apply for my passport alone. And so I did applying for passport applications. But the requirements narrowed down to my plans: NBI clearance, police clearance and passport. All of my validation identifications were been shown off for my next plan: get a job ahead before going to Toronto in September.


I did all my requirements doing my job applications. But the questionable was getting where I should start. So I joined supporting Angels Walk 2013, where I also joined the side of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI, where a thousand of autism groups and various schools also have joined the said event in Mall of Asia, Music Hall in Pasay City. This was the 24th Angels Walk for ASP or Autism Society of the Philippines who parents, educators, students and thousand of autism angels were there for the said event. And I was happy supporting for their group.


All of my happiness poured down my promising career: writing while getting a job or writing when I’m already in success.


February 2013:

2nd Happy Walk, celebrating month, Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness


This month was also my big celebration and my promising birthdays to come in many years. So to said, but it was also an excitement for every words I will write. But the success wasn’t over. So I joined the 21st Happy Walk in The Block, SM North EDSA in Quezon City of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI awareness event.


My blessings poured down to my birthday month, my birth month of February. I still clearly remembered when Pope John Paul II came to Manila for the first time 32 years ago. I was born on 19th of February, the day when Pope John Paul II was having a mass in Quezon Memorial Center, Quezon City. So the history said it was from February 17-21 when Pope John Paul II’s visit in Manila. So that explained how the world was looking for Pope John Paul II for his papal sainthood.


And it was also for Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness event for the whole nation. My dad first joined with me last year in 20th Happy Walk on the day of my birthday, 19th of February which it was introduced me to a few parents. And I met the couple, the children and their son with Down syndrome which it was the Lapena family. It was my first experience meeting with someone like me like Jeremy was, And I was happy that I joined the DSAPI family.


March 2013:

Applying for 1st PWD identification card, 3rd prom, meeting the showman of GMA channel


This was also the third month of my success. March has explained my various blessings I’ve done so far for this year of 2013. Because this was my first official that I’ve had my first PWD identification card or Persons With Disability. But that was when I’ve applied on 19th of March, a month after of my birthday. I chose the date because it was my first time applying for my PWD id.


Then it came before the application of PWD identification card was my third experience of prom date. And it was my first experience for having date with someone else and not from my relatives whom I really have had a good time. Guess what whom I dated with? It was Antonio and Juan Luna’s great granddaughter whom I dated with. And I was lucky to have date the famous Luna in the Philippines history. What I have to tell that I need to say? It was the best experience of prom date in my life.


And the first celebrity that I saw this year was none other of a famous showman in GMA channel, German Moreno. Kuya Germs when they said a name to him. And it was my pleasure to meet a person from a different channel. Because I was glued watching all ABS-CBN shows from morning to evening. But I didn’t notice that I can do it. And so my experience having a picture with him was a pleasure for me.


April-May 2013:

Depression looking for a job, first relationship, watched Nick Vujicic, looking for a job


This months of April and May of 2013 was a depression months for me. All I thought at the back of my head was either looking for a girlfriend or a job description unable to look for. But the words scripted from at the back of my head has said to me, “when can I start working so soon, so I could have a relationship with somebody else I really want to date with?” It was my first thoughts that crossed at the back of my head and without even noticing it, I looked depressed for a whole month.


After a month, I came to visit Rico Yan for a fourth time last 5th of May. Then it came upon that I met my first fling relationship with someone else. Two girls that I met. One of them was a former special education teacher and one of them was a housemaid who was working for taking care of a child and look taking care of the house. It crossed at the back of my head that I was first to say I’ve accepted her for having relationship with someone else. And she was the first person who asked my hand to have relationship with her. It is normally for a guy who is asking for a relationship to a girl. But the opposite came upon the two worlds between of us.


My ex-girlfriend and I were only lasted eight (8) days of relationship. And I was formerly taking off my relationship with her. But my heart felt for her so sorry. But at the end of the day, on the 20th of May, I watched Nick Vujicic’s concert also in Mall of Asia, Music Hall in Pasay City. It was my pleasure to have experience watching someone who was also have a disability. Nick Vujicic was born without limbs of arms and legs. And I have had my third inspiration coming from him.


