During the year of 1981, there is really many changes in the world, where Pope John Paul II paid his first visit here in the Philippines on 17th to 21st of February 1981. In United States where Ronald Reagan became the 40th president of the United States of America or USA. Boston Celtics bagged 14th championship title with the key players of Larry Bird, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. Major League Baseball on the other hand went for the strike on 12th of June 1981. Then also in the year of 1981, MTV came in our world that created on the day of 1st day of August 1981. There were all reports I have read in the whole internet earlier.


But in the same way, I came in the world on 19th of February during the same year he paid for his first visit. My nickname was chosen when Pope John Paul II was around that time. I’ve never knew that before. So here and now, the world was already changed. The technology came in our lives, the generation changed and the life well was also changed somehow. This is how I look to the promising career I have. I don’t want to be pretending what I want to be, but to look forward where I can accomplish my goals.


Few years back then, I still didn’t accept myself as a down syndrome I have and how I became looking like this in the present times. To have down syndrome was very hard to accept during that time. My schoolmates and some of my classmates teased me a lot that time where and when I wasn’t in myself. I am born not knowing what I have before. I said to myself if this was real or not. That is when I was in second year (or sophomore year that was supposed to be call), I have realized something my parents didn’t tell me during the time I have had in my mind absence that includes also my sisters and my brother. I didn’t know with my brother either that well because somehow he didn’t understand my life back then. He didn’t know me well that much. I had finished my culinary status during my college life in the year of 2003.


I sought myself before too much of distraction that sometimes it became a blur to me. I can’t imagined how my life looks like before and how many times I changed so fast after my college years. And yes, the college was very tough situation. No one wants in my age that time to really manage finishing your college to be your career. And I know I feel somebody to stand in your feet. Starting to look in the mirror makes me weary and crazy sometimes. My simples just showed up if I was in love or stress at night. In my life, I have something to change. Challenges juggles me all the time up to now. But keep forwarding is sometimes very hard to reach because you don’t know the future lies on you. Nothing stops me for thinking what I am writing today because it’s already past midnight and I should go to sleep by now.


So maybe if you want to know my life diary what it is looks like, then continue to read it when I post another life diary I have whether it is emotional or not.