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What is it taking to have a new life? Is it possible to tell a new life? How about turning back and redo all the things I’ve been asking? It was not usually that have been passed already to me. So I really gather how to put these things straight. When my life started working before, I was feeling guilty, loveless, anger and frustrated. New things have been passed throughout my life. But nevertheless I felt nothing. It felt my shameful from the beginning.


That was the time when I’ve had with my first experience to have a girlfriend. But it flew away from me like a piece of paper written down full of I LOVE YOU, SWEETHEART or something that bothered me from the beginning. The paper I threw it out from my pocket and trashed it already inside the garbage bin. New life has created. And new evidence has turned out good. Good beginnings created new humble beginnings. From where I stood when I was holding from my two hands, I felt from my feet that was shivering from my bones. I thought it was already too late. But it never felt me that wasn’t good. It always crossed me inside of my head.


The first girlfriend I’ve had experiencing with, I gave up and have to obey my the rules and regulations. And I’ve returned to single hood again. To think that I was supposed to satisfy my life back then, it was crucial at that moment. And that moment stole my life to have a meaningful way. But those kind of words never dealt me the same way. And I will tell you what I’ve been doing from the start I am doing.


This is about my story. And the story has greater possibilities in life:


“In the third week of May, 20th day of May, I was invited to see Nick Vujicic in SM Mall of Asia music hall when DSAPI held the invitations for those who just came and saw the event. It was real when disabilities were united as one. But from where I heard from Nick’s voice, my head tilted and said, ‘you must confirm all the greatness of your life, don’t be afraid of who you are. Get out from the shadow and start again from when you are born.‘ And yes, I proved all the possibilities in life was dreaming positive and drew out from my aura that I would do it. And so the next day came, 21st day of May, I went somewhere to have walk-in to apply. It was humid. And I felt something the sun coming inside of my body. So I went instead the classroom instead the office where I went in Cainta Greenpark Village for the first time.


When the glimpse of young man married in his early of his 30’s got a chance seeing me in a nice outfit, I came upon seeing two female teachers and one who had became an assistant to them. And upon he said to me, ‘return the day when we call you.‘ When he said that, I wasn’t confirming that I was applied for any positions. Then the next two days, I went to SM Megamall when the job fair held for various jobs that you want to seek. And so I applied two call center positions for tech support and one position in Manila Bulletin for being as a writer or a graphic artist. The next moment I feel was my intuitions. It would became easy for me if that walk-in apply would be best for me. But it never crossed to my mind. And I said and asked myself, ‘what if I never want this life before, I could redo this before having to look for a job.‘ But it was my instincts.


Five days later, a humid morning although I was playing an old facebook application game called Farm Town. It was 10:30 in the morning. The sun barely wanted to touch my skin and my head spilled from one moment, it was already the time when someone called from my cellphone. And when it rang, I suddenly picked up and answered and said, ‘who is this in the line please?‘ It was a sudden pressure from my chills to my bones. It was something I felt the past week. It was my intuitions again. And so the call said that I’ve had to go to my appointment interview around 1 in the afternoon. I set up a time. I didn’t get bath in time yet. I was smelling like you don’t want to smell me for. So after the game I finished, I hurriedly got a bath, dressed up quickly in my neat and tidy clothes and left the house around 12 past in the afternoon.


When I came around 12:45 in the afternoon in the office, I felt nervousness. The air conditioner felt nothing for me because I came from scorching sun that wants to melt me away. One looking good looking guy with eyeglasses dressing up like a professional came to me and said, ‘are you here looking to apply?‘ And then I’ve answered, ‘yes.‘ For the moment he gazed from the clothes I was wearing, he came off the place I supposed to have interviewing me. And as I thought, I’ve had the feeling that I wasn’t able to get a job right away. My intuitions got me wrong. But when he came back and said, ‘come around and take a look inside the classroom.‘ I got off from my chair sitting with nervousness written in my face. And I came off going with him to the classroom across from another building we would go.


As I started walking inside the classroom, he started talking to me again and said, ‘well, we need you to have it here. What position do you want?‘ He asked me again with a quick question. Did I get a job right away? I was obviously hinting the answer saying no I can’t have a job right away. But the intuitions said it was yes. It got me a job. And I’ve started to say my answer and said, ‘anything you could me offer me a position, I can do it properly and learn how to do it.‘ I’ve answered my smart thoughts clearly at the back of my head. And he was amazed from ideas and said, ‘that would be great. The teacher needs you to have an assistant in the afternoon, you can be a sped assistant teacher.‘ To think out of my mind, I was quickly noticing it that they were welcoming me.”


It finally paved way another chapter of my life, a new job, a new career and a best move to conquer my loneliness after I broke up with my girlfriend some few days ago. It was then I realized the faithful day chosen me to have a new job. And this was the tale of assistant teacher who never got wrong from his intuitions. His intuitions always served it right and it proved yes all the time.


The conclusion was already over. This Assistant’s corner: The tale of assistant teacher was the last page of this series. Although it got me a fourth job in my resume, it added a wonderful career that set good examples, courage and perseverance looking for a good job. The fifth job is coming on the month of May. This has something that sets me a good life with a new beginning again.


New beginning creates a path of courage, perseverance, honest and positivity life I always have. Setting a good life means a lot to me. Setting a goal is something that I always want to have new chapter. And it always have the meaningful way. From Assistant’s desk to Assistant’s corner, this has simultaneously written in different months that was started on August 2013 and it ended this month of April 2014. From cover to cover, it has 17 different pages and different filled in blank pages. I thought I would never come up with this series, but it did with a positive life.


Looking for a brighter future comes with full of integrity. Full of integrity comes my passion. And passion creates new vision of beginnings. And beginning is always has the same knowledge written in one word – positive.