Then after a day that my ex-girlfriend was formally underestimated in our relationship, I went anywhere near our village looking for a job. So I went for my first walk-in job inside of Cainta Greenpark Village that was also near my home in Cainta. And the interview wasn’t my first. But I did passing my first application resume to the employer. But my intentions came crossing thrice at the back of my head. I should also applied to other opportunities: writer in newspaper, call center job and entertainment industry job where I went to Megamall on 23rd of May. I sent many job applications to various employers from newspaper jobs, call center jobs and entertainment industry jobs as well.


Fews day after on 27th of May, the call was unexpected I’ve answered from my cellphone around 11 in the morning. The secretary have said that I have to come around 1 in the afternoon. So I changed myself in a better suit of applying a job. When I met two of my bosses before, I was nervous and feeling annoying on my first interview of the year. Then around after 15 to 20 minutes of waiting, one of two bosses interviewed me and I passed the interview evaluation.


For continuation of Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work in a next article, there will be a set of month stories to unfold for a second part of Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work.


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PART V-1: Positive

Positive reinforces new outlook in life whether thinking is good and not bad.


I’ve always take good chances when life borrows us. Life is good and live to the fullest. That is the term I’ve always using at the back of my head when my world needs to know educating people who have low self-esteem in their life. I’ve never been thinking at the back of my head what is going really in my head. And to swallow my pride sometimes takes new opportunity to make a change – to be better person. My bad habits are changing well so soon enough. And it will replace the good reinforcements in the little mind of my brain department – to be also good mood.


I am never setting myself bad always when I am entering in the school where I am going to work. The parents love to see my smile every day. And the children are the happiest in the planet. Many others want to argue and to complain, but sometimes you need to take a rest. And you have to get setting aside from your bad mood to good mood. What explains you the most?


I’ve explain you later my quote stories below. My life was in denial stage before. Thus it became a negative reinforcement inside at the back of my head. Every day and night, I think at the back of my head clinging some bad motives in my life. Whether I challenged myself everyday not to think about good mood. I’ve hated the good mood before. But at home, I was always happy. Because I did almost everyday watching television shows, playing computer games, drawing some of my unique dreams and chatting all day inside at the back of my head. What did I do? Nothing.


It was unbelievable for me to change from negative to positive reinforcements in my life. I’ve been changing positive mood everyday from negative mood in the past. In this date, I’ve been challenging new problems, new blocks inside at the back of my head and new pain that causes me everyday. But to tell you the truth, I’ve never been feeling good today.


Quote #1:

I hate myself doing nothing. And I don’t want to be exempted in one place, but to be exceptional is not also an excuse.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Half of my life did the best all I do in the world. My achievements were to able graduating both in high school and college. Because not everyone can attain that highest level. Everyone has to leave and find a work in exchange to help their family needs. Well, for me, it’s different. I know it’s hard. But you have to be example for everyone in the world. People will exclaiming the excitement in their faces and telling you that you are doing the best what you can do to them.


And for the part of exceptional is not also an excuse. I’m also setting a good example aside from my newest inspirational hero – Nick Vujicic. Nick don’t have limbs, a pair of legs and arms. He has different story and so am I. We also value the word of disability. But being as a disability doesn’t make exceptions. The only word you’ve really hate to hear is an attitude. I will also tackling about the attitude problem later in this part of an article.


Quote #2:

I’m not good in the field of my subject, but other of my subjects are excellent. I’ll never able to top in the class.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is always an issue from every student in the world having a problem in their subject. I was also having problem when I was a teenager before. But my grades in elementary were poor performance. But in high school or the middle school have set new scores in my life. I was only excelling in science, arts and music when I’ve entered freshman year and sophomore year in high school. Later on, I found myself in the corner adding new favorite subject – literature that entered in my junior year in high school. And added for the best subject that challenged me was economics. Economics was a best grade I’ve ever had in my graduating year in high school. I’ve never felt that I became good in that field. People found economics so hard to study. But with all my help back tracking of my history mind, I became part of memorizing some part of historical dates.


