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After seeing the end of journey of being as an assistant teacher, I’ve all want to share my blessings that takes me from every chapter has moving within me. This is the part 2 of The tale of assistant teacher.


Love life has moved twice as I’ve reached the mountains. But the roadblock at the end of the road told me to move on. Why was it happened me between being having as an assistant teacher? Was I even told to be a better assistant teacher? Or was it somebody who doesn’t like too much of being noisy adult? I was always talking and talking to myself in a minutes or in an hour. Telling you the truth honestly, some of the lessons I’ve been going through proved my excellence in my journey. I wasn’t noisy as anymore before. I was waiting for someone listening my side of my story. But was it someone who can lean to?


I’ve covered my eyes as I was waiting for my side. I’ve also covered my ears so I won’t listen to the story. When did I stop talking raging nonsense? I’ve full of passion, full of energy and full of hope. All my positive sides wanted telling you I was able telling the truth.


Honestly I wasn’t perfect human as God says in the bible, ‘there is no perfect human in the world.‘ True. But I hope it would allow somebody to tell the truth. All the angels were sending from heaven telling me if I would continue be a humble person. But I didn’t know which one I was suppose to do.


Let me tell you my whole story from the beginning I went through the start of my story:


“The school orientation came over on 10th of June, 2013. And every parent was there to hear from the stories of two teachers, one from preschool who came to teach the preschoolers and one from special education who came to teach special education kids how to handle on their own in the future. And it was a surprise that my bosses told me that they coped with my problems. I did telling them that I’ve had being having with Down syndrome. But they didn’t know with the word of mosaic Down syndrome, trisomy 21. It was a sudden blessing from heaven that I sent here for a mission. And it was all started to be humble from the good beginnings that begun.


I told them that mosaic has two copies of chromosomes is normal and one copy of chromosome has extra set. Which it is why it formed mosaic Down syndrome. Even Dr. Jerome Lejeune discovered before. But holding right there from my chromosome, my knowledge that I learned. I also hope to bring a message to all special parents who helped their special child to grow like I was standing. My two bosses were taking their jobs as school administrator, principal and also being part as an occupational therapist. Then I started to know when will I begin from my job.


The start of classes went by as the school started on 17th of June, every child has own their behavior. Their behavior that my boss told me being part of growing up have to nurturing their talent. Which was it how it handle the special kids? From ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy and even Down syndrome, the four cases I saw from different special kids in the classroom. I’ve learned new things that I discovered. But my world shook at the back of my mind what needs to learn must have extra careful. To set aside, the nutrition month was coming, the month of July. And there was an interns. And an interns from MCU were optometrist graduates. They were here to practice their lives. And so my life henceforth held on.


New things I discovered that those of who having had troubles with extra care must know how to overcome. And new discovery must learn how to cope with the problems in the future. And I learned each of trials or problems may come must confront of all details. And I fell in love looking one intern who was my one of my type. But I didn’t mind to fall in love. Because it gave me a new inspiration. And a new inspiration came to build my character. Those things in life were about to unfold the new secrets of love life.


So the nutrition month came finally over. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of being youth again. My boss turned good friend of mine. He was able to know my feelings and my inner strength. I’ve must confronted all the details that my mom didn’t know. The negative came from my mom’s aura. But my positive aura came bigger and bigger. And so to tell you my story, before the vacation nulled me thinking right now, the month of August also came. It swept my thoughts at the back of my head that the livelihood project I was working on failed to my own hands. But I learned the lessons that I must strived back with my own hands. And my boss was right that I’ve had to move on. But the typhoon swept all the problems came in. As we started to rebuild new school ground, we relocated new higher facility and bigger spaces to fill in. But the problem came in.


As the month of September 2013 came in, we handled our first language of the month (buwan ng wika) supposed to held last month of August. If the typhoon didn’t persisting to trouble with us, then the language of the month didn’t have to occur. The event was successful. Some kid won in the competition and some kid won the hearts in the audience. It really captivated the hearts of many students participated in the event. It was a brilliant idea. But the fact 13th of September came in, I felt I didn’t want to leave the kids alone with someone they really wanted to keep with. I never said that I won’t come back. But I promised that I would go back. As you promised one word, you kept it from your actions. If it failed, you were a failure. But failure sometimes took granted to rebuild the trust.


I went to Toronto attending my sister’s wedding with my family. And it was my first time in my life I felt I didn’t sleep the whole trip. I was scared of a whole trip might falling down like a turbulence in the movie. So I felt right from my shoes and my feet. I felt scared. But God alone never leaves us. He kept me awake instead and enjoyed watching movies. I also played some of tetris game. But the fact I’ve enjoyed, I’ve finished 6 movies in my first trip going to Toronto. My sister’s wedding was beautiful. She was dressed like a beautiful princess. And my new brother came to welcome to our new family, my sister’s husband. So I was happy to meet new family. When will I have my own family? When it will stop that my mom would nagging me all the time? But hey, I was blessed to have with them on my life. Then on the way back to the Philippines, I’ve also finished 7 movies and played a little game of tetris.


