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Fortieth-First English Quote:


24 hours a day to search

low and high,

in 7 days I must wait

to search you.


In 12 hours a day

I am beginning to stay,

5 moments a day

in mornings,

afternoons and evenings,

there is only 3 sweet words

when you love someone,

and if you say “I love you”

than rather leaving you

behind all alone.


Fortieth-Second English Quote:


Big dreams shows the

true meaning of hardworking,

small dreams never count

the less fortunate of working,

but with success, will

and action brings

the farthest dreams

to be chosen talent.


Why would you think

it could fair to nothing,

think first before you act

like an initiator,

be ahead and notice,

that will be a huge

deficit of success

of a true debt of

gratitude in life.




Two small worlds thinking richer or poorer is nothing to say that in this article I have to discuss from here. Well of course, I have no place in the world whether I want to be in poorer or richer. Think again. Maybe it is not a big deal in the society or the reality. So here I am saying that here in article I have made written as well.


in 41st English short quote poem, it is rather a success or maybe a little fortunate experience will come in your way. What I am saying here is that all of us have falling in love with the partner all the time. A lot of parents have kids. When they get old, their kids will also get married in their legal age or wanting in their lives to be involve in relationship. So much to say that I am still single, hoping someday if I find a right kind of a girl to me will eventually getting married with me of course. But somehow, it is intending to be not to be serious or to be jealous.


While in 42nd short quote poem, it is said there that your success might get ahead along your way. Maybe I haven’t get experience that much yet, but I am trying to express myself to be a successful person someday. Many people use to believe dreams are not real or real in their lives. Well not everyone has hope to be in success lives. For me, I have never notice in myself yet. It is because they haven’t see my success what I am doing in life. I am still fighting whatever I want in my life. Like many others has money, power or anything in their lives, but what is missing of them is their success story. If I have mistaken some of the point, just let me know.


Thirtieth-Ninth English Quote:


100 ways when you share the days,

there is 90 days when you

date me,

but miss 80 miles away

when you miss me.


70 hundred of hope and faith

then I should pay

when you get away from me,

the day you left me

alone in 60 hours,

in 50 years I cannot wait you

to love more but in that case.


The 40 letters I sent to you

but all you want to

get in 30 minutes,

20 seconds later

I don’t know what to do

then you should know

that I love you,

in 10 countries I travel

to search you more

than I can do in 100 ways.


Fortieth English Quote:


With great responsibility

doesn’t meant you have

super powers,

with great responsibility comes

to great hands of yours.


You command each order,

but it cannot pay back

what you told,

the moment each day pass,

thank the greatness you have

and do not let it go,

visit your every day’s love

in your heart.


Thank them you have their life,

thank each day you wake up

each morning,

and thank with great smile

you have…

they smile you back.


The greatness you have,

the beauty innermost

feelings you have,

thank the whole life

you have given.




There is two things in your life you should know better, it is just two worlds will be dreaming if you have decide to get in touch with your loved ones. This is why I am posting another two exciting quote poems I have made from my stored messages from my cellphone.


In the 39th English quote poem, it tells you a lot of confidence if you can love the person twice in your life. After I have made Love and Forward, the first two successful quote poems in the first literature in the in my articles I have written before. This is why I am falling in love making of this literature in the first place. Making an article is not an easy job, it is in fact I have my own history in the first place. It paved me way back before since the 10th day of December 1998, Thursday night as I have made my first poem. Back then it was awful one experience, it was the days that counted in your life. Well of course, everyone has own their dreams to make their love to come true.


For some confidence I have, this 39th English quote poem will capture your hearts even I do read them in my cellphone. I have never delete it. In fact, literature is somewhat my passion to write. I love Shakespeare, that is why I still love literature in the first place.


In 40th English quote poem, it is said there in a line: “With great responsibility doesn’t meant you have super powers, with great responsibility comes to great hands of yours.” I have always saying this to myself that every time I wake up each and every morning, you should be thankful in your life. It is why we are created in the first place, to become a better man and a better woman. To become stronger is what we must achieve through challenges we are accepting. Well I have many experiences in my life. But that’s another story. I will make another article from where I have been starting. So here I am willing to take chance of more experiences we are expecting more in the future.

Thirtieth-Fifth English Quote:


Watching all the time

I need to discover,

when I need to hold the time,

when I need you from my life.


Restless nights,

restless sleep,

cover me with your voice

singing gracefully

where I need to run,

where I need to walk,

and I am thankfully giving

your time in my life.


So here I am running

across the battlefield,

where I am fighting

over my restless soul,

when I am died

in your bloody arms,

that I lay my head on your lap,

and one by one the world

is falling to me,

I am a restless soul

who travels round the world,

and thinking you of what I am now,

sorry I am going to sleep,

and I will miss your smile,

and I will wait you

here in heaven.


Thirtieth-Sixth English Quote:


Wind is your friend,

the trees around us

makes breathing,

cars chasing on the road

makes me adrenaline,

roller coaster makes

me more adrenaline.


