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Art and Literature 5

Here comes my continuously part five for my Art and Literature article. This time around, I will be discussing what I write about here in my studio. Considering what I really like to write about is about more in literature or some part of the series. What I am talking about the series of English quotes, Tagalog quotes, Spanish quotes, Summer Sonnets, Sunday Sonnets and What I know about of a person’s name. It’s either foreign artists or local artists.


One of my favorite I’ve been writing about is the entertainment. What I know about series is my considering favorite articles I’ve been writing about. It’s not about the negative issues. Negative issues are for the paparazzi. But my opinion in my writing proves more in positive issues like their achievements or positive views in life. Well of course, I’ve been writing in foreign artists like Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Dakota Fanning, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Marie Digby and the late legendary singer Michael Jackson.


And in local artists I’ve already written were Alodia Gosiengfiao, Coco Martin, Jodi Santa Maria, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo, the late young actor Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. It was difficult at first when I wrote about them. With a lot of brainstorming, creating more ideas and more sufficient resources are the most important writing in an article’s contents. It could have that you can inserting the picture or when it possibly makes in a good review of an article.


Writing eight foreign artists and seven local artists were my most priorities that I written at the first. But there will be more foreign artists and local artists I will be writing in the future here in my studio. So I might be talking about the studio contents.


And also part of the studio contents are literary works such as Summer Sonnets, Sunday Sonnets, English quotes, Tagalog quotes and Spanish quotes. It will be more interesting series to come here in my studio when it comes.


Sunday Sonnets began on February 3, 2013. I thought one Sunday Sonnet in one day it will last. Until it came to the very point that I rarely added one sonnet at time in February. I wrote two Sunday Sonnets already in February, three more Sunday Sonnets in March and three more Sunday Sonnets in April. There are four Sundays in a month. Sometimes when it’s luckily having five Sundays, I will be writing more Sunday Sonnets. Prior on that, sometimes when writing sonnets is one of the hardest you can brainstorm of the contents. Sometimes when you lack of this, you will going crazy or going gaga all the time in your room. In my past experiences when writing sonnets in my life were much harder than I thought. It was only the moment because I really made my day falling in love.


But today when writing sonnets are making me hardest to the point because I never feel the love inside my heart and at the back of my head. Sometimes I look to the views of life, or somewhat I read about medieval stories, or may the heart wins over my mind when writing sonnets at the finest work.


Summer Sonnets was launched already last April 24, 2013. It was purely different from Sunday Sonnets. Sunday Sonnets were exclusively written in a specific day and it was only Sunday you have to brief yourself and write your sonnet at the chosen day. But the different part of Summer Sonnets are much different from Sunday Sonnets. Summer Sonnets are only having specific time and date. It has to be a summer time. Summer here in the Philippines always start early in March and it ends two weeks before of May. Because the rainy season will start around of that month. If I were living anywhere in the world, I would be surprised to live in Canada, Japan, Australia or Europe where there was always a four seasons of the country. Because when I always hear about the four seasons in the year, I always read about the four seasons.


English quotes started earliest here in my studio when it launched on April 22, 2012. It have had 80 English quotes already and it was divided equally in each form of English quotes. So it was 36 English quotes already that I wrote them. English quotes to me were like much equally meaning with the poems and sonnets about. But the different part was having with a long written quotes. When you write something shorter quotes, sometimes it reminds me of a poem. So I’ve decided to make a longer quote poems.


And the craziest part of my studio was the Tagalog quotes. Tagalog are the Filipino language here in the Philippines. So you might even knowing about what it feels about being as a Filipino. Tagalog quotes were also launched here in my studio on March 31, 2012. Tagalog quotes or Filipino quotes were much different part of the English quotes. Because it has different meanings from English quotes.


And the last part of the series are Spanish quotes. Spanish quotes are the hardest reach to study of a Spanish language. Because it was only time to time when I have had a feeling to write about them. It was because of my auntie who I really liked about. She was my mother’s sister and she was the eldest sister of my mom’s sibling. I really loved about her. The way she speaks and acts, she really gives us a gentle message in each of us. Well of course, mom was different from her sister who I dearly liked my auntie.


Spanish quotes were launched on June 22, 2012 and it was only have had 12 Spanish quotes individually of 6 Spanish quotes. It was driving me only when I have a chance to write about the Spanish language. Besides from the part of writing in nature, I always have the same feelings of my articles.


When writing an article, sometimes I felt about that I belonged to the article I wrote about. How do you feel when you write an article? Me. Sometimes I do have feelings even at the highest peak of the mountain I rarely do. What you are reading about my articles sometimes it wishes you to be inspired. Because that it was have a meaning of my studio.


How to live like me

There is really something that bothers me every week and now. Although I didn’t tell you about this, it is generally something that I usually write about entertainment, my literature – sonnets, quotes, etc., and some of the articles here in my studio. It is quite interesting for time to time. But didn’t you know that I become more a little sensitive when it comes to writing? Of course not, you didn’t know me about that much.