On the way back to the Philippines after the storm finished before we came in the territory of Philippines, I was happy to see the students again. I was happy and turned to be a responsible adult. And being part as a special adult, a lot of things turned good and bad news came in. The bad news was when the preschool teacher left us without a notice. But I continued to communicate with her until now. And the good news that I became a full-time assistant teacher in the school being also part in the morning classes with the preschool kids. The kids were happy to see me again.


When the September was over, the October came surprisingly knocking to my new blessing – attending a children’s party who someone in DSAPI praised me as well. Her daughter turned one year old. And I met new parents again who also have special child with Down syndrome. I felt blessing to them. Meeting new parents and a special child felt the same way I was raised by own special parents. Then one special education teacher came over at the start of the month of November, a friend of special education teacher who came from one school they attended the same school. It gave me something that knocked to my senses.


After hearing the truth when my boss was asking me that I’ve had a crush to the special education teacher, it was then pushing to my limitations that I must forget my ex-girlfriend. Having going back with my ex-girlfriend was already hard to push on because she was engaging to married someone else. So the December’s Christmas party came over. The Christmas party was success event. And from at the back of my mind played a lot of imaginations before the 2014 came over. The new life succeeded to me that I’ve had a new job – being as an assistant teacher on my fourth job in my resume. And I was happy that I’ve had regular job already, my first one.


2014 came over at the start of January. It was then I realized that something intuition came again for me. I didn’t mind noticing it. But I was afraid to sense it again. But I forgot how to praise myself having with a regular job. Then the troubles came on the month of February 2014. After my parents heard that I’ve had getting a salary from my regular job, the intuition was right. It was my mistake but new lessons that I learned. I stopped from being what it took from my job. I was afraid to let it go and wanted continuing my mission with the students wanting to see me happy again.


The month of March came in, my emotions came and ate my pride. I didn’t know what happened to me. It started to crumble like a rock falling from the mountain or something it never did happening to my life. It was then my intuitions came over. As I sensed it, the ESP or Extra Sensory Projection (sixth sense) has learned throughout my predictions. Before the retreat was going to start soon, I’ve stopped working with them on my final day on 24th of March. From my conscience, I didn’t want to leave them alone but to prosper with my blessings on them. My mom talked about negative things again. She always wanted to have bringing negative things all the time. It was then that I’ve repelled her negatives into positive notes.


The time I’ve stopped working with my load provider before, my mom scrutinized and if the load business crumbled, where will I get the money always spending to sell the cellphone loads of them. I’ve to repelling them. So I thought my positive notes came true. This was the basic truth. Being having with positive life must learn the conscience the truth of positive notes. After I went through all the problems, no negative thoughts would allow entering at the back of my head. It was then I never hesitated. I stopped hesitating. And I didn’t want believing the negative thoughts.”


This was the tale of assistant teacher part 2. It covered the whole story from Assistant’s desk to Assistant’s corner: Going back around. The additions to the story I’ve added have come to seal the words that I brought it up. Lesson number one is never treat negative thoughts at the back of your head. Lesson number two allows you to remember your good deeds, positive mind and fills your hopes and answers. What will you do if you’ve encounter the same fate that I’ve? Don’t treat the negative. Allow positive flowing to your energy chakra.


The second part of conclusion was brought to the end. “Don’t be afraid of your future is awaiting for you, but allow them to come over for you to experience and endure the problems. Let the future handle you and the prosper won’t hurt you but you learn the blessings come knocking to your heart. Remember this as you guide your life alone in the way of beautiful life.


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Anxiety means in dictionary: 1a. painful or apprehensive uneasiness of mind usually over an impending or anticipated ill, b. fearful concern or interest, c. a cause of anxiety. 2. An abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often marked by physiological signs (as sweating, tension, and increased pulse), by doubt concerning the reality and nature of the threat, and by self-doubt about one’s capacity to cope with it.


It’s doubting me whenever I have an anxiety. But somehow, overruling by what you are concerning is yourself. I may be not a perfect human, but God sees me as a gifted child through intercession and guiding me as well. But the most concern sometimes whenever you see your special child is different from other children. You see the child is not going friendly, perhaps it needs more attention to your child.


When I was still working in the school as an assistant teacher, I saw some other children mostly with case-in-condition. One was guiding very well with the teacher. And I, on my part, also guided but assisted in the same way the teacher doing to their students. The social anxiety like our student in the school is different. It doesn’t want to part way with her mother. Thus, regardless to say, it needs more training at home and it lacks a follow-up doing assignments also at home. Or nevertheless, the teacher and I have to cooperate the needs of attention among of the students we are handling.


Today, I am going to tackling some anxiety quotes if I have to profound the details needed in the classroom setting or at home when you have problems with your special child with special needs. It may be have your special child with Down syndrome, autism or ADHD. Some of our students in school has both difficulty learning cases having with Down syndrome and autism.


Part XII

The social anxiety doesn’t depend in situation between the special child and the special parent. But it needs more comprehensive details. Thus says the Lord, “those who have troubles with special child doesn’t concern to me anymore. Guiding them, taking care of them and understanding may have a role understanding between the special child and the special parent.