Kids and teenagers set new problems in this generation – a digital age. People find it hard too. Because of this technology, you have to set schedules between your play time in computer, leisure time in computer and study time also in computer. How will you know if your kid is doing performing very well? Set a new rules inside of your house rules. And I am telling you that this digital age shall never experiencing this kids with this kind of technology for their leisure time and play time. Set your mind with study time and research time.


PART V-2: Attitude

Attitude is the problem focusing the behavior of a human.


Quote #3:

You encounter so many big deals in your life but because of that, you hate being as a sarcastic mind.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I have a bad behavioral before. But to tell you the truth, I’ve already overcome and change my values setting aside from my attitude being as a responsible person. And I have no idea in my entire life that I really do the best that I can. My family believe me as of now. What if the world is looking and reading my point of my views?


I have mosaic Down syndrome. Mosaic is a “copy of pair of chromosomes are normal and the third copy is an extra pair of chromosome.” Sometimes I also have sarcastic mind dealing some bad behavior at the back of my head. But I’ve never been setting my new goal in a different path. And I am so blessed that I’m really changing my whole life now.


Quote #4:

The only disability in life is an attitude.


I have seen normal people arguing and discriminating against the human rights. And human rights are sometimes to be called people with disability. I’ve heard some community about this quote a few months ago. And I will explain the term of being as an attitude.


Attitude or behavioral problem in human is discussing about the physical, mentally and spiritually about the person’s behavior. Sometimes I make myself wrong also in my past years. But now I am changing my values to set new attitudes in life – to help others individually.


But normally, other people are exclaiming the discrimination from our side of being disability. Their problem is their attitude. They never change and sometimes they feel that they are leaving behind the circle of a community inside of their barriers. And I let go of other people being having with sensitive issues. I’ve never done that before.


Quote #5:

Don’t make yourself to excuse in the real world making you really don’t like about people with disability or not.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


People are always people. And humans are always humans. But it never gone too far from animal to human. It can’t be like that anymore. The human evolution is already change from the past to the present times. Others feel about their attitude whether you have disability or not. People may dismay about your feelings. But I also feel that way too. Before I am not sensitive in some other cases. But now, I am challenging people with their attitude problem to make a change to positive reinforcements.


There are some issues before regarding the word of “a,” “r” and “s.” But I don’t want bringing up this words inside the article post. Because I’m getting fuming really. But I am as a friendly person who can welcome you instead. But these are the words I don’t want to hear from them. Because they have bad mouths. And bad mouths are somewhat boasting their lives exposing in the real world that at the end of the day, you are left alone already. Once you gone out, you won’t come back anymore.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

I never thought I can talk to special education students in University of Santo Tomas, Alberto Magnus Building a year ago. It was a year ago, 19th day of November, 2012, Monday. I woke up every morning talking myself in the mirror when can I have a work and the question was, ‘where?


I was talking one student who was a president in their UST organization where I met her in DSAPI Support Sibling group. One glimpse of dream could never been discovered. Or one simple piece of puzzle could have been spotted somewhere in my studio journal. And there it was, it was only my greatest smile.


And I delivered a short inspirational speech around 10 am in the morning. It was hot by then. And I was nervous by then. Just like Brina Maxino delivered many speeches in many occasions, but it was my first in my life in front of the students. University of Santo Tomas was my second university choice that I could enter before aside from my first university choice was University of the Philippines.


An atom is the smallest particle of an element that can exist either or in a combination but as an assistant teacher is the smallest dream in my life that can be achieved today. Wow, talk about the science. I really love science since I was in 4th grade until now. It was then I realized how my life was important for each student, teacher, educator, parent and as a friend. I have special condition being having as a Down syndrome. And I’m not afraid. I accepted with my honor being having with my condition.


I can endeavor my life enrich full of my talents: loving children unconditionally, helping others’ needs, entertaining a dance number, writing a hundreds of load literary quotes, poems, sonnets or even a songs and teaching the society the term of people with disability.