Writing for me works perfectly just fine to me. I wrote my own first words scribbling just like a trivia when I was a kid. First I started about something I really described myself much as a witty, talkative and funny kid I was. But honestly, this is something I want it to share about this. I’m a music and entertainment person. Maybe that’s why some of my article posts are entertainment and music that is something related to me. And the song goes like this:


I’ve been gone through the walls

that haven’t see me a while ago

but you never see the exact moment

so here I am,

clueless and mesmerized,

so when I talk to myself is about you.


I can explain this in my own version. But to tell you honestly, I’m a Filipino. Being having with special condition of Down syndrome expects my whole image as a different level to any of the special adults and special children. Why? Sometimes I am expressing myself that I really, really want to make it to entertainment world. Writing in Filipino sometimes makes me difficult to express my feelings although I’m a Filipino. Taking of my serious side of this paragraph that I write have said, it takes a while for me to pass through the challenges and the problems. So maybe that’s why it seems a little bit of musical of being I am.


Now to the brighter side, I have showbiz royalty although I want it to make my own name aside from my uncle’s name. His name is Danny Javier, first cousin to my dad. They were really the first born males in our family tree. Although I am a little advantage of myself but I don’t consider as I am talented be. First I have heard about his name was sixteen years ago when my dad and my family have occasionally saw each other with my uncle. I didn’t know at first that my uncle was a singer of APO Hiking Society. And the song I want it to express is:


So here I am nothing to know

what I get to know about you

is a little bit of confusing times

and I don’t know about you

often times.


Exactly I didn’t know about him. But it was an opposite of my feelings although I was a bit of star-struck because of my uncle was. During my high school years, I was bit glued to entertainment and basketball world. Me and my dad have had sometimes we played about the golf in Southwoods. And I’ve remembered quite of fifteen years ago when I was in Southwoods, I saw Angel Aquino in my own eyes. She was there where I was swimming in very early morning around of 7 am. She wasn’t seeing me exactly because she was taping about for the show. I didn’t know about the entertainment of local back then. I was glued in entertainment of foreign artists. But it was Antoinette Taus that I really liked about in local celebrities. Then later in my life when I have entered in college, I saw Antoinette all the time back during my culinary years of college. And then we came move to another place where I saw Angel Aquino for the second time but in our residence area. And so she was lived in the same village I was resided about.


Maxene Magalona for example, she was the child actress when was still a child. Blooming like a princess, Maxene grew potentially becoming more actress when her father died of leukemia. Her other siblings made it into the showbiz such as Saab, Frank, Elmo and Arkie. Arkie was the fifth child of Francis Magalona who gained his name in the showbiz of GMA-7. I knew so much of Maxene’s background. She studied first in Maryknoll (now as called as Miriam College) where she and my cousin were studying in the preschool. Then she transferred in another school of Assumption Antipolo where my sisters were studying and my two cousins also. And of course, my school of Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo became the school ground where the Magalonas studied in the same school I was attending. It was later in my life that I knew about this then. Then she graduated in Ateneo de Manila University where she finished her education. Four schools I knew about Maxene were quite that I was not a stalker. It was that accidentally where my cousins were studying and my sisters were.


How did I know about Maxene, Saab, Frank, Elmo and Arkie Magalona? Because my teachers said during my high school years they were studying the same school I was attending to. But it wasn’t that I was a stalker. It was that I really knew about them. And here goes the song I have perfectly for them:


How did you know the names in my life

where all the times goes by

and the nature of places I’ve been to

in all of my life and

I would take my hands to know about them.


Hahaha, it sounds like that I am running like Martin Nievera’s show in ABS-CBN Martin Late @ Night. It is that I am aware what I am writing about in this article. Although I missed a lot of article postings I really love to write.


How to live like me? Sounds interesting? Of course, you do the same feelings I want it to write it down. But not of all of it, it’s just that I really need to express what I have inside and out. If I really want a song perfectly to be tune, it would be some of the songs I really believe into. It was the song of I Believe I Can Fly where R. Kelly sung the song for the movie of Space Jam. Space Jam was about of Michael Jackson to return to the basketball world.


This article post is about something I really want it to perfectly fit for entire post about lyrical of music and entertainment world. I just want to share because this is how I live exactly. I already wrote about Alodia Gosiengfiao, Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Coco Martin, Dakota Fanning, Jodi Santa Maria, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Marie Digby, Michael Jackson, Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. I wrote 7 celebrities to name of. But did you know why I exactly write about them? It was because they have something returned me a favor. Now it’s time for me how I can execute of how I can earn my money to be able auditioning one of the training dates in the future in ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Circle. Toni Gonzaga is my ultimate crush of my all time now. But it was Antoinette Taus who gave my light to see more for Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. And why Rico Yan in the first place of all the names I wrote about? Because he was the first actor who gave insights of becoming an actor. He showed his achievements so much. And I was really adored the way he handled his self. He now became my part of my life. And he inspired me a lot if I really want it to continue my dreams becoming like an actor just like him.