I don’t have much troubles being something in my issues. But the anxiety attacks me is myself. I don’t go out whenever I have emotion troubles with myself. To continuing life with conditions, it verifies me that I have to continue what my vision tells me to do. And my mission tells me that I have to help other special parents who need attention from their special child.


Here on my four quote poems that will express your day and it might clear your situation is:


Quote #1:

It depends what I have in situation. I doubt too much of myself. And I fear no less in my emotions. But I fear with my anxiety.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


You clearly misunderstand of your situation. But yet at the end of the day, you cleared your mind that you can’t be that way all the time. You must stand to your negative outcomes to your door. Clear your emotions. Without it, you can enjoy your happy life with your special child. I may be don’t have experiences in my part of my life. But I understand now how the anxiety from the special parent and the special child needed to say.


Quote #2:

Nobody wants to stay on your way. Nobody wants to help your special child. And nobody wants to understand how behavior your child has with anxiety.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Coming from a middle-class family I was, I didn’t see how much different from my four siblings. My dear two elder sisters were working in other country. My sister had working with her culinary status. But my brother with ADHD needs to know what anxiety tells him about. I may be don’t know how to explain this. The way I understand what the anxiety is something I must learn from the dictionary meaning. I can overcome what your anxiety tells you about. The more you express yourself is sometimes freeing you from your doubts and fears.


Quote #3:

It never lasts an opportunity with your anxiety if you come in your work anything to do in your life. You lose consciousness yourself and yet you find yourself in different situation. Don’t hesitate to ask yourself and let God answer your troubles.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


It came from my last previous work. But to insist with my anxiety, I learned that I won’t never do that again. It was my lessons that I’ve to learn. Well, everything set to every detail of work. Honestly, I’ve really enjoyed working with my bosses and the teachers who have been part through my life. With them, I would’ve known to love my work so well. It was so amazing that God permitted me to work with these good positive nature on my side. Why would you be to like this job? Being as an assistant teacher proved well that I can do it better to my new jobs in the future.


Quote #4:

The more anxiety you have is the more troubles you will have in the future. Nevertheless, don’t come out the door unless you clear your anxiety inside at the back of your head.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Yes, it may sounds intriguing at the back of your mind. But to tell you honestly, it recalled back to my memories in the past. It was reminiscing me back to my old college days. I was purely getting out of luck. Out of my anxiety, I would’ve never knew that I loved the girl I really like before. But in the end, it hurt me really bad for me. It was an instant. Suddenly with the frightening to my heart, I already closed my anxiety and then left them alone at the door. Leaving them is one step. And you’ll learn something new in the future.


The next Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome: Enveloping new fear will tackle more issues  of rejections and other fears you have, and I tell you what to do in the upcoming articles. Don’t forget to bookmark the article you are always reading.


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Discrimination is always a number one enemy in our mind at the back of our head. It’s an unusual word for me although it lacks an information for those who haven’t heard from that word. Mongoloid is also a negative derogatory word. And other derogatory words, I would not mention anymore. Because it has deeper meaning to us also.


What we can do to change the world?


1. Stop using the word of Down syndrome kid. It’s an appropriate word. Use the words properly: person with Down syndrome, a child with Down syndrome and an adult with Down syndrome.

2. Create a small group, a small organization or a sibling support system. With this, you can change the community in a small occasion manner.

3. Start campaigning on your neighborhood with this kind of project.


These three small steps I’ve created at the back of my head will be my project in the coming months. And I will be changing the town into a greater town. So anyone could acknowledge that people with Down syndrome has more unique characteristic talent and flourishing more on their talents which they could be independent like me.


Understanding the child with Down syndrome has become part of the society. But growing up with them has also alarming in the society. Some people as it may seems, they don’t consider the person with Down syndrome to become part of them. Other people in other establishment or organization take part of their role, they are considering person with Down syndrome to be needed in the society. Take your action today and not tomorrow, because a fight for the rights of people with Down syndrome have no fear because they are no barriers anymore. For me, it would also take part of new role in the society – moving forward in positive world.

~Status message in facebook, March 28, Friday, 9:32 p.m.


Finding a new words for your right decision of your little brighter ideas will make a change in your neighborhood. Small group, perhaps, can make a change. Or it should start somewhere else with some schools around the town. And I believe there are more seven special schools around the town here in our area. I don’t have specialization career here. But being as an advocacy drives me to get a higher role – is to become a role model. I may be not a perfect leader, but I can be a follower to anyone who can manage to listen at my good sides. I may be not a perfect writer, but more than words can attract more parents to read about this article. Campaigning is not also easy as it may seems to look. But rather, I’m focusing more in this small country we have here in the Philippines.


Two years until now, I became an active member here in the Philippines’ Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. Showing my guilt in the past became lesser and lesser as I continued flourishing myself in positivity sides of the world. Changing might be good. But starting from the point will change higher if I continue spreading the good news.


I’ve been also in denial stage before. But I continue bringing more good news from my stories. In this imperfect world we have now are our guidance to improve more to ourselves. Starting from our special parents who helped us to grow stronger, we also know how to care of ourselves. In this journey of my story, I will still continue to bless my story.