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PART V-1: Positive

Positive reinforces new outlook in life whether thinking is good and not bad.


I’ve always take good chances when life borrows us. Life is good and live to the fullest. That is the term I’ve always using at the back of my head when my world needs to know educating people who have low self-esteem in their life. I’ve never been thinking at the back of my head what is going really in my head. And to swallow my pride sometimes takes new opportunity to make a change – to be better person. My bad habits are changing well so soon enough. And it will replace the good reinforcements in the little mind of my brain department – to be also good mood.


I am never setting myself bad always when I am entering in the school where I am going to work. The parents love to see my smile every day. And the children are the happiest in the planet. Many others want to argue and to complain, but sometimes you need to take a rest. And you have to get setting aside from your bad mood to good mood. What explains you the most?


I’ve explain you later my quote stories below. My life was in denial stage before. Thus it became a negative reinforcement inside at the back of my head. Every day and night, I think at the back of my head clinging some bad motives in my life. Whether I challenged myself everyday not to think about good mood. I’ve hated the good mood before. But at home, I was always happy. Because I did almost everyday watching television shows, playing computer games, drawing some of my unique dreams and chatting all day inside at the back of my head. What did I do? Nothing.


It was unbelievable for me to change from negative to positive reinforcements in my life. I’ve been changing positive mood everyday from negative mood in the past. In this date, I’ve been challenging new problems, new blocks inside at the back of my head and new pain that causes me everyday. But to tell you the truth, I’ve never been feeling good today.


Quote #1:

I hate myself doing nothing. And I don’t want to be exempted in one place, but to be exceptional is not also an excuse.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Half of my life did the best all I do in the world. My achievements were to able graduating both in high school and college. Because not everyone can attain that highest level. Everyone has to leave and find a work in exchange to help their family needs. Well, for me, it’s different. I know it’s hard. But you have to be example for everyone in the world. People will exclaiming the excitement in their faces and telling you that you are doing the best what you can do to them.


And for the part of exceptional is not also an excuse. I’m also setting a good example aside from my newest inspirational hero – Nick Vujicic. Nick don’t have limbs, a pair of legs and arms. He has different story and so am I. We also value the word of disability. But being as a disability doesn’t make exceptions. The only word you’ve really hate to hear is an attitude. I will also tackling about the attitude problem later in this part of an article.


Quote #2:

I’m not good in the field of my subject, but other of my subjects are excellent. I’ll never able to top in the class.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is always an issue from every student in the world having a problem in their subject. I was also having problem when I was a teenager before. But my grades in elementary were poor performance. But in high school or the middle school have set new scores in my life. I was only excelling in science, arts and music when I’ve entered freshman year and sophomore year in high school. Later on, I found myself in the corner adding new favorite subject – literature that entered in my junior year in high school. And added for the best subject that challenged me was economics. Economics was a best grade I’ve ever had in my graduating year in high school. I’ve never felt that I became good in that field. People found economics so hard to study. But with all my help back tracking of my history mind, I became part of memorizing some part of historical dates.


Kids and teenagers set new problems in this generation – a digital age. People find it hard too. Because of this technology, you have to set schedules between your play time in computer, leisure time in computer and study time also in computer. How will you know if your kid is doing performing very well? Set a new rules inside of your house rules. And I am telling you that this digital age shall never experiencing this kids with this kind of technology for their leisure time and play time. Set your mind with study time and research time.


PART V-2: Attitude

Attitude is the problem focusing the behavior of a human.


Quote #3:

You encounter so many big deals in your life but because of that, you hate being as a sarcastic mind.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I have a bad behavioral before. But to tell you the truth, I’ve already overcome and change my values setting aside from my attitude being as a responsible person. And I have no idea in my entire life that I really do the best that I can. My family believe me as of now. What if the world is looking and reading my point of my views?


I have mosaic Down syndrome. Mosaic is a “copy of pair of chromosomes are normal and the third copy is an extra pair of chromosome.” Sometimes I also have sarcastic mind dealing some bad behavior at the back of my head. But I’ve never been setting my new goal in a different path. And I am so blessed that I’m really changing my whole life now.


Quote #4:

The only disability in life is an attitude.


I have seen normal people arguing and discriminating against the human rights. And human rights are sometimes to be called people with disability. I’ve heard some community about this quote a few months ago. And I will explain the term of being as an attitude.


Attitude or behavioral problem in human is discussing about the physical, mentally and spiritually about the person’s behavior. Sometimes I make myself wrong also in my past years. But now I am changing my values to set new attitudes in life – to help others individually.


But normally, other people are exclaiming the discrimination from our side of being disability. Their problem is their attitude. They never change and sometimes they feel that they are leaving behind the circle of a community inside of their barriers. And I let go of other people being having with sensitive issues. I’ve never done that before.


Quote #5:

Don’t make yourself to excuse in the real world making you really don’t like about people with disability or not.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


People are always people. And humans are always humans. But it never gone too far from animal to human. It can’t be like that anymore. The human evolution is already change from the past to the present times. Others feel about their attitude whether you have disability or not. People may dismay about your feelings. But I also feel that way too. Before I am not sensitive in some other cases. But now, I am challenging people with their attitude problem to make a change to positive reinforcements.


There are some issues before regarding the word of “a,” “r” and “s.” But I don’t want bringing up this words inside the article post. Because I’m getting fuming really. But I am as a friendly person who can welcome you instead. But these are the words I don’t want to hear from them. Because they have bad mouths. And bad mouths are somewhat boasting their lives exposing in the real world that at the end of the day, you are left alone already. Once you gone out, you won’t come back anymore.


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