And why six foreign artists that I wrote about them? They have several answers at the back of my head. Michael Jackson inspired me a lot of dancing and so the dancing became my part of my routine how I dance well today. Britney Spears was the first come into my life. It was that because of her music and her songs were really inspired. Now that nobody knew her very well in her music life that was today. And Dakota Fanning was the perfect example kid in the movie of I Am Sam where she played as the daughter of Sam who was having hard time for himself because he have special condition of Down syndrome. Sam played a lot of common interests in my life and so was I. But in terms of reality, it seems that movie is a perfect movie for the family who have special child partly in the family. And I have a perfect few lines of lyrics that I created a while ago:


It hurts me when you said it’s different

now I know the sense of

nobody knows about me

and I guess that it is perfect time

to say that being down in yourself

proves nothing but to say

the world that I can do this

for my family and my friends.


Hmm…it’s a little bit of melodramatic of lyrics. It was perfect timing that I wrote this for those who have special children or special adults related to you. Being having with my special condition of Down syndrome have said that we can also do the same feelings as the normal people does. Do not be afraid of who you are. Stand up for your good reasons why you are not giving up. Well, it’s almost about the time. I am referring about this article post about me and the world I know about.

Toni Gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga

I have a crush for someone even I wasn’t looking at her. Maybe if there’s a moment, I would like to pretend to be one. A girl of one, two, or maybe three, if I am correct. That sometimes I begin to realize that I really have a crush on her. Maybe a little of explanation won’t give an inch. Here’s another part of article I would like to bring up because I’ve been experiencing of this before until now.


Well normally when I have a crush, I am not pretending to look at her. I’m just feeling how I react towards of her. Maybe if there’s really a girl in front of me, sometimes I begin to freeze and become speechless. Of course, there’s already a countless of girls waiting that I would speak. Hmm…where do I start? Normally if I like a girl, I would do anything just for her. Maybe I’m a type of guy who would say secretly not to tell her that I have a crush for her.


Last year when I became active in any occasion, it became instantly for me to have a spark in my mind. Of course, I don’t want her to look at me. Maybe it wasn’t for me for this girl. I became frozen and speechless. In my experiences, I’ve already traumatized to love a girl. Maybe a little mutual understanding came a little awkward for me. I almost have a girlfriend in my past, but it almost breaks my heart. So I’ve decide not to name her, because she is already married and bear some of her children. And of course, I also have happen a crush in celebrity world, in America, yes. And of course in the Philippines where I also have crush. One girl to another girl, but I’m not literally loving her in my mind. Because it might break my heart and occasionally break my lifestyle instead.


There’s a reasons why I can’t fall in love to a girl’s intentions. It’s just that being having with Down syndrome in my life is not an issue. An issue is if I’ve ever fall in love, I would not probably put myself love more than a girl. Or maybe in vice-versa, I would not put myself in a difficult situation. Up to now, I still don’t have a girlfriend. And a mutual understanding doesn’t count in vocabulary where you can have a fling already. And of course, I respect the girl’s decision.


I have three sisters. Two of them were older than me and one was younger than me. My sisters are sometimes protective to me. Whenever I have a problem, I keep a secret. But my dad was always there whenever I have a problems towards girls. And why again girls are pretty? Somehow I find it hard to discuss here in this article. Maybe I am a little of confusing and complicated. Or maybe I still don’t have experiences to love a girl seriously.


Because I am still looking for a girl who would perfectly fit for me. And I still don’t have guts to love a girl. If I become an artist in entertainment industry, somehow it will become a little move for me to love a girl. Seriously, I already have dozens of crushes both in real life and in entertainment industry. Maybe I am too much of scared or maybe I am not giving a little attention for a girl’s intentions towards me. What if you were in place of me? What would you do if I do the same in your situation? I’m still clueless.


Life becomes difficult when you don’t face the problems in your reality. Somehow along the road I am following, I become stronger. But in the same way, I become matured already. And the way I am thinking at the back of my head somehow finds me amusingly what I become. So instead to find a girl perfectly, maybe I am giving myself in an attention to prepare in the future. And future for me means a lot. I become naturally when I really look to the girl’s eyes. Maybe my type of nature would become a different from any type of a guy they are looking for. I’m not also interested to the girls who really are not interested to me. Maybe it is something that I lack of. A little of hesitation comes awkward for me. Maybe so or maybe not.

A Day to Remember

Going to Rico Yan’s place made me to move. But somehow, a strange white thin air just like a flash appeared in your eyes. It doesn’t have to be in shape, but somehow a restless soul wander around inside my room. Yes, if I sound crazy, I hear sometimes an eerie voice inside at the back of my head. I would like somebody to hear sounds crazy.


When I was younger as a kid, I used to get scared at horror movies like Chucky, Halloween stories or like Shake, Rattle and Roll series. But now, whenever I hear something, I will keep my secret that I can hear and sense if there is really a spirit around you. If there’s really a compound of air, a sudden rain, or something that it can fall, it reminds you that is something get strange in your way. We all have sixth sense, the intuition. Intuition reminds you not to do it anymore. Or maybe it reminds me not to do it anymore. I used to get something when I was a kid and not returned to the item’s owner. Somehow along the way in my growing period, it really stop in my stage that I learn my lessons. Lessons along your road to success sometimes makes you growing stronger.