No greater success comes from a little story. But a greater story comes with a positive side at the back of our mind. Greater care, greater patience, greater unconditional love and greater guidance have more flourishing from the special parents to take care of us. I am even blessed that I still have grandparents on my side. Continuing to bless sharing my story is my honor. Spread about all the love I take to you.


Fights for the rights: Changing in denial stage to acceptance stage to fighting stage

Fighting stage

We always have to be sensitive every time there is an issue against anyone who wants what is right and what is wrong. Tell them that they are wrong. I’ve been in denial stage before. Now I accepted the things that it was no going back to the place I was before. Looking forward to the future is always what we are going for. Honestly, there are many ways to stop the discrimination around the nation. And within the nation must comply honoring these special children with their capabilities they are unique and creative.


Look for this example, one of the best fighters is Michael Phelps. He is diagnosed as ADHD. All of his competitors are already on their best. But Michael is not still finished yet. He continued to fight for his freedom. What is freedom? Michael has freedom to express his nature despite he has ADHD. But he is no longer labeling him having ADHD, he has to live normally what we are. Like Michael Phelps, there’s Enchong Dee. Enchong Dee was a swimmer before. And he is already an actor in this generation. Stopping them is not an option, but to fight for their own good.


In my field, I may have an option, looking forward without turning back anymore and not stopping where I am going to my success. That is the fighting spirit, the fighting stage we are also known for our capabilities. We are unique. We are creative. We emphasize the world we are looking for the brighter future. And there is no tomorrow. Because fighting for your own child might change the society in a better world.


What are your concerns for your special child with Down syndrome?

There are many types of your concerns with your special child with Down syndrome. Like in my case, my parents said that I don’t have to worry for my heart problems. But I’m worrying about my health issues. Lesser to think at the back of my head only can make having problems with pulmonary, pneumonia and other health issues also.


Taking care of your special child with Down syndrome has many types of heart problems. Before turning to one year old, have your special child to go to the pediatrician or to your family doctor. Consult if there has an issues. With heart problems, parents should worry about their special child despite what they are having problems. Take a good look, God give you a special child. Does have you to be worry? He sees you to take care of special child He has given to you. The kingdom has pass down every special child in each family. But looking forward with positive attitude, you will always have to say bye-bye issues already.


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The signs of Down syndrome:

Hyper mobility

What is hyper mobility? Have you check his or her legs and arms? Children with Down syndrome have flexible arms and legs that can stretch than normal people except for talented ballet dancers. When they are starting to flex their muscles in their arms and legs, try to reduce their stretching arms and legs by doing some stitched pants and stitched arm supporters. In this way, it will lower their flexibility.



What is hyperthyroidism? Normally, children and adults with Down syndrome will eat their infinite eating habits. As it grows, their muscles in their body will become an issue among us. Like doing a physical exercise and eat a right amount of diet will slower their appetite. If you start to an earlier age of months, try to discipline your special child with Down syndrome. If not, try to consult to a pediatrician what it will can do to your child with special needs.


First toe finger to second toe finger

Normally, a child or an adult with Down syndrome has their unique characteristics other than who’s also has Down syndrome. To mention that their first toe finger is slightly far a bit from their second toe finger. That is one of the characteristics of being having Down syndrome. You cannot change the fact that they could change. But to accept their condition, you also have be a role model as a parent to take care of your special child with Down syndrome.


Slant face, short nose, wide tongue, unsized ears, height

What are the other characteristics of Down syndrome? Normally some of those who have not all have slant faces, short noses, wide tongues, unsized ears (meaning their both ears are not the same height) and height, they are already characterized as Down syndrome. Like in my case, I don’t have slant face and short nose. But I do have a wide tongue and unsized ears. Unsized ears are usually have not the same height in different angles.



1. Physical therapy

At the earlier age, I started at 2 years old by sending me to the physical therapist during the early 1980’s. Many doctors don’t know how to prepare their medications towards among us, children and adult with Down syndrome. I was diagnosed with mosaic Down syndrome, trisomy 21 chromosomes.


In my early age of 2, I sent to the school to have physical therapy. But it was quite that I didn’t remember very well. But that was another story. Sending to your therapist of your special child with Down syndrome as earlier as 4 or maybe 6 months, babies should start crawling by now if I am correct or not. If this didn’t work with you, consult a pediatrician and a doctor to get a results from them.


2. Speech therapy

During my those days I was having troubling to speak directly from my mouth, I wasn’t handling my speech during my childhood days. Some of my schoolmates were bullying because of my speech. I may have had a condition, but I was recovering through all manifesting years. Speech therapy is the most important therapy. Having your special child with Down syndrome take to the speech therapist. The therapist would welcome you a happy child. Because normally with those Down syndrome, we always have to be happy all the time.


In my condition, I was sent to a therapist when I was a child. Normally, I didn’t know all the troubles my mother would sending me to the therapist. So one hour packed filling with the therapist, the child should nourish their lessons to be learned in one-hour session. And to regret for the days I didn’t remember, it was time to let it go for me when I’ve entered the high school because I’ve had to learn on my own. After college, I still didn’t know how to write the sentence properly. After taking up the certificate in call center training last March 2012, I’ve ended up working in a special school being as an assistant teacher who assisted among special children with special needs last June 2013.


