live thirty one years from now. From where I stand, I am probably telling myself that I am proud of what I accomplish today. Just away from 249 days, I will be turning year old again. But then again, I always cherish what I have. There are many problems I have encountered in the past of which I don’t accept myself as a different person.


In the beginning of the year I lived around two years old, my parents said if there is anything they could do for me. They went to the children hospital just for me. My sisters were nothing there but to pray that I was safe. I didn’t walk that time, but I can walk. Maybe it is nothing to do with my improvements today. I can speak so fast today what others cannot do. I live as a different person than rather living with other normal people. I envy many people that time.


Live life peacefully then your plans will flow positively.


Then the rebellion came into my life after college years. I am so desperate where I could go run and live as normal as everybody else. But when I go deep down in my life, I am always looking myself what others don’t have. But when I look few normal people, I am quite shock in my life. Thank God that He gave me this life I love. I don’t see negative sides in many ways, but I always believe that there are so many positive signs in the life. Things like people in the road want you to go wrong in your life, but please remember when you are in the road, believe in your faith and hope.


Back where I started in the beginning humble years, I remembered how much I was happy back then until now. Maybe that is why God gives me so many hope in my life. When I am lost somehow, He gives me light so I can see my family. My three sisters, two of them are older than me and one is younger than me. I felt in my years that I am so happy. But many ways I look so lonely that deeper inside of me will walk in to the lives. I can barely miss out of my miserable life.


Ask God for your prayers and He will guide you in a better life.


When I was still in high school, that was the during time I always memorized all the subjects I loved from Science, Arts, Music, History and Literature. I am so amazed that time. I can do anything I want while few of us managed to love in their lives. My friend during the time is a basketball player became a freelance photographer that he is now today. Maybe the fame couldn’t get to many people they want to be famous. For me to be as famous person, you do have to be humble all the time. That is the time God will reward your positive life. You don’t want to speed your life to be famous as a nick of time. I always talk myself in the mirror. Maybe my charisma charms my smile. And that smile will melt your sadness away. Maybe some other people feels that way.


During my college years, I challenged myself if I can finish the college certificate in culinary arts. I wasn’t myself during my first year of stay. Of course, I leave on absence that time for about eight (8) months. Then after that, I strengthen myself that I can do this with this positive life. I managed to finish the college certificate with the help and support from my parents. Then it came another challenge, the digital arts course I always want to achieve. I love literature and arts until now. Maybe I cannot finish all the way, but I always believe myself that I can still manage to get certificate in digital arts. Then I can prove people that you have to be stronger person.


Be a positive always in your life when you know you believe yourself.


Today, I accept finally myself as a different person (down syndrome). In the many years to come in my life, I ask myself to God to give me more years to come. Years that I still want more to achieve and to help other special needs just like me. I can be instrument to anybody lives. But asking from that, I have to ask myself if I can do a big help for many parents they have special children. This is a big task I can do in my life.