Well, this is definitely the part three about Rico Yan. Rico Yan is the shape of my inspiration in all corners of my life. He really shapes me up. He somehow build me up from my wrongdoings. Whenever I never think of him, he reminds me to think of him. For somehow at the back of my head, this guy is something to do in my life before. Of course, I watched his movies before. He have had 12 movie appearances and 10 television appearances including where he worked together with my uncle in ‘Sang Linggo nAPO Sila. It was really amazing for somehow in shape of universe.


Okay, let me talk about the heaven. You haven’t see the heaven yet. But for somehow, my dreams are like big heaven sequences. And this is not the psychologically answer to your thesis or whatever it is. I’ve had two accidents before. It was when before I entered fourth grade. It was summer. During that time, it was President Corazon Aquino years. Those times were having difficult in electricity. And we’ve had florescent lamps before. Or if you could remembered the generators. Those things were lighting inside of your house. When we were together, me and my siblings were playing around the house. But when we were going out occasionally to Quezon Memorial Circle, that was where we used to play bicycles. Honestly, I didn’t know how to drive bicycle in two wheels. So my parents made me to rent a pedicab that had three wheels. Then at the moment we were at home, I rushed down to the dining room and the area was dark and wet. But my feet was cold as an ice. I threw my slippers or shoes, if I could remembered during those times, in the living area. And of course as I almost could reached the plug to the socket, the plug had a broken issues. And there, I’ve been electrocuted in my first accident.


Rushing to the hospital, of course, I woke up inside the hospital room but it was definitely a total blackout mind. It was a blur, dark and nothing to remember. Those times, I heard some angels speaking in our language in Filipino. I’ve already explained to my parents but they refused to believe that I can see spirits in my mind. Everywhere you go, somehow there are no signs or nothing to see to believe it. But in my case, I keep my secrets. Here in the article, let me remind you that this is no longer a secret because I’ve already explaining what is going on to me. That was my first accident.


And there was a second accident before going to enter in high school. I was in sixth grade. Before graduating in March 1994, I saw Rico’s commercial already. If I made it clearly or not, just comment me if I am wrong. Rico’s commercial was Master Eskinol facial product, his most first commercial. Of course, everyone have laughed at me because I haven’t get a pimples yet. But I was teenager already as I’ve passed my birthday in February. So I’ve made it clear.


Rico’s legacy grew bigger in my life. He might be in heaven or he might be reading my article as I am writing down this article down to my fingers. Believe me if I am wrong. And I might get confused or misinterpret if you are going to tell something to me. But this before graduation in elementary, my mom and I’ve supposedly going to AISA (formerly Academe School) to get an entrance exams. She have been my great mom. She was. And she was my support all throughout my years until now. It was because she conceived a birth and that it was me. I am a third child in five siblings. After all, throughout these years made it clear with Rico’s legacy.


But there was a terrible accident along the road of Sumulong Highway. And I thought that it was near in Cogeo or Lower Antipolo. My eyes were shut. And I couldn’t resisted to sleep longer in a long trip to Antipolo. And our home was in Quezon City. So I was going to have photo shoot in the studio to get one-by-one identification photos. And one moment I woke up, it was when I’ve ended up in hospital again. The truth was when the jeepney bumped my shoulder bone to break. So that was why I’ve ended up in hospital. My classmates were worrying about me because I didn’t attend graduation practices. It was days. Or maybe a week less before graduating made it clear to me. So I’ve graduated twice during my elementary days. One was when I was in sixth grade. And the last one was during my seventh grade. Honestly being having graduating twice from elementary days, it made me clear and stronger. Because when you are going to high school, you have to get ready. High school days were tougher. It means you have to get study more. Less peer, more study. But I was not as an intelligent as a valedictorian was.


I’ve graduated with highest colors in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. So if you don’t get study in Grade 7, it means you jump and don’t want to get part of finishing part of the school. Most of the private schools have seven levels in elementary. But some of that I know have six levels. Don’t make me wrong. This is my explanation. Seven levels are more important in life than going to six levels. Because complete education of fourteen levels from preschool to high school made you tougher and stronger. And I really loved my schools I went to. Tough education is my home to hone my knowledge. In face, I’ve missed my school a lot. Since I’ve got graduating from high school and college, things were different. Tough chapter I’ve been through was the backbone in my life.


As I’ve telling you about this, this kind of illusion of crazy moments went at the back of my head again. They were blurry, dark and crazy feelings that I saw some angels. And this time, I saw some reflections of my past loved ones who already passed away. It was both in my father’s side and my mother’s side. And I didn’t know which one was my relative in my father’s side or mother’s side. It was a bit of complicated. And I think you wouldn’t believe me either I am going to write this craziest thoughts.


Back to the Rico’s subject, it was morning. I woke up around 5:45 am in the morning. But I’ve managed to get some sleep. Because I drank coffee before going to sleep. It was around before midnight. And I couldn’t get to go to sleep. I’ve opened my computer and surfed a little in facebook. Finding out there was a little active users in my list. Some of my relatives were in Canada. Most of them I think at the back of my head. To tell you the truth honestly, I really don’t know. Just because I was awake, I’ve been trying to get awake in the entire trip going to Rico Yan’s place in Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque. And I’ve been told my mom that I will be going a week before. Or maybe that was two weeks ago. Because some of my dreams have said to me, Rico was reminding me that he needed to say, “thank you for visiting me. Please visit me again in my birthday.” It was because I went there alone last month. And that was February 10, 2013, Sunday morning. I’ve lasted for around 45 minutes. I put down some two candles and prayed over him about 15 minutes rosary. Then later, I was telling what it was going on my life right now.


