There is always a new height of new achievement. But sometimes there is always a pending dream still on your way to achieve. Looking forward to a pending dream somehow stop me for a while. I know it’s kind of hard. All the hardest part you always work for sometimes it falls to your knees. Well it somehow gets on a wrong turn.


I see a lot of positive sides of this year of 2014. I got my new barangay clearance and a cedula. And I am still way waiting for my renewed NBI clearance to get it on a few days left. It is somehow getting me stuck on my work. This work as an assistant teacher is really below the minimum salary I could get. But the experience gets me a roller coaster. Somehow I can’t imagine how things should not be lighter or heavier. It never breaks in the bank at the back of my head although it says to my mind that I should get another business, or an extra income, or to get another job perhaps.


2014 is always a new door for me. And I was starting to get on try-out practice last three weeks ago in bowling and cricket training. The first sport I’ve had trying on bowling was okay. But the bowling for me costed me highly not anticipating on my wallet. It really costed me that much aside from the golf I’ve always want to go back also. Because on my age, I should be now practicing my diet into maximizing exercise where I can get physical practice. But on the other side, cricket training was one tough ball-and-bat game like one in baseball or softball games.


Then another came to my place. It was one my closest to my dreams I should save more money for my own business in the future. Getting to open a new bank account as soon my financial basis is above 30 minimum or to 50, maximum already. Sooner or later, I should make more photo messages, create more greeting cards, quote books, make more a lot money from my freshest ideas. No one should get to my imagination but I am. Because on the way to my wildest dreams is getting on entertainment industry.


Entertainment industry is closer one of my goals as to film-making, animating, getting a new line of business or to create more stories as well for either television series, movies or in animation too. But so far, this is one I’ve been looking for a new heights.


And I can’t imagine how closer I am to, or maybe I am too curious what I am doing right now assisting children at the school where I am enjoying to my status to my work. But the problems are getting bigger. The financial problems are still on my shoulders. The expenses are also there. Maximize my potential skills are somehow exercising me as well. Maybe I should start to get on my own capital from my cellphone loading business to create another capital. But it seems reckless to me. Should I get to take a risk? Or should I not to get a risk? Somehow I always tell myself that my birthday is getting nearer and nearer. And I’m also getting old.


I’ve been locked to my wildest dreams up to now whether I like to go in or go out chasing another unexpected dream to create more financial basis. Hmm…it’s really hard to expect from me or to anybody else. And also speaking for entertainment industry, I should be saving also to build my own house in the future. I might want to hold on my wildest dreams just to enjoy what I am doing right now at the school where I am working.


Right now, I am planning to retire at least the age of 55. And I am starting to plan make business as late or make it worse it can happen in scenario. But the hindrance being having with Down syndrome is not labeling me anymore. I should be act like a normal person looking forward to a new heights.


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