I seek like more Brina Maxino, who was only 17 years old studying in her first year of college and like Nick Vujicic, who was a year younger than me that he has no limbs – without a pair of legs and arms. I am inspired both of incredible personalities. To tell you the truth, this is only a beginning. And a beginning will never last to inspire you more.


My journey began after I’ve found out that I’ve had Down syndrome since my sophomore year in high school. I was never accepted my fate having with my condition. But to end my journey was to accept it with whole-heartedly. After 14 years, my journey have been reseted and began a new chapter of my journey. I’ve accepted being having with my special condition. Smallest dream after smallest dream I was able carrying to finish on time. Was I able to cope it before? Yes. To be honest, it was hardest to accept in your life. Whatever I will do, I will still continue what my dreams are telling me.


Assistant teacher001

Assistant teacher001


What’s my next smallest dream could achieve? For reading my previous articles, you can browse below the links:








Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

PART IV: Inspiration

Inspiration is the form of divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.


I’ve had my first inspiration come from. It was none other than, Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan or simply known as Rico Yan. Yes, he was the first one that he inspired me a lot through shapes of my experiences. Before he died, the form of communication was already there. But after a month, it was a tragedy. He died on March 29, 2002 in Los Palmas, Palawan together with his friends and peers along side with Dominic Ochoa and Marvin Agustin.


Aside from him as one of my inspirational icons was also none other than, Michael Jackson. Without him now on earth, he would still making history up to now. Michael deserved to be a legacy singer and an icon to everyone. Yes, he was kind and teary at the end of the day. He died on June 25, 2009. Despite his death, everyone will still remember his name up to this date.


And the duo inspiration I’ve been looking for are Stan Lee and in memory of Jack Kirby. Stan Lee got all around his comic novels. Together with Jack Kirby, Stan and Jack worked their powerless Marvel comics. Stan still lives up to now at the age of 90 years old. But my grandfather is around 90 years old also. Stan was born on December 28, 1922 while Jack Kirby was born on August 28, 1917 but died on February 6, 1994 on his heart failure.


And there a lot of inspiration names I’ve been following. One of them is Nick Vujicic who was born without limbs both legs and arms. Nick was a form of corner of all inspirational names. Nick was born on December 4, 1982.


Quote #1:

Divine is always be the number one source of christianity. But the sacrifice with inspirations comes revolving around your life.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I always thought inspirations have been around in circles in life. I’ve been too much to put myself in sacrifices. Without it, it would not become that I am here today. With inspirations, of course, will come revolving yourself with their names. What would you think at the end of the day remembering them? Thus it includes you to have one of miracles.


Sacrifices are made to build you to be stronger. But at the end of the day, I’ve been also thinking at the back of my head thinking if there’s a chance to meet them again in another lifetime or timeline. The sources I’ve been getting this are from my angels. And angels, of course, are my divinity prayer souls. I’ve been praying to their names repeatedly.


Quote #2:

Inspire me a lot of great stories. And great stories sometimes create more memories. And memories have been told to be inspired from all the corners of this world.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


There are been told many great stories with various artists, story-tellers, celebrity icons, sport icons and many others. They are been recorded the greatest quotes, stories and articles. What am I doing right now? I’m simply putting down one of my pen writing one of old-fashioned hobbies I’ve been doing – writing and discussing stories from quotes I’ve made through my heart. Quotes are sometimes hard to read without descriptions. Without descriptions, they are not been told in the paper or in the e-paper. Forget about the technology, get a paper and a pen. Write your old-fashioned way of hobbies – called traditional writing.


Digital writing comes variations or shapes of nature. It includes new technology: computers, tablets, powerpoints and android phones as well. What can you do without them? Some others called a digital age. And a digital age comes a lot of variations. You could study easily from the internet. You could easily search your resources. You could type whatever you want. You could publish whatever you want. The reason why digital age comes first, because digital wants to space out the traditional writing.