Then at the back of my head, I was telling him, “I will visit you next time.” That next time was his birthday. And that was last Thursday, March 14, 2013, the fruitful first visit in his birthday. Because of the firsts became my first visit in his birthday. I gave him whole day just to think of him and speak of him. I’ve spent two or maybe one and a half hour just talking to her. I also brought candles again and lighted them up. And I prayed a fifteen minutes rosary for him. Just a strange white thin compound air or white gust quick flash light appeared in my face. Then I’ve been realized there was no white butterflies anywhere. And I thought it was really of him. He made me thinking of him again. In my thoughts, he have been said again, “thank you for visiting me. Please bring some of your closest friends and I will return some blessings to you.”


Quite amazing. But somehow it didn’t click my thoughts. So at the back of my head again telling me, I’ve been dreaming of him again. Last March 1, 2013, I went to Enchanted prom night. And it was so memorable prom I’ve ever been experienced. That girl was the same lineage where Juan Luna and Antonio Luna was in the lineage, the famous historic names in the Philippines. So I’ve guessed it was right. And I’ve asked her the right question. During that night, I’ve said to Rico Yan, “thank you for bringing me to this wonderful association. It made me clearer one step at a time to become one of the artists just like you, Rico.” So the next day, I’ve asked my mom if I can go to his place in his birthday. And I did.


I went home sailing in my mind and dreaming of him once again. If there was a chance to visit him again, I would probably go to visit him again. Countless times and countless days are the moment to remember.


March 14, 2013. Thursday. His birthday. And I would probably not write this if I am not stronger to become a perfect human. Well, not as a perfect human, but I am doing this on my own. I am fixing my life from the scratch to the top of my success story. Believe me if I am wrong. He once said to my dream sequences, “John Paul, I am proud of you of being standing out of your own. You did your all expectations this year. You proved to everybody that you are the perfect example person somebody have to look on. If you are following me, allow me to say this. You will go there in your dreams just like I do in my years in showbiz years. Just believe in your dreams. If you are still following your dreams, follow in your heart. People are sometimes in the world of entertainment industry will look to you as a perfect example. And perfect example that will change the government and the entertainment industry around the world.” After he said it to me, I’ve becoming thinking clearly at the back of my head.


When will I become an artist to hone of my talents in acting? Of course, I love music. I write my own songs. Sometimes I write for the artist who can interpret my lyrics. When I heard the Himig Handog music contest, I almost lost my way but I didn’t want to have affected to me. There will be more distractions along the way on my road. Distractions somehow are the big examples of challenges I will confront later in my life chapters. And I’ve still remember my first huge crush, Antoinette Taus. If you are reading my article, Antoinette, I would hoping to meet you someday. It was when I saw you in Thai restaurant in Katipunan area. And I don’t have guts back then. This time or somehow, someday I will meet you. And of course, my ultimate celebrity crush today is Toni Gonzaga. I really love her. Although I’ve met some artists before from Nikki Valdez, Giselle Toengi and among others I’ve seen it already.


This sign for you, Rico, I would dedicate my article just to share to my fellow readers and followers. And I hope we will meet in eternity life. Thank you for compromising me to become success someday. And this is where I must to say goodbye for now in this article. And I write again in next topic.

Celebrity crushes

Somehow I get a little information about the girl I really fall in love. Maybe one or two I might get a guess. But to tell you the truth honestly, I have a celebrity crushes before. My first celebrity crush way back when I was in elementary days was none other than, Antoinette Taus. Of course, it is good that you really look for the girl you really want to see her personally. But it takes guts and somehow I lose the way to get a chance to have conversation with Antoinette Taus. Both of us were Montessorians. But Antoinette back before was attending OB Montessori in San Juan. And I was attending Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo or simply called as MISA. It was that name before, but it stood out the name without the Antipolo word. Now it is called as Montessori Integrated School or in short as MIS. Looks like I am having a hard time looking for my background. But then again, this was called about me and my celebrity crushes.


Yes, I did have two dozen crushes before from elementary until college with a numerous crushes I have had hidden in my privacy life. Well I don’t want to spill the names. Someone will get hurt, someone will get personally to mention the crushes I have. Personally in my life got nothing to be achieved. Somehow I always got hurt when somebody knew about this. Yes, I got hurt someone’s else also. But honestly, they were happily for now.


After I have graduated from the school I’ve been attended in MISA, children of Francis Magalona was enrolled in the same school I was attending to. Name four of his children today were famous today. They were Maxene Magalona, Saab Magalona, Frank Magalona and Elmo Magalona. Both boys were good in singing like their father was. And Saab did have the same birthday with Maxene. And I was mentioning them in my school before I was attending. Honestly, I really didn’t know Maxene’s siblings before until today I knew already.


