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What is it taking to have a new life? Is it possible to tell a new life? How about turning back and redo all the things I’ve been asking? It was not usually that have been passed already to me. So I really gather how to put these things straight. When my life started working before, I was feeling guilty, loveless, anger and frustrated. New things have been passed throughout my life. But nevertheless I felt nothing. It felt my shameful from the beginning.


That was the time when I’ve had with my first experience to have a girlfriend. But it flew away from me like a piece of paper written down full of I LOVE YOU, SWEETHEART or something that bothered me from the beginning. The paper I threw it out from my pocket and trashed it already inside the garbage bin. New life has created. And new evidence has turned out good. Good beginnings created new humble beginnings. From where I stood when I was holding from my two hands, I felt from my feet that was shivering from my bones. I thought it was already too late. But it never felt me that wasn’t good. It always crossed me inside of my head.


The first girlfriend I’ve had experiencing with, I gave up and have to obey my the rules and regulations. And I’ve returned to single hood again. To think that I was supposed to satisfy my life back then, it was crucial at that moment. And that moment stole my life to have a meaningful way. But those kind of words never dealt me the same way. And I will tell you what I’ve been doing from the start I am doing.


This is about my story. And the story has greater possibilities in life:


“In the third week of May, 20th day of May, I was invited to see Nick Vujicic in SM Mall of Asia music hall when DSAPI held the invitations for those who just came and saw the event. It was real when disabilities were united as one. But from where I heard from Nick’s voice, my head tilted and said, ‘you must confirm all the greatness of your life, don’t be afraid of who you are. Get out from the shadow and start again from when you are born.‘ And yes, I proved all the possibilities in life was dreaming positive and drew out from my aura that I would do it. And so the next day came, 21st day of May, I went somewhere to have walk-in to apply. It was humid. And I felt something the sun coming inside of my body. So I went instead the classroom instead the office where I went in Cainta Greenpark Village for the first time.


When the glimpse of young man married in his early of his 30’s got a chance seeing me in a nice outfit, I came upon seeing two female teachers and one who had became an assistant to them. And upon he said to me, ‘return the day when we call you.‘ When he said that, I wasn’t confirming that I was applied for any positions. Then the next two days, I went to SM Megamall when the job fair held for various jobs that you want to seek. And so I applied two call center positions for tech support and one position in Manila Bulletin for being as a writer or a graphic artist. The next moment I feel was my intuitions. It would became easy for me if that walk-in apply would be best for me. But it never crossed to my mind. And I said and asked myself, ‘what if I never want this life before, I could redo this before having to look for a job.‘ But it was my instincts.


Five days later, a humid morning although I was playing an old facebook application game called Farm Town. It was 10:30 in the morning. The sun barely wanted to touch my skin and my head spilled from one moment, it was already the time when someone called from my cellphone. And when it rang, I suddenly picked up and answered and said, ‘who is this in the line please?‘ It was a sudden pressure from my chills to my bones. It was something I felt the past week. It was my intuitions again. And so the call said that I’ve had to go to my appointment interview around 1 in the afternoon. I set up a time. I didn’t get bath in time yet. I was smelling like you don’t want to smell me for. So after the game I finished, I hurriedly got a bath, dressed up quickly in my neat and tidy clothes and left the house around 12 past in the afternoon.


When I came around 12:45 in the afternoon in the office, I felt nervousness. The air conditioner felt nothing for me because I came from scorching sun that wants to melt me away. One looking good looking guy with eyeglasses dressing up like a professional came to me and said, ‘are you here looking to apply?‘ And then I’ve answered, ‘yes.‘ For the moment he gazed from the clothes I was wearing, he came off the place I supposed to have interviewing me. And as I thought, I’ve had the feeling that I wasn’t able to get a job right away. My intuitions got me wrong. But when he came back and said, ‘come around and take a look inside the classroom.‘ I got off from my chair sitting with nervousness written in my face. And I came off going with him to the classroom across from another building we would go.


As I started walking inside the classroom, he started talking to me again and said, ‘well, we need you to have it here. What position do you want?‘ He asked me again with a quick question. Did I get a job right away? I was obviously hinting the answer saying no I can’t have a job right away. But the intuitions said it was yes. It got me a job. And I’ve started to say my answer and said, ‘anything you could me offer me a position, I can do it properly and learn how to do it.‘ I’ve answered my smart thoughts clearly at the back of my head. And he was amazed from ideas and said, ‘that would be great. The teacher needs you to have an assistant in the afternoon, you can be a sped assistant teacher.‘ To think out of my mind, I was quickly noticing it that they were welcoming me.”


