The Author 2

The Author 2

I find interesting some to write some new article this time. And how would I describe this? It’s inevitable when you find some good friends. But somehow along the road, I find so amusing in my life. Life fills my day. And day fills my hope, happiness and fruitfully. Nevertheless, my friends I have is still intact with me. Whenever I need them, I just call them.


Nineteen years to be exact before I found that I have Down syndrome. I was in sixth grade. My friends I used to have with them were still my friends. One of my friends in my peer became one of third gender, but I don’t want to ruin his name. He was still my friend. And other one of my friends found out that I have had a crush on her when we were in get together party. It was bad. It turned ugly. But still, I still found no reasons to friend with her again. She is still my friend although she knows already about me.


I’ve had few enemies but none of them became enemies in the end. All of them became my friends instead. How did I do it? The answer was that I didn’t know how I ended doing it. Creating conversation to get it start somehow gave me a signal. And it will become giving a second chance.


Six years after, my high school was over. Then the college entered in my life. It fulfilled my destiny to graduate again after. That was ten years ago on July 4, 2003. About then, I realized how good friends were good company to have with. I didn’t encourage myself to hang out and drink all boozes in the bar. Well I wasn’t like that. I am homebody instead. And I was playing computer games. That was the time I charged myself in many ways. And that many ways ruined my life after two years. It wasn’t a fate. But I rather chosen a field to force alone instead.


Then eight years after, today is 2013. A fate has begin a new beginning. After I realized that I’ve had to accept my condition with Down syndrome two years ago, exactly on July 15, 2011. It was when I joined networking company with my cousin. But I didn’t want to bring the name of my cousin. It might ruin her reputation. But thanks to her, I’ve finally accepted of who I was.


I’ve joined in a Happy Walk last February 2012 and it was my first. I’ve found out that I wasn’t alone. Down syndrome for me was not new for me anymore. Instead it opened my eyes for me to find out that fate was chosen me. I began to have followers, new friends and new job as well. My mirror shattered and it replaced a new mirror to look my new self.


My new self sets to conquer new heights beginning to open new pages. Somehow new pages has already opening a new chapter as well. Barely five months now that I have a job. And that job I took. Sacrifices have been made. I’ve sacrificed my love life. I’ve had my first experience to have a girlfriend last May. But it only took me for 8 days to realize that girl wasn’t choosing for me as well. I didn’t have time to argue with her. Instead, my girlfriend became my first friend to have last to have conversation with her.


What would you do if you have problems with your friends? Or rather, what would to expect to teach your friend that you have a condition? Isn’t bad to tell your friend? How many? Or few?


Somehow along way of too many questions crosses in my mind. I don’t mind to answer them all. I have to look myself in a new mirror. And that new mirror teaches me how to be environment friendly with friends as well. I don’t need many to have friends. Few friends were closer to know me. And some of them have similar cases aside from me. And it is always telling me that life needs friend to have company with. And with company as well will teach you along the way of your life.


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