What about without pen and a paper? Could you live without them? My opinion, I couldn’t live without a paper and a pen. Without a computer, I could live. Because I live from a modern world before the digital age comes in a certain time. Modern age comes all around of modern writing – a pen and a paper. Publishing something you want is hard to cope one of a problems before. In a digital age, you could easily publish your article right away in a second so your readers and followers would easily read one of your articles. Writers has also compassion from their inspirations.


Quote #3:

I hear a lot of inspirational stories. But what about mine? Can I motivate the people with my inspirational story that I can discuss and tell in the public? Does it have the same situation?”   ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Nothing has to be told to have secrets. Sometimes you have to let it out of your honest answers. If it keeps you from success, then go beyond your limitations and expectations. I watch a lot of inspirational videos, read a lot of inspirational stories and listen a lot of inspirational talks. But sometimes I talk to myself in front of the mirror, can I make it do actively in the future? Like Nick, he is motivational speaker. I could be like him. But on my other side, I can talk a lot from issues from bullying and differentiate all sorts of disabilities.


People have to understand about the term of being as a disability. But without a disability, you can teach and preach people with a lot of lessons you have. Lessons can be told and taught. Thus a whole new world can share a lot of successful stories. Like Nick, Brina Maxino has also motivational inspirational video the last night I’ve watched about her. She has Down syndrome like I do. Brina and I have the same. But my story is different from her. I’ve been in denial stage before. But now, acceptance, love and compassion always bring success in your life. Whatever you do positivity in your life, it will come out of your positivity corners around the world.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

The author of Itsmikki Studio

The author of Itsmikki Studio


Introduction to Living being as Down syndrome


I didn’t know back then that I was having with Down syndrome. Little did I know was not that I’ve expected. People around me whether it was my relatives, close friends, elementary friends, high school classmates, college batch mates and new circle of friends were much they really knew about me. I didn’t come in any way of living but as long I was normal at their sight.


They expected me to behave. And they expected me to be one of them. Sooner I’ve realize, the new circle of friends I meet once tells me, “you don’t look like having with Down syndrome.” Then I said to her, a mother that has a son and said, “I have mosaic trisomy 21 Down syndrome.” I was referring to the word of mosaic. When you were going to explain issue of Down syndrome, they were already knowing what the meaning looks like.


Down syndrome has three copies of 21 chromosomes. But mosaic trisomy 21 has only normal two copies of 21 chromosomes and extra 21 chromosomes, meaning it will give the kids and adults with Down syndrome looks like their parents’ face. But sometimes, when it grows other abnormalities, it will give much more happier for those who has blessings around you. I never know this from the start of my life. But as life grows more, I have learn more valuable lessons in my life. I am happier around today than in the past. Thinking at the back of my head would give a little misunderstanding if I won’t forget what I become today.


Seeing one another whether it has Down syndrome, Autism or ADHD, I love to learn each and every day with the valuable lessons. With each kind of disability has deserve to get their rights of authority. Every time I took to learn my self-study about special children or adults with their abnormality study, each lesson had deserved to know how kind of these people with special needs were blessings from the kingdom.


Bible verse:

God didn’t mistake to create people with disabilities so that his mighty works may be displayed in their lives.” ~John 9:3


It was not intentionally God creating us with our mighty skills, whether it has many lessons to be discover for you to know. And we have blessings that will teaches long patience, deep understanding, unconditional love and tender with care.


Many for you may take a while to understand in the span of years to come and it will test your courage. People might not thinking at the back of their head will assume some lesson come in their way. But it will take time to come. Each day has own discovery, each day has lessons and each day doesn’t take your happiness away from their eyes that will teaches your love. I, like myself, also teaches with greater people that loves me and I will help them in a way of teaching how to write well in their minds.


Quote #1:

One day, the day will set your mind how I am living being as Down syndrome show you how I overcome Down syndrome and why Down syndrome chooses me.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


The mothers are always the carrier where carrying us to become whether it’s normal or not. It teaches us how to be strong. And my mother also teaches me how I overcome my problems. Because one day when they are gone and when my sisters and my brother will take care of me, I will show them my patience, deep understanding, unconditional love and tender with care. And when they will have their own children, I will also look after them. My future tells me how I will live longer. The Science tells me that mostly with Down syndrome will live in their life span until 60. I will prove them wrong. Because you have to believe yourself mostly us with Down syndrome have blessings and we live legacy in time you will remember us. Don’t be discourage but you have to believe.