It finally paved way another chapter of my life, a new job, a new career and a best move to conquer my loneliness after I broke up with my girlfriend some few days ago. It was then I realized the faithful day chosen me to have a new job. And this was the tale of assistant teacher who never got wrong from his intuitions. His intuitions always served it right and it proved yes all the time.


The conclusion was already over. This Assistant’s corner: The tale of assistant teacher was the last page of this series. Although it got me a fourth job in my resume, it added a wonderful career that set good examples, courage and perseverance looking for a good job. The fifth job is coming on the month of May. This has something that sets me a good life with a new beginning again.


New beginning creates a path of courage, perseverance, honest and positivity life I always have. Setting a good life means a lot to me. Setting a goal is something that I always want to have new chapter. And it always have the meaningful way. From Assistant’s desk to Assistant’s corner, this has simultaneously written in different months that was started on August 2013 and it ended this month of April 2014. From cover to cover, it has 17 different pages and different filled in blank pages. I thought I would never come up with this series, but it did with a positive life.


Looking for a brighter future comes with full of integrity. Full of integrity comes my passion. And passion creates new vision of beginnings. And beginning is always has the same knowledge written in one word – positive.


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Page Seven

From bitterness to brightness, better life without a relationship


From bitterness to brightness


I’ve been in denial stage before. But now I overcome my bitterness days that is becoming to brightness today.


What is bitterness days you’ve?


I have bitterness days before. It was complicated. And I couldn’t tell what I should start from the beginning. It has something that I can’t change for what I am today.


Tell me about yourself in your present times. What is your work? What do you do the most for 2014?


I am working as an assistant teacher. And I almost love my work because I am committed to work with my bosses. My children are my life. They are the ones who bring me happiness the most of my centered life today. And for 2014, I want to do something bigger opportunities ahead of me. And I wish something bigger opportunities would come and I will grab it.


Better life without a relationship


If you can imagine yourself having with someone you really want to love for, it is something you can exchange back with your decision and what leaves you behind.


What is your better life without a relationship?


I have better life today. Now because I don’t have a girlfriend. But I am committed to my work as an assistant teacher and helping out the school needs even I don’t have a girlfriend today.


Would you have a girlfriend today?


No, I would not dare to excuse myself to have a girlfriend today.


Tell me about yourself what happened between you and your girlfriend. And what do you need the girls to know about you?


I have my girlfriend before. My first girlfriend. And I thought it was only a fling to me. My girlfriend and I’ve had similarities. But over some things, we could argue about only her. She couldn’t change herself much when the times needed. To overreact those small things, she would rather rule out what is good and what is bad. To tell you the truth honestly, I almost didn’t tell her that I still love her until today. But she has a boyfriend already. She can exchange me totally from anybody else. We were in the same age. But somehow, I almost lost count how many times I fell for her. And the girls have to know what is all about me. They have to know about me personally inside and out. I don’t care what their looks are as long they have beautiful soul inside and out. And the only thing I like from the girls are being simple, be open-minded, always speak out from her emotions, carries her emotion to open-minded and has not to be a liar. I could tell a girl if she is lying to me. Because I have intentionally feel something strange from a girl.


If you are ready to commit have a girlfriend today, would you marry her? Explain and why.


Yes, I would marry her. I am right condition to marry her even both parties from her side and my side would say yes. Then we would continue marrying to a fruitful life of relationship.


Have you dating someone else?




One last question. If there is some you really love yourself, you really decide what you love the most. But the regret is that you don’t achieve that first, because you almost wreck your limitations. But you already fall in love. Would you still regretting the matter even if you fall in love to somebody else? And why?


Maybe if I am regretting the matters because I already have to decide what leaves me the most. I would rather not to give my love life for something I am falling for. But in return, my relationship with her would do something to exchange to a better team. Better team means that I should build my relationship level with her, build my own family and live the utmost life we have. And I almost not to decide because the regrets would not matter to me anymore. Because she is all that it is important to me now.


