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From bitterness to brightness, better life without a relationship


From bitterness to brightness


I’ve been in denial stage before. But now I overcome my bitterness days that is becoming to brightness today.


What is bitterness days you’ve?


I have bitterness days before. It was complicated. And I couldn’t tell what I should start from the beginning. It has something that I can’t change for what I am today.


Tell me about yourself in your present times. What is your work? What do you do the most for 2014?


I am working as an assistant teacher. And I almost love my work because I am committed to work with my bosses. My children are my life. They are the ones who bring me happiness the most of my centered life today. And for 2014, I want to do something bigger opportunities ahead of me. And I wish something bigger opportunities would come and I will grab it.


Better life without a relationship


If you can imagine yourself having with someone you really want to love for, it is something you can exchange back with your decision and what leaves you behind.


What is your better life without a relationship?


I have better life today. Now because I don’t have a girlfriend. But I am committed to my work as an assistant teacher and helping out the school needs even I don’t have a girlfriend today.


Would you have a girlfriend today?


No, I would not dare to excuse myself to have a girlfriend today.


Tell me about yourself what happened between you and your girlfriend. And what do you need the girls to know about you?


I have my girlfriend before. My first girlfriend. And I thought it was only a fling to me. My girlfriend and I’ve had similarities. But over some things, we could argue about only her. She couldn’t change herself much when the times needed. To overreact those small things, she would rather rule out what is good and what is bad. To tell you the truth honestly, I almost didn’t tell her that I still love her until today. But she has a boyfriend already. She can exchange me totally from anybody else. We were in the same age. But somehow, I almost lost count how many times I fell for her. And the girls have to know what is all about me. They have to know about me personally inside and out. I don’t care what their looks are as long they have beautiful soul inside and out. And the only thing I like from the girls are being simple, be open-minded, always speak out from her emotions, carries her emotion to open-minded and has not to be a liar. I could tell a girl if she is lying to me. Because I have intentionally feel something strange from a girl.


If you are ready to commit have a girlfriend today, would you marry her? Explain and why.


Yes, I would marry her. I am right condition to marry her even both parties from her side and my side would say yes. Then we would continue marrying to a fruitful life of relationship.


Have you dating someone else?




One last question. If there is some you really love yourself, you really decide what you love the most. But the regret is that you don’t achieve that first, because you almost wreck your limitations. But you already fall in love. Would you still regretting the matter even if you fall in love to somebody else? And why?


Maybe if I am regretting the matters because I already have to decide what leaves me the most. I would rather not to give my love life for something I am falling for. But in return, my relationship with her would do something to exchange to a better team. Better team means that I should build my relationship level with her, build my own family and live the utmost life we have. And I almost not to decide because the regrets would not matter to me anymore. Because she is all that it is important to me now.


How sweet you are. This man with Down syndrome is still single. And I hope you find some girl out there exclaiming how gentle and how sweet words you will explain. In this article of Fruitful of Happiness, I’m your host for the day and have a nice wonderful day to all of you and see you in a next article.


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