When the wind stops

for a while,

sometimes it is very hard

to breathe with somebody

whom they aren’t

comfortable with you.


It’s a shame

and envy to anything,

I guess a luck can

and cannot to be the best,

be yourself

and freedom is yours.




35th English quote poem has all to say, for somehow reasons that it is here to be explained. But what I got here is what I have to tell you about this quote poem. I have never get a chance to tell you this before. It’s been days without having getting in the computer, restless for somehow. I’m counting days restless for a while, but in a manner it’s no big deal for me. I’m not addicted to games anymore in the facebook, but rather I want to spend more time writing some stuff.


Before I forgot something, this is about quote poem.  Restless dreams is merely a nightmare for me. Well I can explain that from here. It is about when you are thinking about what you have done wrong. Or maybe you are thinking the reason it cannot let it go for you. For example in my experience, I can’t go to sleep right away before I want to go to sleep. It is because I am thinking about my auntie who died last year. Yes of course, I cannot let it go that. It wasn’t easy. Aside from that, I also want to know what it is going on me. It is because the pressure inside the house. I want to get a job so I can have time to work outside rather having an own business. Running an own business in the span of six years is really difficult in the end. It is because I am thinking about my future plans and about my dreams ahead of time.


In the 36th English quote poem, it was a quick one, short version of poem I have made. Well there is a common problem in everyone of us, and that is the freedom. But it is all about the faith and the trust you cannot earn that fast. You have to learn all about yourself. Well that what makes me to learn about the experience. It is because I still have more stages to learn in experiencing in the field of trust. Nobody loves me. It is very emotional when I am saying of this, but it is really difficult to say in the first place. That is why I have decided to put my experience together along with this literature I have made.

Twentieth-Seventh English Quote:


Perfect stranger is not on my mind,

but you don’t know what

keeps me playing my heart,

and I don’t know why that

I am keep singing in my

bottom of my heart.


Tides from the kisses of

our lovely ones keeps me warm,

the call of my wind chill

to my bones and I don’t know why,,

you fill my emptiness

to a lonely world,

you drag me to your problem

and I tell you why.


Oh please take care of my life

and take me to the heaven’s gate,

oh please open it for me,

and I surrender to my soul,

my endless speaking soul less body.


Tonight is my last day to cry,

and I need your prayers,

oh please give me a chance

saying goodbye,

oh please wait for the moment,

that I am still waiting for you

to lean in my shoulders.


You protect me,

you carry my tears that become the rain,

and the rain is blessing forever

and ever until eternity.


Twentieth-Eighth English Quote:


A simple yes says nothing at all,

never calls a coward in everyday

I soon become like a robin

but I don’t like to be called a loser.


Maybe someday I can move on forward,

you have to be strong

and go on every day’s journey,

I am relieved and I cannot stay

to go on like this anymore.




The 27th English quote poem says there that it always start from your experience. Being doing anything you do good doesn’t make you sense at all, but to tell the truth, this quote poem reminds someone in the real world. I am not saying it’s not good or bad that is meant to say in the middle. Yes of course, I love writing poems, sonnets, songs or maybe writing a story is very strong article. Literature is my department. But I am still not a good writer. I am always remind myself if there is someone reading my article, there is more room for improvements. In this quote poem, it says there it is my experience whether it’s good or bad reason to tell. This is very quite exquisite, if I am right what I am saying.


In the 28th English quote poem says there it’s a short saying quote poem. Not literally I am mention that earlier for someone who is reading to my article. And yes, did I mention anyone in this article. Sometimes it’s for Rico Yan. or someone who is very dearly departed that I really loved her very much. She was not here anymore.


To tell the truth, literature nowadays seems not knowledgeable in some department in your mind. It’s not registering there in your mind that you have to like this. But I am willing to explain more, for somehow. But for the next article I will write about, it will be more interesting aside from what I am writing about my literature department. If there is someone to share any thoughts with me, just leave any comment or anything you want to say.

Twentieth-Fifth English Quote:


Now I can see the light,

light give me the reason to live,

what it could be the fear keep me inside.


Give me the reason

I know you can tell me,

that the light is an armor to us

and we could be the the one

that we use to be the rainbow.


Twentieth-Sixth English Quote:


If there is no need in the world

if you cannot care,

if you dial the wrong number

if you don’t think there is a chance,

if you love me

if you understand our conversation,

if you only know.


There’s a rainbow in the skies,

when you hear it needs your help,

I’ll be there for your cause

that you need me

and I’ll be always your follower

whenever you go.


If you laugh harder

if someone cries your help,

if you cross the bridge

if you don’t see the warning sign,

if you trouble in your sleep

if you think someone wants your comfort

if you only know.


There’s a rainbow in the skies,

when you hear it needs you help,

I’ll be on your side

to cry on my shoulders,

and I’ll be always be

the listener when you talk.