How sweet you are. This man with Down syndrome is still single. And I hope you find some girl out there exclaiming how gentle and how sweet words you will explain. In this article of Fruitful of Happiness, I’m your host for the day and have a nice wonderful day to all of you and see you in a next article.


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If there was no success, there was no overnight of dreaming for success.


This is a year-end special article all about me from the beginning of 2013 until this month of December. What can you do for success if you can do for your hardworking? Yes, then you have to believe in yourself and not anybody could replace but your story as well is deserving more.


Let me rewind you to the past of January 2013 where I tell my story:


Starting from January 2013:

Applying requirements, joining advocacy in special education


This month was my success getting my second NBI clearance for my future employment. But I was planning to think which job would prefer to get me on the first place. Should I continue get a career ahead for call center career? Or should I continue where I start in my culinary career? My place for a job seeking opportunities was ahead for me already. But to think of it at the back of my head, I should scratch for all job descriptions: animator, writer, chef / cook, call center or entertainment industry. There were all my opportunities which one I should prefer.


After two weeks of January, my parents forced to apply for my passport alone. And so I did applying for passport applications. But the requirements narrowed down to my plans: NBI clearance, police clearance and passport. All of my validation identifications were been shown off for my next plan: get a job ahead before going to Toronto in September.


I did all my requirements doing my job applications. But the questionable was getting where I should start. So I joined supporting Angels Walk 2013, where I also joined the side of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI, where a thousand of autism groups and various schools also have joined the said event in Mall of Asia, Music Hall in Pasay City. This was the 24th Angels Walk for ASP or Autism Society of the Philippines who parents, educators, students and thousand of autism angels were there for the said event. And I was happy supporting for their group.


All of my happiness poured down my promising career: writing while getting a job or writing when I’m already in success.


February 2013:

2nd Happy Walk, celebrating month, Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness


This month was also my big celebration and my promising birthdays to come in many years. So to said, but it was also an excitement for every words I will write. But the success wasn’t over. So I joined the 21st Happy Walk in The Block, SM North EDSA in Quezon City of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI awareness event.


My blessings poured down to my birthday month, my birth month of February. I still clearly remembered when Pope John Paul II came to Manila for the first time 32 years ago. I was born on 19th of February, the day when Pope John Paul II was having a mass in Quezon Memorial Center, Quezon City. So the history said it was from February 17-21 when Pope John Paul II’s visit in Manila. So that explained how the world was looking for Pope John Paul II for his papal sainthood.


And it was also for Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness event for the whole nation. My dad first joined with me last year in 20th Happy Walk on the day of my birthday, 19th of February which it was introduced me to a few parents. And I met the couple, the children and their son with Down syndrome which it was the Lapena family. It was my first experience meeting with someone like me like Jeremy was, And I was happy that I joined the DSAPI family.


March 2013:

Applying for 1st PWD identification card, 3rd prom, meeting the showman of GMA channel


This was also the third month of my success. March has explained my various blessings I’ve done so far for this year of 2013. Because this was my first official that I’ve had my first PWD identification card or Persons With Disability. But that was when I’ve applied on 19th of March, a month after of my birthday. I chose the date because it was my first time applying for my PWD id.


Then it came before the application of PWD identification card was my third experience of prom date. And it was my first experience for having date with someone else and not from my relatives whom I really have had a good time. Guess what whom I dated with? It was Antonio and Juan Luna’s great granddaughter whom I dated with. And I was lucky to have date the famous Luna in the Philippines history. What I have to tell that I need to say? It was the best experience of prom date in my life.


And the first celebrity that I saw this year was none other of a famous showman in GMA channel, German Moreno. Kuya Germs when they said a name to him. And it was my pleasure to meet a person from a different channel. Because I was glued watching all ABS-CBN shows from morning to evening. But I didn’t notice that I can do it. And so my experience having a picture with him was a pleasure for me.


April-May 2013:

Depression looking for a job, first relationship, watched Nick Vujicic, looking for a job


This months of April and May of 2013 was a depression months for me. All I thought at the back of my head was either looking for a girlfriend or a job description unable to look for. But the words scripted from at the back of my head has said to me, “when can I start working so soon, so I could have a relationship with somebody else I really want to date with?” It was my first thoughts that crossed at the back of my head and without even noticing it, I looked depressed for a whole month.