Back to the topic I was mentioning Antoinette, I firstly saw her before during my college. Both of us were graduating the same year of 2000. And I didn’t know that she was attending Ateneo de Manila University in Katipunan area. Barely I knew about her, to tell you the truth, it was the same fate I saw her. It was all because it happened so fast. I was having a lunch in Pad Thai restaurant behind the Shakey’s restaurant in Katipunan area. Little I knew, I saw her across about two tables away. She was so beautiful personally, but I didn’t get a chance to ask her politely or asked for her autograph. During before, the cellphone wasn’t introduced in the society. Only some in the society have had less in the population having a cellphone during the year I was attending college. So I decided to keep it myself. Maybe a little less knew in my life that I saw an actress before. Then it was a reality when you were out of high school years.


I’ve had been in Antipolo for 11 years of studying from elementary and high school. Although it wasn’t hard or easy for me, it was easily that I have coped with my problems. I didn’t know much of reality before. Because I have had in my mind I was in 6th grade graduating for 3rd commencement exercises in 1994. Well a few notices changed so fast, I got a little incident about this. I was bumped by this jeepney breaking a little in my shoulder joint. Then after that, I wasn’t able to move or enrolled to another school. None of the public schools before have had 7th grade. I was the last and only 7th grader in elementary. All of my classmates were all 6th graders. I was a little bit surprised that I have had advantages from them. Knowing that I repeatedly studying the same subjects I have had it before. So much to say and so much to express were all the advantages before. The disadvantages in reality, all public schools here in the Philippines surprisingly don’t have 7th grade.


What are the disadvantages? It’s literally simple and precisely argument among the families here in the Philippines. Not all families can’t afford to have children studying in 7th grade, so instead jumping to high school. Just like an intelligent student was accelerated. Even so, they don’t have disadvantages.


And the advantages, what are the qualities students looking for the school? It’s more of education in the country. Now the government were acting to have the K-12 education. Not all schools can adapt that. For me, it was more than you were keeping ready to study before entering the high school. That’s the advantage for me, and I can’t argue for other student body that is. Because normally, I have curious study of being having with Down syndrome. And I’ve accepted the truth. Accepting for itself welcomes the society makes so easy staying in positivity.


I was saying a little more of an introduction about Antoinette Taus. She was in the year I was in. 1981. She was a Virgo and I was between in Aquarius and Pisces. It was a little less or more having you to introduce her. And yes, the last time I saw her around was in The Voice singing talent-show.


Moving fast-forward in the a little early of 2000’s, I have had a little crushes back when I was in college. They were Danica Sotto and Nina Girado, the soul siren. Danica and I went to same school attending to the culinary school in Katipunan, it was Center for Culinary Arts, or in short CCA. But it was short back then when we were together. I got ahead graduating in culinary school and Danica graduated. So much to say or something I really didn’t remember anything. And Nina Girado, she was in Katipunan area before. She was attending in Miriam College she was studying. I saw her too back then. But the society in Katipunan area leveled me up. What I mean was a little introduction in a reality. And I was curious what I was thinking at the back of my head.


After a year I graduated from the culinary school, I felt depleted or nothing to feels empty to be inspired of. I have had no current celebrity crush in the years I was not in the mood. It was depressing years. From 2004 to 2009, I was a little in stage of frustration, depression and a mixed of little emotions I have had. Maybe a little social anxiety have stopped me there. I wasn’t in the mood not working anymore in my culinary experiences. I have stopped practicing I have skills in culinary. Instead, I got more addicted more in computer. I little did more interested in drawing and writing. Somehow I lost in my tracks thinking if I was able to go back what I was doing in my life. Then a little television addict came into my life that was started five years ago. It was 2008. Back then, I was also lost somewhere in that middle of the year 2008. I was now focus in drawing and writing. I thought writing makes me different. And at the back of my head, I saw a beautiful multi-media artist, Toni Gonzaga. Her skills into hosting, singing and acting made her different other than artists in the entertainment industry. And I got an awesome taste of her. It was beginning that I really liked her.


Well I really didn’t have much of her music studio albums. Only two studio albums I have had it before. It was Nikki Valdez and Antoinette Taus. Two of them were my crushes. Well of course, I got a chance having a taste to have autograph with Nikki Valdez. She was also in singing. What makes it different? I like girls who are in singing or acting in the same of the entertainment industry. Even so, I like more girls who were not so seriously. But Nikki almost left in the showbiz because she was married to the man she loved. That was why even a little fading away like a autumn passing through another season. Toni is a total package I want it having an autograph with her and also having with a photograph. I saw numerous celebrities before. But I was shocked when I saw big names like John Lloyd Cruz, Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista, Senator Jinggoy Estrada, Danny Javier and among others. Of course, Danny Javier was related in our family tree. Danny was my father’s first cousin. So much to speak, but to tell you the truth honestly, some of my lineage in my father’s side was getting to know importantly. Not that I knew Mark Bautista, Dingdong Avanzado and Pilar Pilapil were among my relatives in my father’s lineage of huge clan we have had.