Society including the Philippines and other countries has own their organizations with their advocate of their special children or adults have to deserve to know that we are blessings. I may be have a courage but sometimes I also have my own voice to speak. Live longer what it takes. Because sometimes when you are praying whatever your religion is have to seek deep inside of you will be healing us in times of needs. And I believe time will discover your heart to grow more.


Quote #2:

When special children or adults have given to share with their wisdom, their experience will give blessings living being as Down syndrome.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


The presence of being with Down syndrome doesn’t give all their matters, it’s what their knowledge has given and proven with their expected life span of age. It is not how age that matters. It gives you more time to believe, to share, to prove and to love one of them. People with any kind of disabilities whether you’re exceptional or not, according to Nick Vujicic, has given blessings that shares bigger audience in the society. I don’t have what it takes, but I believe what I learn from the people I love and love teaches us to be stronger among us.


Stronger relationship with special children or adults has give stronger vision in the organization whether it has many or few circle of friends, it doesn’t take what gives you more wisdom. The knowledge of being living as Down syndrome symbolizes how the vision will take them in a longer love they will receive. And the deeper relationship with them grows and brighten a new beginning of new generation. People will love them and us with disabilities will share the best knowledge of being whether you have disability or not.


Quote #3:

When someone is trying to silent the chromosome with living being with Down syndrome, it is not perfect example. But you only give the life with Down syndrome full of happiness and energy with love.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


The scientists in the laboratory last month that I’ve read was not the last time. It only means you are taking the example of full of happiness, wise to say as fruitful of happiness. People will not only saying this but taking grant to put off the chromosome to the test. Let me clear the topic. Some of us has Down syndrome. We are all same cases in nature. Besides with being of Down syndrome, we always believe that it is always a gift from heaven. Then why are you trying to cure the chromosome without knowing the real background of this innocent kids or adults with Down syndrome. People love us seeing unconditional love, long patience to taking care of us and deeper relationship of tender and care.


I am gratitude that I am bless from the heaven. Without a tool or skill, it might be a long time to discover again the real ingredient is called the unconditional love. It happened in the bible too when Jesus cured the person with disability. But it requires for you to understand that every disability around the world is worth to know that love is the main ingredient for everyone to know.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Assistant’s desk

“One hundred smiles sometimes can send a thousand letters or even millions over in a globe population. But with a single smile can make you a big difference – with a killing smile of an extra chromosome (down syndrome).” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I, sometimes with a big heart, read a lot now and then aside from my story. Little by little in my life, I’ve started to know better with a lot stories from many families who have their child with Down syndrome, or other some cases.


I’ve handled three kids with Down syndrome. Two of them were boys and one was the little girl. Gabe was a sweetheart kid who have had sometimes making some noises to attract teachers. Because he was too excited to see some other kids interacting with him. He was one of the oldest who have had Down syndrome in the class I was assisting in the afternoon special education classes.


When I first met Alfred at the therapy center, I was glad to meet him. Because he was adorable. He reminds me when I was at his age. I taught him a little move I knew when I was a kid. And that was his hands reversed and his fingers were in his cheeks – more like giyomi style. But it was one of the oldest moves I’ve got from my friends and my cousins as well. Alfred was also behaving in the class.


The last and not at least was the little girl with Down syndrome was Gabbie. She was really cute. She really loved how to make-up for her face. Since her nanny taught her how to make-up, it was still cute for her. I’ve even know that her mother was a doctor. It was the same goes to Gabe because Gabe’s mother was also a doctor. Gabbie was turning year old by next Friday. But I didn’t know their ages so much. Because I don’t have profiles about them.


If I only have their profiles, I would even know their profiles as well.


At the other side as an assistant teacher, I would be likely to become a freelance writer someday. I don’t have funds for it. But I am planning to buy first – a new brand cellphone. Over the past years, I don’t have a stable job just to buy a new cellphone. In that case, I would buy a new cellphone next month or maybe next to months. It all depends to a matter for my salary. And I hope all goes well.