After a month, I came to visit Rico Yan for a fourth time last 5th of May. Then it came upon that I met my first fling relationship with someone else. Two girls that I met. One of them was a former special education teacher and one of them was a housemaid who was working for taking care of a child and look taking care of the house. It crossed at the back of my head that I was first to say I’ve accepted her for having relationship with someone else. And she was the first person who asked my hand to have relationship with her. It is normally for a guy who is asking for a relationship to a girl. But the opposite came upon the two worlds between of us.


My ex-girlfriend and I were only lasted eight (8) days of relationship. And I was formerly taking off my relationship with her. But my heart felt for her so sorry. But at the end of the day, on the 20th of May, I watched Nick Vujicic’s concert also in Mall of Asia, Music Hall in Pasay City. It was my pleasure to have experience watching someone who was also have a disability. Nick Vujicic was born without limbs of arms and legs. And I have had my third inspiration coming from him.


Then after a day that my ex-girlfriend was formally underestimated in our relationship, I went anywhere near our village looking for a job. So I went for my first walk-in job inside of Cainta Greenpark Village that was also near my home in Cainta. And the interview wasn’t my first. But I did passing my first application resume to the employer. But my intentions came crossing thrice at the back of my head. I should also applied to other opportunities: writer in newspaper, call center job and entertainment industry job where I went to Megamall on 23rd of May. I sent many job applications to various employers from newspaper jobs, call center jobs and entertainment industry jobs as well.


Fews day after on 27th of May, the call was unexpected I’ve answered from my cellphone around 11 in the morning. The secretary have said that I have to come around 1 in the afternoon. So I changed myself in a better suit of applying a job. When I met two of my bosses before, I was nervous and feeling annoying on my first interview of the year. Then around after 15 to 20 minutes of waiting, one of two bosses interviewed me and I passed the interview evaluation.


For continuation of Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work in a next article, there will be a set of month stories to unfold for a second part of Year-End Special: Story about success, love life and work.


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Short speech from Itsmikki Studio link

(October 28, 2013 http://wwww.facebook.com/ItsmikkiStudio):

Seven years and seven months I went sacrifices along the way. I was sad that I didn’t have a real job that will describe me. Along the way, I’ve had three jobs before. None of them became long enough to take seriously. It was sacrifice I’ve made to choose. But sacrifices teach me how to carry your life. Maybe like Abraham Lincoln, he also made sacrifices. Like Albert Einstein, he also made sacrifices. Many scientists discovered nothing to have made new. And one chromosome teaches me how to carry is my sacrifice.


Lincoln have said, ‘four score and seven years ago,’ then I would have say the same thing. Seven years and seven months ago, I’ve had a greatest lesson to have made is to accept yourself. Choose one passion that you really have. And somehow along you way only chooses your path alone to have sacrifices. I may be not only one, but there is more chromosomes around the world aside from me.


Down syndrome is not a scientifically disease. It is a genetically disorder. Having with someone in your family with new chromosome teaches your life a new. And that new will teach your way to be stronger. And the mighty word I create is a big happiness. Why did I choose to be as not-a-perfect-writer? It is my passion. And I love to write in poetry before.


Now I love to write more in literature even better. I become of what I become today. Any other genetically disorder will be treating call as one of small priority group, a People With Disability. Like Nick Vujicic who don’t have limbs but he is still living actively with sacrifices. And sacrifices will teach your way to be strong. Strong enough to say that you are happy. Teach me how to get sacrifices. And that’s how I am today.



When I wrote this first, it came across in my mind. I didn’t know what to do. I, instead, did my brainstorming ideas. It was writing a new element across my facebook page and my blog site as well. It was just that I was using my blog traffic between social networks: facebook and wordpress. Well I got to say it wasn’t success, but it did.


Eventually, this idea came across tumbling after a hectic schedule I did with my school work. Yes, I was working as an assistant teacher. And being as an assistant teacher became my full-pledged working routine. I was able to comply from my boss’ orders. Then another across my mind, I did helping jobs across from room to room. I was challenging myself to clean the room, assisting special and regular children, helping the staff’s needs and providing the parents’ needs also to their children. I was happier to my working status.


Then from my ideas, I did increasing to do my photo messages from my blog site to my facebook page. It wasn’t my idea. It also chooses me. I don’t have photoshop in my Macintosh laptop, but instead, I studied how to use my new android phone. The settings had photo grid where all people gave their ideas to use for their another social network, instagram. Hmm, if I only bought my android phone before, then I would make more photo messages in the past. But it was my hardworking money when I bought my first cellphone android phone. And it was cool to buy my own stuff.