I guessed I have had my emotional sides again. With mixed reactions I have right now is unquestionable. And of course, it was my first time I have paid my first visit to one of my huge inspirations was none other, Rico Yan. I have visited him last October 2012. And little I knew about him, I also knew him for a long time. Since the beginning he have had huge commercial he was in, I began let my mom to buy me that product. And of course, I got excited to use the product. And at the end of the long run, he became my huge inspiration after he died in Los Palmas in the day of Good Friday, 2002. It is exactly 11 years for now. And everyone are planning to celebrate Rico’s birthday on March 14, and the day he died on March 29. And it is Good Friday again for this year. I became shocked and grief having hearing him died. And the part of my life became torn and depressed. But life has to move on although he is already gone.


Back to the topics of celebrity crushes I am saying, Toni is now my ultimate celebrity crush. Every time I see her in commercial, it is more than asking her to go out with me although she is engage with Director Paul Soriano. Well, it takes many years achieving a goal marrying your partner. Being having a celebrity status sometimes takes a hiatus. Some of celebrity I know have hiatus already. I become too much obsess wanting to work with the entertainment industry as an actor, a dancer or something else I want to work related in entertainment industry. Right now, I am doing the same thing I am used loving from my heart as a writer, a poet and a justified citizen listening to the government and topics under the clouds, a limitless.


Aside Toni Gonzaga I have celebrity crushes for today’s generation, they are Julia Montes, Anne Curtis and Angelica Panganiban. Hahaha, that is not perfect for me waiting patiently when I will be marrying a partner in the future. Because despite having Down syndrome doesn’t stop me there. I don’t want to hide anymore but to accept it whole-heartedly. And it might come for me a big break in the future. It is that they are beautiful humans in the human society. And the human society is a perfect conversation to talk about but not having to create an issue. Making an issue breaks gently as a controversial issue. Hmm, if it makes true for that. In my conditions, somehow a little road for me is waiting patiently where I can find a suitable partner for me. Because I believe someday a time will calling me to marry a girl for me. And I am not in a hurry to get a partner in my life. So much to say and so much to ask doesn’t respond me there, but normally it is who you are and the character you are right now.


Among the new shows I watch in a television for now are May Isang Pangarap, Kahit Konting Pagtingin, Juan Dela Cruz, Ina Kapatid Anak and Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw in the afternoon and night respectively in the channel shows I am watching. And starting on Monday, the new show Apoy Sa Dagat will starting right after Ina Kapatid Anak. And of course, the well-most loved series I always watched was Be Careful With My Heart. The synopsis I am writing about Be Careful With My Heart is still unfinished because the loved program I am watching is still on the run. Hopefully Sir Chief and Maya will get married soon. Because I am waiting Sir Chief will have a chance to kiss Maya’s hand to kiss or in the cheeks, or the most I want it to be happen is a kiss in lips. That is exactly what I have in my mind. Jodi Santa Maria is playing her character as Maya and Richard Yap is the leading man in the longest running daytime morning series Be Careful With My Heart series as Richard. And the climax is not still there. Because when the climax reaches, that’s the end of the story in the end.


I don’t know about within the cast I know in ABS-CBN. Since the part of my life before was all shows watching from my childhood. The only shows I was watching before was less in the defunct name of ABC-5 (now as TV-5 that Manny Pangilinan bought the network) and GMA-7. It was Love Stories in ABC-5 and cartoon shows in GMA-7 I only watched it before. And the starting point gives me turning around is Channel 2 or also known as ABS-CBN I’ve been watching for a long time in my life. Although I knew little names in GMA-7 were my friends working already in GMA-7 network or sister companies that network bought and built. But I won’t name them here in my article I am writing about my celebrity crushes.

Toni Gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga

Celestine Cruz Gonzaga or also known as Toni Gonzaga we all know her. Toni is born on January 20, 1984. Three years I was here in the world already, then she came along. I’ve never thought that I could been falling in love of her. She is powerless of her singing sensation and beauty. She was in the ABS-CBN since 2005. I’ve spotted her beauty. Then I realized the moment I gazed her, her eyes, her lips and anyway, this article is about her. It’s just main introduction I’ve made up to her. Hahaha!


Toni has a sister and it was Alex Gonzaga or Catherine Cruz Gonzaga in real life. Alex was in the TV5 network. But Toni was working in GMA network before she came along in ABS-CBN giant network. Toni was first seen during Fernando Poe Jr. still living among us. She played as Angela Dimayuga in Pakners in FPJ Productions together with Fernando Poe Jr. and Efren “Bata” Reyes. She was playing as the daughter of Efren “Bata” Reyes in the movie in 2003. But before that, Toni was working already together with Bubble Gang cast in 1998 that still runs up to day. She left the GMA network to join in ABS-CBN giant network in the year of 2005. She did a lot of projects with GMA network: Maynila and Dear Mikee in 1999; Campus Romance, GMA Telecine Specials, May Himala were all in 2000; Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin in 2001; Eat Bulaga and SOP in 2002 up to 2005; Habang Kapiling Ka in 2002 to 2003; Love to Love: Duet for Love in 2004 and Bitoy’s Funniest Videos, S-Files, Lagot Ka, Isusumbong Kita all in 2004 to 2005. Toni once worked for Studio 23 with the show of Wazzup, Wazzup in 2004 to 2007. But eventually, she really moved in ABS-CBN giant network.