The 25th and the 26th English quote poem are much alike when I wrote about them. In the 25th part alone, it’s only a very short poem. It said there in my writings, “what it could be the fear keep me inside.” The meaning of that line said if I could do it alone without a help, I always have a doubt the fear inside myself. I don’t know why I said that in the first place. It tells me and remember about Rico Yan. So much to be familiar during his prime time years, he always bring up to be nice to his people including his foundation. I’ve always fond of being as a nice person. Why all the nice people in the first place going up with the Lord? That is the question that keeps me repeating all the time. If I only know, I would not be to write down here in my article alone. But it is said than be done already.


“There’s a rainbow in the skies, when you hear it needs your help, I’ll be on your side to cry on my shoulders, and I’ll be always be the listener when you talk.” Here’s another example I wrote it down in the last verse of quote poem. But it surprises me when I wrote down a few months ago. It said there if I need a help, I have always thought also about Rico. Well of course, my aunt who passed away last year around 23rd of June 2011 about Saturday. My sister told me about it and she heard from our cousin who lived in New Jersey. People may dismay what they heard about it. But I don’t want to bring it some issue.


The month of May before my aunt died on 23rd of June, I’ve so surprised that she visited me in my dreams telling me she wants to help the problems in Negros. And it’s my first time to involve in my mother’s family problems. Her lineage from our grandfather is very rich. And I was so shocked until now. I thought I am not the only one who could know about that. The lumber company and the sugar plantation that built a long time ago was very industrial during after or before World War 2. I don’t know about the details. But it was there already. She said if I could bring hope, patience and understanding among the problems in our family. But too late she is gone and wants me to continue to solve this problems before she died.


But I realized the shameless could bring misunderstanding. There is no really solving the problems. I leave it to the elderly who wants to be part of this problems. Then I though about it, I don’t want to get worrying the problems because there were too much problems to think about it.

Thirteenth Tagalog Quote:


Tumatahamik ako dito sa nakaraan ko,

lumalayo at hindi nagpipilit,

saan ka kung kailangan kita,

saan ka kung nandito ako,

mahal ko nagdurugo sa pag-ibig ko.


Umaawit ako sa iyo,

kumakanta ako laging pinong-pino,

umaawit lagi ako

tuwing naniningil ng bituin sa langit.


Humakabang ako

dulo ng walang hanggan,

napapaisip ako

sa daigdig na walang bigo,

puso ko ito laging nagmamahal.


Sarado ang isipan at puso mo

naglalaro at natutukso

ang huling pag-ibig sa

malayong panahon,

nang hindi sinasadya,

ako lamang ang magmamahal

sa iyo.


Lumilinaw ang puso ko,

tinuturuan ng panibago

sa bagong panahon,

sumasakit ang natutukso,

ika’t walang ng iba pa.


Umaawit ako sa iyo,

umaawit ang naliligaw

na puso ko,

lagi na lang ako pumipikit.


Fourteenth Tagalog Quote:


Akala ko’y nag-iisa ka,

akala ko’y naghihintay ka,

akala ko’y nagwawala ang puso

mo’t hindi tumitibok,

na minsan ako’y walang

pag-asa na umibig ulit sa iyo.


Kung ang ulap umiiyak,

bakit pa nag-iisa ang umiibig sa iyo,

hindi naman ako lumalayo,

hindi ko kaya ang tumatakbo

sa isip ko,

na sana naman ay nandiyan ka

sa tabi ko walang hanggan.


Pagkat tayo’y hindi bagay

sa isa’t isa,

pero ang tunay na

umiibig ay nasa iyo,

pagkat isa lang ako,

hindi nagbabago ang tingin

sa iyo na muli ako umiibig.




The 13th Tagalog quote is not a poem, it is basically written as a song when I wrote this about 10 months ago. This is my first time I will tell you this kind of literature is sometimes a song or a poem. Well if you don’t mind me, I can tell you somehow. In some other lyric lines, it is a repeating line although I can’t explain what it is. Because this is the unfinished written song I wrote about. But I have never encounter in my life if I love again. For some reasons why, I get the kind of point of view where two people wants to fall in love again for the second time around. If that is a movie, it can be written by anyone as long as I am there in the set. I wish a long time ago when I am still a teenager. I am really dreaming to become an actor, just to make it sure I really have deserve to be wanted actor. Things are different today if you can’t tell about me. It is because I am still fighting my dreams if I want to achieve somehow.


The 14th Tagalog quote is a short-verse poem. You can never tell until I say so. But in the case of my previous article entry of Insensitive side of me is really amazing somehow. I will write about more that and there are more sequels of that article entry I made. Well back to the topic of 14th Tagalog quote, it is said there that many challenges can be triumphant. An ordinary tricycle driver for an example, he wants to marry the landlady the next four houses away where he really wants this landlady badly. I am not making point of view if there is nothing. That is only an example. The reason I am expecting to writing something about this is to telling you I am not really a writer. I’m in heart, a passion of writing literature whether there is a poem, song or sonnet that involves in my life. I just love it from my heart.

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