What is sacrifices to you?


Sacrifices can make anywhere you want, anyplace you want and anytime you need to buy some time. It takes time to heal. Somehow being as having with Down syndrome condition I have, it couldn’t matter to me anymore. Well, I guess there’s a space more in my brainstorming department.


Sacrifices is also made from experiences that you went through before. Whatever you made before, that was made you stronger. People always had failed to do their accomplishments, but on my part, I didn’t stop. I still continue what I start before. And that’s how it counts to impress.


What are your sacrifices?


My sacrifices came in shapes or accomplishments. It varies in many situations. I went experiences from bullying before. They were calling and chanting ‘sped’ name to me. And I was clueless before. When I found out I was in sophomore year in high school, then it was said that I went through experiences that before. So I claimed that was also part of sacrifices. My other sacrifices also came from denying my condition before. After with existence for 17 years, I found my condition that I’ve had Down syndrome. Then further in my life after 13 years, I’ve already accepted the challenge that I already had my condition better. And I said, sacrifices also made you stronger from my condition. People will follow me, listen to my stories and read my articles as well. In this part of my life journey, sacrifices like Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein would be even better. No matter who you are made to be, you are still that you are you. And you will tell them you’ve been through your sacrifices.


Did you have a girlfriend before? And did you sacrifice your relationship?


Yes. And it was made me even better. It only lasted 8 days relationship. It was tough between my ex-girlfriend and I. My parents didn’t like it when I’ve had my first relationship with my first ex-girlfriend. But it was tough when we separated. And until now, I’ve had claiming that we haven’t closure yet. We could go back together but it is hard to explain. People who have relationship in their partner is a struggle and sacrifice.


Did you have job experiences before? How many? And how did you sacrifice your job experiences?


Yes. It only counted four jobs including my present job as an assistant teacher. My three job experiences before only lasted around two to three months. It was hard and it was sacrifices. I did what I did in my job. But I found my happiness in my job description being as an assistant teacher. From being my profession in culinary, I shifted to digital career and then to being as an educator – as an assistant teacher.


Did you get more nightmares nowadays or dreams instead? How did you manage from your sacrifices?


Yes. I’ve had numerous nightmares before. But now instead of nightmares, I slept from my slumber sleeping good dreams. And that good dreams contradicted how many dream sequences that I’ve had now. And I went through sacrifices as well.


For further more questions, you can ask me by simply telling your questions and I will answer through my experiences. Or I will directly answer your questions in FAQs form. Just e-mail me at mikki.javier@yahoo.com or just go here on my studio site: itsmikki.wordpress.com to use commenting box. Just ask any questions.


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The Author 2

The Author 2

I find interesting some to write some new article this time. And how would I describe this? It’s inevitable when you find some good friends. But somehow along the road, I find so amusing in my life. Life fills my day. And day fills my hope, happiness and fruitfully. Nevertheless, my friends I have is still intact with me. Whenever I need them, I just call them.


Nineteen years to be exact before I found that I have Down syndrome. I was in sixth grade. My friends I used to have with them were still my friends. One of my friends in my peer became one of third gender, but I don’t want to ruin his name. He was still my friend. And other one of my friends found out that I have had a crush on her when we were in get together party. It was bad. It turned ugly. But still, I still found no reasons to friend with her again. She is still my friend although she knows already about me.


I’ve had few enemies but none of them became enemies in the end. All of them became my friends instead. How did I do it? The answer was that I didn’t know how I ended doing it. Creating conversation to get it start somehow gave me a signal. And it will become giving a second chance.


Six years after, my high school was over. Then the college entered in my life. It fulfilled my destiny to graduate again after. That was ten years ago on July 4, 2003. About then, I realized how good friends were good company to have with. I didn’t encourage myself to hang out and drink all boozes in the bar. Well I wasn’t like that. I am homebody instead. And I was playing computer games. That was the time I charged myself in many ways. And that many ways ruined my life after two years. It wasn’t a fate. But I rather chosen a field to force alone instead.


Then eight years after, today is 2013. A fate has begin a new beginning. After I realized that I’ve had to accept my condition with Down syndrome two years ago, exactly on July 15, 2011. It was when I joined networking company with my cousin. But I didn’t want to bring the name of my cousin. It might ruin her reputation. But thanks to her, I’ve finally accepted of who I was.