3. Occupational therapy

Behavior is always the main problem when reaching to your special child with Down syndrome. Sending your special child with Down syndrome to the therapist would fit to change the results.


In earlier age of 2, physical therapy and occupational therapy were the most improved therapy that would’ve done me today. It took me one year as I heard from my mom. But I learned from my mom. And mom knows best.


4. Vision therapy

Checking your special child with Down syndrome to the optometrist has a bit problem although I also have undergone too when I was entering the school before fourth grade. Seeing is hard to see what is blurry to your mind. To check the condition, consult first to the pediatrician if the special child with Down syndrome has problems in eye vision. Today, there’s already a vision therapy, a new therapy that was introduced to the world. Not only the children with special needs will benefit this but also the adults with special needs also will benefit this. If your neighbor, your brother, your sister, your parents, your relative or to your friend might have eye vision problem. Try consult with a vision therapist just in case you need a help.


5. Audio therapy

Your special child might having a problem with their hearing despite of all noises. Did you that the more decibels you are hearing might cause a little problem? Did you know that the fourth pollution was noise pollution? Sending your special child to the doctor will help you to determine if it’s having problem with hearing problems. To indicate if it causes, try to consult to a pediatrician if they allow your child send to the audio laboratory.


The most powerful tool we can allow to change the world is to show them our showcasing talent we have. Or the livelihood project that starts with all. Or to test the life skills we can show to the world. With this knowledge, people with Down syndrome will be flourishing their life to share their story in the world where you will go.


No barriers: The livelihood project, the life skills, the talents


The livelihood project

What is livelihood project? Livelihood project is based to your special child with special needs that is more likely to help your child to increase their skill and talent. If they learn very well, they could earn through selling some of their skilled efforts. For example, your special child learned how to bake the cookie and eventually sold them in a quantity. The community in their role would understand the benefit for the children to grow independently.


I was given a chance to run a business which my mom gave me a cellphone loading business. The loading business I am still doing running up to the present since June 2006. Creating your special child or special adult with this kind of livelihood project will giving an opportunity your child be given to work in a community.


The life skills

What are the life skills? Life skills are basically types of what you can do around your house. It can also take part in the community where your special child will learn new life skill. Like doing a household chore is already a life skill. Practicing your special child at home doing some household chores will increase the special child to motivate on their own independent. Increasing your special child with special needs about the things to learn around the house should know how to take care of themselves. Like having difficult making a bed neat and clean or the room has been filled with mess, practice your special child to take care of their own living life. Teach them how to take care of the bed, how to take care of their little brother or little sister, of teach them how to grow up how to be a good special adult someday. But teaching a special teen with special needs how to drive, that is another story. Take a good look around the community and tell me what’s their story all about.


The talents

The talents vary on one thing – their passion to carry throughout their life. If your special child is good at sports, send him or her to the nearest community where your special child is already learning their talent in running, swimming or any sports they could do. If your special child is very talented in singing, send the child in music ministry in the church, or in music therapy. Your special child will learn eventually things are going well in the community. But if your special child is well talented in other things, let them grow, teach them how to enhance it, encourage them to a positive mind, and grow positively through their hearts. Your passion is to support your special child to grow to their potential talent.


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Sixtieth-Fifth Tagalog Quote:


Mahalaga ba tayo sa buhay sa iyong mahal

o mahalaga ba rin tayo sa kinabukasan natin,

hindi ba tayo maramot sa nakaraan kung

tatakdin natin ang puso sa hinaharap,

papalitan kung hindi man

pero puso mong mabait ang hindi mapatawad

sa iisang katulad pusong bato.


Minsan sa tao hindi marunong lumingon

minsan sa tao hindi marunong magpasensiya

meron din tao hindi marunong makisama

at meron din tao hindi kaya tumagal sa trabaho.


Bakit nga ba tayo naging Pilipino

kung hindi natin papahalagan ang ating kultura,

kung magtatrabaho sa ibang bansa

kusa gusto tumira na lang sa hindi natin na bansa,

ang sa akin marunong ako lumingon,

at ibabalik ko ang yaman ng pera sa ibang bansa

para makagawa ng panibagong trabaho sa bansa.


Tunay na bayani o pekeng bayani ba

ang tinitingnan ng maraming iniidolo natin

o sadyang bang ganito tayo sa ibang kapwa’t Pilipino din,

malungkot at masakit aminin

malihim at hindi marunong balikan ang kultura

kaya ang kulturang Pilipino ay dapat suliranin.


Sixtieth-Sixth Tagalog Quote:


Masaya ang bata tumatalon at

masaya din tumatakbo sa paligid

pero bakit karamihan sa ibang tao

hindi marunong magsabi na turuan

ng espesyal na bata sa tamang disiplina.


Tama ba o mali ba,

kusa ba o kaya ba natin,

malihim ba o kayang gawin sa tama

pero lahat at nasusukat lamang

sa tamang edukasyon ng espesyal

na bata marunong tumingin sa sarili.


Okay na rin sana kung kaya

naman turuan ang kabataan sa

tamang salita at sa gawa

pero kung hindi, sila din

ang mahihirapan.