My two bosses really liked my performance well both in livelihood and in the class where I was assisting for special children in afternoon classes. Hopefully my two bosses would come up adding a new Grade 1 next year. We only have had preschool and alternative learning system (special education classes). It all depends in God’s time and in God’s blessings also.


Their routine became added and added. And it also same goes to me. Hopefully it will be remarkable in all ways of life.


Once you get out from your shell, it all goes in a normal way of living way of being independent.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


After two months of stable job, I’ve finally reached a new record of employment. It is a huge blessing for me to have a new job in a perfect time. My two bosses liked me that much. Me and two of them were in the same bracket of age. We’ve shared the likes in music, fashion and everything we know in life. Now that includes from our generation before about candies and food as well.


Adding from that, the huge blessing I got from this year’s resolution was that I’ve finally reached my new year resolution. It was the number one new year resolution – to adjust my weight forming back to my ideal weight. And I’ve reached it. I was even more happier. This morning I’ve weighed 151.4 pounds. And I was even more happier because I’ve maintaining my weight now and then everyday. If I did this before, I would be feeling more happier. But that was before. You have a bit to change yourself for a year.


One small step sometimes gets closer for you reaching your goal.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


And I’ve formally formed my studio to its new name – ItsMikkiStudio Literature or IMS Ltre. But the original name was still there as Itsmikki Studio. If I’m abbreviating the name for IS, it would be sounds different. But if I’ve added, it would became a new name. Ltre means literature, sounds like Ltd from Limited. It sounds like the same, but sooner or later, I would become adding a new department under Itsmikki Studio from ItsMikkiStudio Literature.


It was all because of hardworking I’ve worked through the years. It was started years before when I started to write but there was having hard time for me with no trade name yet. I’ve given a second chance to write again a year ago in a new blog platform site. Blogging is like something you have given to write something you would come up to write. But for me, I gave my site to a new different level to name after my youtube account.


The original name was Mikki where I was using the name over the years I was playing in Ragnarok Online, Khan Online, RAN Online, Perfect World and last but not the least was Flyff Online. The name after I’ve used, it stuck in my head and formed after my deviantart.com. Then it became mikki90.deviantart.com officially because of my portfolio from traditional and digital age. Then another one was from my youtube account, itsmikki. From this date of March 16, 2012 last year, the launching of my studio name was finally commercializing to its new name – Itsmikki Studio. The domain name I’ve maintained lasted only from June 2012 until February 2013. I’ve didn’t manage to continue it because I don’t have a financial basis from my financial stability.


My facebook page I’ve created for Itsmikki Studio launched last year, July 2, 2012. It turned a year older last month for my fan page anniversary where I’ve maintained my business ventures. My twitter account for Itsmikki Studio also turned a year old last month, July 16, 2012.


But the success growth for my business ventures in writing is still there up to its new date and updates regularly. I’ve even now complying to continue my writing to this month of August. Last two months I’ve worked for my two hardworking early months. Now I’ve successfully continuing my job as an assistant teacher and also being as a writer for my studio business ventures. Next month, I’m planning to write more because I will be going to fly to Toronto.


Toronto is a new place to write my writing basis paying months. And I’m planning to get a new bank account where I can get my basic pay from my writing career. Even though I am still part of my job as an assistant teacher for handling special education kids. Kids are important for me. They are part for my backbone of my hardworking job.


Now I am aiming to a new height – to become another history. Like Nick Vujicic said, “no matter what you are, whether you have disability or not, you are still a blessing from God and use it properly in time. And blessings will come knocking in your doors and open it wisely even you are wise or not.” That was what he said in the front of the audience.


I was shocked to what he said. I am inspired from him. And also being part of the history, I also want adding to my life if I can still make up to my dreams – as an actor in the entertainment industry as well. And eventually in the future, I will be gladly to help the economy for the entertainment industry and tourism industry as well. Because of that, I will love to help and cater for the people’s needs in our country as well.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

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