I’ve joined in a Happy Walk last February 2012 and it was my first. I’ve found out that I wasn’t alone. Down syndrome for me was not new for me anymore. Instead it opened my eyes for me to find out that fate was chosen me. I began to have followers, new friends and new job as well. My mirror shattered and it replaced a new mirror to look my new self.


My new self sets to conquer new heights beginning to open new pages. Somehow new pages has already opening a new chapter as well. Barely five months now that I have a job. And that job I took. Sacrifices have been made. I’ve sacrificed my love life. I’ve had my first experience to have a girlfriend last May. But it only took me for 8 days to realize that girl wasn’t choosing for me as well. I didn’t have time to argue with her. Instead, my girlfriend became my first friend to have last to have conversation with her.


What would you do if you have problems with your friends? Or rather, what would to expect to teach your friend that you have a condition? Isn’t bad to tell your friend? How many? Or few?


Somehow along way of too many questions crosses in my mind. I don’t mind to answer them all. I have to look myself in a new mirror. And that new mirror teaches me how to be environment friendly with friends as well. I don’t need many to have friends. Few friends were closer to know me. And some of them have similar cases aside from me. And it is always telling me that life needs friend to have company with. And with company as well will teach you along the way of your life.


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A Big Welcome

Little world with bigger dreams sometimes wondered in your head why I was still doing the right way. Oh yes, the God’s grace is a surprise for me. At this time, it is already 2 months already.


What did I get a such blessing? A heartwarming big welcome new job came in to my world – as an assistant teacher. It was started last two months. Despite my heartbreak with my first fling girlfriend last May 16, I’ve stepped out from my comfort zone and went looking out for a job. It was rainy day. And it was all about heartbreak aches that ruined me.


My girlfriend and I went smoothly in a few days earlier probably before my parents came home from Europe. Until when they came home, they found out that I’ve had my first girlfriend. It was my girlfriend insisted to call me as honey pie. And I’ve answered her with a big yes. It was humid afternoon in May 8 around 3 pm. Then few days later, my parents came home. Instead of a big delight from their eyes, my mom started to speak that we should be getting know each other in my house. Well, it’s literally one of the basic relationship. My sisters’ boyfriends always was at our home when they were really falling in love and talked in hours and hours. Maybe that was a good relationship.


Instead of giving me a big yes, a little days over came disaster. My mom said that I’ve to give up her or maybe she will give up me instead. So I’ve agreed with her. Then it was May 16, 2 pm afternoon. I’ve said to my girlfriend, this time was over. My heart torn a little pieces into thousand broken letters. I’ve assumed that my girlfriend and I’ve to go on a little time between of us. It was then I realized she was really taking me advantage. Despite that I’ve had my special case, and she really knew about me. She really fell in love for the first time in her life. She said to me that I was her a first serious relationship in her life despite of her numerous boyfriends before.


Hmmm…if I could be assuming about her, why would I be afraid to take a risk to have a girlfriend like her. It is something I’ve wanted to feel what society also feels the same relationship.


I’ve attended Nick Vujicic’s day at SM Mall of Asia on May 20, 2013. And that was Monday, after a week of elections. I’ve something to fulfill my day with my excitement. It was then I realized it was also important for me to attend one of coolest person to meet in the world whether you were a disability or not.


Then after a day I’ve attended, I walked in the Stand and Walk Therapy Center / Reaching Our Children for the King Integrated School on the sweetest day of my life. That was May 21, 2013. And it was Tuesday. I’ve sent my few requirements for my resume. And the guy I’ve spoken of was the part-owner of the school. He said to me that I’ve to expect a call from them after a week.


After a week, I’ve expected a good call. It was three days ago that I went for a job searching in SM Megamall job fair. But all the calls I’ve received later on I’ve said to them. I’ve already got a great job. Allaine, their secretary and the youngest staff, called me that I’ve to be there in 1 pm. That was May 27, 2013, Monday morning before the lunch break started. So I’ve got a chill in my bones and nervous that I was. I went there with my best attire I came in. I’ve worn a brown polo shirt with a matching brown pants. So the other part-owner came in and interviewed me. He said that I was in for their team. He gave me a position for assistant teacher for Teacher Jana. Teacher Jana was the special education teacher. And I was her an assistant teacher, a perfect fit for a role to special children.