Likas ng yaman sa mga Pilipino

hindi marunong makitindi sa mga

kapansanan tulad ng espesyal na bata

pero dapat turuan ang buong bayan

ang tunay ay nasa sa sarili natin.




It’s been a while since I start logging down the Filipino Literature again. It has been 8 days passed already. And it’s not quite new for me anymore. Because right now what I can do is hoping someone would understand my effort that I am typing and writing Tagalog set of quote poems again. In this journey of Filipino Literature, hopefully I can make it up to 75 at least before the year ends.


The usual days have been gone for me already. Since I’m jobless for a while, I can assure that I will be spending my days or time requires me to do writing and typing all the Tagalog quotes. But this time it won’t needed anymore coming from my cellphone quotes. I will be spending more on brainstorming ideas how to create faster to make a quotes to be done. This is my brainstorming department as you can see that I’m a creative thinker and a creative writer too.


65th Tagalog Quote:


The quite interesting sixtieth-fifth tagalog quote is very alarming to any Filipinos could read this quote I’m writing to. This is a nationalism quote. Meaning there are no more patriotism to be mention. Neither you can be martyr or a hero that you could save the Philippines from the economy or the government. Shame for the politicians who are using the money on their wrongdoings. All their minds filled with bad karma. To tell you a truth honestly, I’m an economist and an entrepreneur. And I’m also active in one of the organizations that I’ve been doing for a year now.


66th Tagalog Quote:


This quite interesting sixtieth-sixth tagalog quote is also alarming to all Filipinos and any races to any countries as well. This is a special inspirational quote. It means this quote is dedicated for those who have been disabled. But not as a disabled, they are talented and unique special children. Each of them has a unique talent. Each them has a unique characteristic. In the real world, there are more ADHD, the leading population in special children. ADHD is not a disability. It’s a purpose that sets their will to fight on their uniqueness. Autism is second in population among the rest of special children. Down syndrome is third in population among the rest of special children around the world.


A special child has unique heart in their potential talents. Like what I’m doing now, this is my true strength making a new goal achieving even higher heights. I may have mosaic Down syndrome but it’s not a hindrance to me anymore.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

There are many times when we are doubting ourselves. Even as we cannot conquer to our fears. As I embark to another chapter of this success of Living being as Down syndrome series. There are many parts of another set of stories will come and knock at your hearts. If you are having hard times with your special child with Down syndrome, it is something you can give some extra care for him or her. It would be a special love you enjoy the most you are taking your own special child.


Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome is another part of my own series. But in my own shoes will tell you how many journeys I’ve been experience throughout all my life. If it’s something to discuss, I would be part of redeeming myself to the Lord that He chooses us to live throughout His holy spirit.


Part XI

Knocking your doors will exchange your depression state of mood to excitement that you submit to the Lord.


When you seek yourself to the better unknown perfect world, you desire the most you want to seek. But the state of your mood tells how you are thinking wrong at the back of your head. If you know something to share, feel free. But during my state of depression mood, it never recalled how many things I regretted to my life. I asked many times for the questions of how, why and when. I felt the presence of my wrongness before.


But let me to tell how many journeys I’ve been experienced in the past here in 4 quote stories:


Quote #1:

Many people want you to destroy your feelings, mostly your innermost feelings. Whether it has many things to do your life, it creates unpleasant feelings. But it forced me how I behaved.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I was a little odd but mischievous in my own ways when I was a child back then. During my childhood, all I thought was playing and playing. And I was very happy to see everyone I can knock to their hearts. Nevertheless, I was easy to please my relatives also. When the times I grew up already and not knowing myself completely, I became miserable and most of my times before, I was really depressed.


I found myself in denial stage. I’ve even learned that I’ve had being a condition of Down syndrome when I was in sophomore year in high school. I kicked out of my conclusions and told myself and said, ‘I’ve been doing this all the time and not even myself I didn’t know.‘ My family knew behind. My relatives also knew. But I was the only one who didn’t know about my condition. I seek depressed too many times before.


I was even careless to myself. Then I realized one thing I learned in my experiences was to accept my condition. That was three years ago already.


Quote #2:

Don’t force me to learn how many possible lessons could teach your life in greatest experiences you have. To tell you the truth, you never believe yourself. You never seek to your potential talent.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve had a greatest potential talent – is to write, to draw and to think positive things in life. I saw myself miserable of my life before. But I learned how to do the math lessons, the science lessons, the language lessons and the history lessons also. But I didn’t acknowledge myself having with a condition being having that I’ve had Down syndrome. That was before.


Now I learned how to cope with my problems. To see is to believe. To acquire is to require your innermost feelings with the presence of the Lord. And to seek how you react is to see yourself a positive way of thinking at the back of your head. The talent you’ve had were the greatest lessons you’ve ever learned. But I never thought that way before. To loop the everything in the past, we couldn’t redo all what we’ve had done before. It was unexchangeable. But it never seeks to my heart. It was only until then, one passion led me to reasons – go back to basics.


Basic teachings, basic knowledges and basic wisdom of life are here to teach your life how you believe yourself more in the future. But the more I acquire in my life is to believe in God alone. Because in God alone, you will receive blessings from Him above.