Throughout in 2005 up to the present, Toni holds the record doing projects in singing, acting and hosting among the shows in ABS-CBN. Along with her movie projects in Star Cinema were D’Anothers (together with Vhong Navarro released in July 27, 2005 playing Maan Tuken), You Are The One (released in August 30, 2006 playing Purita “Sally” Malasmas together with Sam Milby as her leading man), You Got Me! (released in February 28, 2007 playing together as Inspector Amore “Moe” Santander again with Sam Milby and Zanjoe Marudo as her both leading men), My Big Love (released in February 27, 2008 together again with Sam Milby for the third movie playing as Aira Capistrano and Kristine Hermosa), My Only U (released in October 29, 2008 together with leading man Vhong Navarro and playing as Winona Benigno Aunor), Ang Tanging Pamilya: A Marry Go Round (released in November 11, 2009 playing as Carlotta “Charlie” Sikat together with Joseph “Erap” Estrada, Ai Ai De Las Alas, Sam Milby “for the fourth time,” and Dionisia Pacquiao “yes, the only and one mother of boxing champion Manny Pacquiao”), My Amnesia Girl (released in November 24, 2010 playing as Irene Gallego together with John Lloyd Cruz for the first time), Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi (released in August 31, 2011 playing as Maribelle “Belay” Bautista together with Zanjoe Marudo for the second time, Eugene Domingo and Wendell Ramos) and This Guy’s in Love with U Mare! (released in October 10, 2012 playing as Gemma together with Vice Ganda and Luis Manzano).


Her top-grossing film she ever done was My Amnesia Girl grossing with 164.82 million in pesos. I think the film was more like 50 First Dates that star Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Both stories have the same elements but different stories. Drew’s character revolves around Adam’s character while John Lloyd’s character revolves around Toni’s character making the top-grossing film in the year of 2010.


Toni also did with hosting jobs in ABS-CBN such as Pinoy Big Brother (Pinoy Big Brother 1 released in August 21-December 10 in 2005, Celebrity Edition 1 in February 1-April 1 and Teen Edition 1 in April 23-June 3 in 2006, Pinoy Big Brother 2 in February 25-June 30 in 2007, Celebrity Edition 2 in October 14, 2007 to January 5, Teen Edition Plus in March 23-June 7 in 2008, Double Up in October 4, 2009 to February 13, 2010 Teen Clash 2010 in April 10-June 26 in 2010, Unlimited in October 29, 2011 to March 31 2012 and Teen Edition 4 in April 8-July 7, 2012), Entertainment Konek in 2005-2006, Gudtaym in 2006, Pinoy Dream Academy in 2006-2008, Entertainment Live in 2007-2010, Pilipinas, Game KNB in 2008, The Buzz in 2010-to present, SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) in 2010 and the last noontime show Happy, Yipee, Yehey in February 12, 2011 to February 4, 2012 that replaced by It’s Showtime.


She also did appearing in a couple television shows such as My Juan and Only in 2005-2006, Crazy For You, Bora, Komiks Episodes: Inday Bote, Ang Paa ni Isabella, Tiktik, Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko were all in 2006, Your Song Episode: I’ve Fallen in Love (2006), Annie Batungbakal (2006), Wishing Lampara (2007), Kasalanan Ko Ba (2007), What Are The Chances (2010), Love Spell: Barbi-Cute (2007), Lastikman (2007), Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik (2008), Precious Heart Romances Presents: Ang Lalaking Nagmamahal Sa Akin (2009) May Bukas Pa (2009), Maaalaala Mo Kaya Episodes: Pendant (2009) and Tropeo (2011), Kokey @ Ako (2010), Wansapanatym Episodes: Karina Karaton (2009), Witchy Mitch (2012), Hannah Panahon (2012), Amanda’s Da Man (2012) and IncrediBelle (2012) and Toda Max (2012).


Aside from singing, hosting and acting Toni did for her credits, she added in her modeling and appeared in Cosmopolitan in February 2005, December 2006 and July 2011, Uno in February 2007, Girlfriend in April 2007, Chalk in June 2008, Star Studio in June 2008 and February 2011, Meg in August 2008 and April 2012, Speed in February 2009 and March 2011, Health Today in October 2010, Preview in April 2011, Yes in May 2011, Total Fitness in July 2011 and Women’s Health in July 2012.


Her singing sensation began and released in 2001 as the self-titled studio album, Toni: You Complete Me in August 26, 2006, Falling In Love in June 18, 2007, Love Is… in July 1, 2008, Love Duets (with Sam Milby) in February 20, 2009, All Me in July 16, 2010 and T-Zone in 2012. She also held 8 concerts in February 9, 2008, May 2, 2008, August 21, 2009, September 18, 2009, October 16 and October 30, 2009, February 26 & 27, 2010 and September 30, 2011.


(Credited in Wikipedia)

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