I was delighted a big smile. I met them with a big heartwarming community. I met wonderful people. Big heart for a small school to start was already a new beginning for me. It was one of my dreams before that I’ve chose this for a job like this. How wonderful dreams may ever come true like this?


Then week after, I’ve started to get in my new job – as an assistant teacher. I came in at the school on June 3, 2013 for starting a half day in the afternoon. But my time card said, I’ve started on June 4, 2013, Tuesday for my new job.


“To begin a new day, it was surprising a heartwarming great job I’ve ever received.”


Yes, I really loved my job. Starting for this day, it was already two months I’ve started my job as an assistant teacher and a livelihood chef where I was cooking in the livelihood section. I was in the livelihood for the whole day. But in the afternoon, I’ve stepped in the classroom and enjoyed with smiling and angelic faces of special children.


“Laugh all the way you can do the best for your students, and it will bring back the laughter at the end of the day.”


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Back to reality

My girlfriend and I were over already. We spoke in a minutes. I spoke in a well-mannered and soft conversation with her. So the life we used to have, our lives begin in a simple journey again.


After we’ve had 8 days relationship, my girlfriend and I still remain friends for just now. Maybe in the future, I will be learning some new lessons in my life about love stories. Love stories in the movies sometimes exists with hopeful romantic. But some of them are not existed. It’s true that “love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres.”


My sister told me about that. And it was my first time that my sister told me about that quote. Love is always waiting for me anywhere or everywhere I would go. Sometimes in life, you’ve to accept what’s the reality and what’s not. I hope it will come for me to find a-not-perfect girl just like my first girlfriend. She was one of the reasons why she could read about me.


When we were at the mall, my girlfriend and I’ve talked sex, but we were never wanted to do that. Unless she wants and I want it too. But my parents told me if I do something to her, then I would definitely leave the house and create my own living in different situation. Life being married sometimes takes advantages of being responsible in life. When you are responsible enough to take your family on your back, you would find different lessons in life. I find it hard for me. Because relationship for me is barely new and we’ve had only 8 days relationship. What’s that enough? I just waited in my entire life. But to tell you the truth, it tells something valuable in my life that we have to find ourselves in a different situations.


I just came back in reality again. I barely miss some of my writings already. From literature, my love story and even my life story, it tells you how to get stronger each day and how you find your own happiness in each way of your road you are walking on. Besides, my life being ordinary and being having with Down syndrome is not an exceptional. I, like anybody else would do, am also an ordinary human who would do your own activities in life.


People love me very much. And I love my relatives, my friends, my high school teacher and everything in my life accordingly. To tell you the truth honestly, I am happy again and back with a big happy smile in my grin. I barely lost in my way when I have relationship already.


Today, it’s back to reality again. Games for fun, I play only one application game in facebook and that’s farming. And it’s Farm Town. It’s not actually a fun game. But you will find it your way. I find farming in reality makes you profitable for your farmers to do in your farm. Well mostly some of my one hour of playing game in facebook makes me relaxing. But playing in longer hours makes you addicted. You will never do your own responsibility.


My weight now is getting me on my list. I weigh 164 pounds after I’ve gone from the rest room. Last month, I over weigh about 180 pounds. After I’ve called my own health consultant, it was the time to say goodbye to my weight.


Life is hard. So don’t waste it enough to take on your own back. Try to learn many things in life being responsibility. And friends are there for me. Little by little in my life, I have good girl friends in my life. They are not my girlfriends. But they are true listeners whenever I have my own problems. They listen carefully for me and support me. Whenever I have friend, I value each of them. I have few crushes where my friends were trying me to put me into relationship with my crush. But she dumped literally. That was okay. Because she still was my friend.


Whenever my own life is back now, I can do my stuff free anything I would do. Free what I love to do. But watching television series makes me something that I missed. Because whenever I watch, I love to write it down the short synopsis. Being not as a good writer but I love to write is more anything I could do in my life. I may never get paid for anything for the articles. It’s just purely my passion in writing. Anything that falls in my dreams will do accordingly. And I still love my life today whenever I am doing right now.


For my first fling relationship with my girlfriend, I still love you as a friend no matter what. Because friends are more important for me. And I put God in my life before my worries do.

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