Quote #3:

Ask how many times you’ve been chasing after your dream, it always have been failing. You always allow yourselves what is need to be done and what is not to be done when it is wrong.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve been chasing my dream every time I always allow one dream to achieve. But I felt it was wrong. Feeling you are depressed all the times in yourself. You allow yourself that you are doubting yourself. But one lesson I’ve learned throughout my life, I learned how great possible dreams will change after you succeeding in different ways of living of life.


Learn how to value your life. Learn how to see your life in different lessons you want to learn. Learn what is given talents you have. Learn what is righteous dream you always have to follow. But the most lesson I’ve learn is to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself one hundred percent, you will eventually follow even your expectations to grow bigger. But it will also that you learn how to succeed your limitations higher than your normal limitations. It is how you feel within your emotions and emotions will never be the same.


Quote #4:

Just because you cannot do what the others can do, you always fail. And feeling that you’re not from the field as them, you feel the same way.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve been in denial stage before. But it was the greatest fear I’ve conquered. And sometimes when you feel the same feelings I have, you will encounter how positive ways will come in your way. Somehow along the road, I’ve been feeling lonely and depressed.


But along with the journey I have today, I have surpassed many trials or problems today. Each problem will solve how many rocks you will collect on the road. When you know how to get rid of many rocks on your road, you will see the light in your journey. What lessons did I learn? Learn how to be humble what is given to you and learn how to place what your journey tells you so.


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Every single day you ask me why I am not as seen as Down syndrome. It’s because it’s not a hindrance to me anymore. Disability as they speak, or not as disability as the others seems they don’t believe in it. One day, I ask them also why I am standing in my little shadows. I conquer my fears and doubts that has been casting away all my hatred, depression and frustrations from my life. I firmly believe that I also can do what others can do – in order to reach the highest goals.

~Status message in facebook, March 16, 2014, Sunday, 9:17 p.m.


No labels as Down syndrome: Conquering the new fear

No labels as Down syndrome: Conquering the new fear


It helped me to think at the back of my head that it would be another conquering one of my greatest fear: social sharing. It was the time that built my character that I spoke from my words. And sometimes when I shared my thoughts to anybody else, I would like to share my greatest fear – doubting myself to nothing.


I have being what you called me as a disability. And being as a disability for me don’t label me anymore as being having with Down syndrome. I set my days to be told and the days have been set me free. I always tell myself if I can do it more like as a motivational speaker. And I was once a guest speaker in University of Santo Tomas who I spoke to graduating students and educational students as they are becoming special education teachers someday. I was welcomed and became red teary from that moment.


One student who approached me in the facebook and chatted with me if I can go to the University of Santo Tomas. I was glad to take an opportunity to speak in the crowd. And a crowd was filled different participating special schools from Padre Burgos, Cupertino and from Metro Manila area, with teachers and volunteers in participating schools. I was scared at the time. But since it was first time. My anxiety became once my fear.


What is my greatest fear? Anxiety that it was called. But I loved to talk to someone I really knew. To someone I barely know, I wouldn’t talk to the stranger. My parents have really said to me that I wouldn’t talk to the strangers. But when the time I walked-in to the school I wanted really had a job. It offered me as an assistant teacher job. I met a wonderful boss. And I thought at the back of my head that he really was a bossy that time. Little by little, I became part with him also. Day by day when we talked, and night by night that I chatted even in text messages.


What was my fear again? It got lost. The anxiety inside of me has changed. And able to talk to new stranger, it coped from my problems. I’ve had been in denial stage since the day I’ve graduated the year of 2003. But from my hindrance before, the learning stage I’ve been through. It was dated back since the year of 1997. I learned that I’ve being condition as Down syndrome. And what it told me? It ate my pride. And I ate the word of anxiety. I became lost. I became desperate finding my answers. And years that I’ve had been in depression, frustration and hatred. What I have become to have my condition. Was it okay to move forward? And I have said that I was really lost.


My life since 1997 up to the present has been changed from the learning stage to in denial stage and to acceptance stage.


Learning stage


I love science before even up to now. And I began loving to draw even higher creative details to imaginative details. That moment I learned how I made science making real traditional artist. I drew a thousand science pictures from one book. And I was once a hundred percent student who loved drawing arts in science. In fact, when I found myself having with Down syndrome in my sophomore year in high school. I’ve withdrew with my stance and my post. I lost my confidence. So I hid from my emotions. That was the year of 1997 when I was still in my sophomore year in high school.


In denial stage


Knowing that I’ve been graduated from high school in the year of 2000 and moved on to the culinary years that I’ve entered in my prestigious culinary school in the Philippines, Center for Culinary Arts. And the moment I stepped in that school, all the things were different from my previous school. I lost my confidence. And I lost my conscience making up where I will go. My dreams shattered. University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas and La Salle College was the top choices I’ve wanted to go in. If I went in UP, I would be bested in theatre arts. If I went in UST, I would be bested in music. Or if I went in La Salle, I would be fitted in multimedia arts, music or any related course that I went in. But my pride fell. So I listened to my mother’s advices. I ate my own words and my anxiety grew powerful.


Anxiety made me angry every day and every night. Eventually I went deeper in my frustrations and depression mood. It was because what it happened during my sophomore year in high school. I learned the fact that I’ve being what it takes to be as a hindrance having with Down syndrome. I dived into my fears and doubts that I couldn’t reached in my biggest dreams – to enter in the entertainment industry. My mom enrolled me in dancing lessons during I was in my culinary years. And I enjoyed my stay and learned the basics of dancing. Eventually I learned how to dance hip-hop, ballet and traditional dancing also.


I felt my agony. I felt bitterness. I felt my depression. And my frustration would became wider and wider. When my two elder sisters were here, they stopped me drowning into fears as I almost went to suicide. But I couldn’t do it. Because I was afraid of myself. And the anxiety grew bigger and bigger inside of my personality.


Acceptance stage


The year of 2011 came into my life when I started to post some products I’ve wanted to have retailer down to my name. It was then, the networking came to my life, or so as to be called as multi-level marketing. I was fresh blood and didn’t knew the word of networking. So I joined in June 2011. Petrified that I was inside the networking company. All in the audience inside the establishment building shouted and said, “I am abnormal to become richer one day.” One word that has changed me instantly. What was the word I was called during my elementary and high school days? It was the word of sped. That word derived from the word of retarded. I began to wake up in reality and stopped what I was doing things that I didn’t like.


I only lasted in networking days about five months, almost as six months regular employee. Since that day, I’ve accepted my condition being having with Down syndrome and grew my confidence. But I didn’t know the genetically lessons about Down syndrome. I’ve been introduced through my relative’s friend who was been in Davao. They were both volunteers because they were both taking in special education course. Then Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines has been introduced into my ears in January 2012. I went to listen awareness in February annual Happy Walk, the yearly advocating month of Down syndrome.


And I became a member in December 2012. Blessings poured me down. Last year was a roller coaster. I didn’t have a job. My sister was getting married in September. What should I do? I asked myself. Then one incident came to my life. I did have experience to have a girlfriend last May 2013. But it only lasted 8 days of relationship. Then it pushed me getting a new job. So I walked in. And the unexpected job came to my life – being as an assistant sped teacher.


Anxiety acceptance stage


The last and not the least stage is my anxiety acceptance stage. A hindrance of Down syndrome is no longer part of my life or better to be called as no labels as Down syndrome. My boss said it was better for me to move on. And I did.


All my anxiety inside of my personality exchanged with new meanings: determination, acceptance, appreciation and confidence. Four words from one word, I drained all of my anxiety sickness. And the anxiety sickness I already overcame.


No labels as Down syndrome, what else is new? It decides to be conquering new fears.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

The world shows how we care for each and every of us. And I, included here, will also know how I am learning through all the stages I’ve been through. Determination shows me how I am really going to my dreams. Dreams are not that away from me. Although there are many clues in my life today that is showing in this year of 2014, and all that I am going to do is acting to my knowledge and learn how to get there in that stage.


More each and every day I see myself in the distant future. If I am not here today, I wouldn’t be going ahead  to my dreams. But sometimes I also need how life is also important to our daily lives. Appreciation is all I need where I can stand on my own. And sometimes when I feel lonely, all I need is to pray in few minutes or more and ask what is hidden in my confession prayers. Prayers are also important for each problems we have in life. We need a lot intentionally prayers through intercession.


Too much asking from God sometimes doesn’t give right away in your place. Praying in a long time-frame will have a process and it has to be constant for you to understand. It don’t give in and also it doesn’t count how many reasons or chances will have to go in your place. If you have too many reasons in your life and you want it right away. That doesn’t count. It gives a long sacrifice and silence when you are giving yourself with Him above.


Build an foundation in your place is also part of growing up in your life. Acceptance is one of the building processes to believe in yourself and it’s also part of growing matured of your life. It doesn’t count the way you can say that you’ve move on already. Acceptance is also part of growing who you are right now. Building yourself to other’s shoes doesn’t build you up. It has to be you. Don’t count or don’t rely to others. Help yourself. And always be conscious what you are doing good choices and replace it from bad choices you have in your life.


Today what I have now is a foundation of yourself to build up your character. When you find yourself in the distant future, trust with your life and submit yourself to Him above. Confidence needs a lot of practice and it takes time to have patience in your life. When you don’t have them both, then you are not ready to face conquering your fears and doubts. Racing through your life, when you are in trials or problems you are right now, gives you more to understand in your situation. I may be not a perfect person, but says the Lord that you are perfect to Him because you know of yourself than any person knows you well. He alone knows what you are doing and what you give back the situation you are in. Because the bigger confidence you have now with Him above, you believe in yourself to Him.


Every life is about changing everyday and night. It has special meanings in occasions. It don’t bring good or bad karma in your life. But it says that you underestimate it your own self. Believe it more to Him and it begins to believe it in your self. Every challenge in your life is a temporary shelf life. Don’t bring yourself to hatred. Hatred may bring you to frustration, depression or even in trouble times in your life.


Every life is new when you face yourself near the future. You cannot see yourself in the future if you are not doing it actively. Unless sacrifice some things you don’t have like gadgets or something that is valuable for you. When you enter your life in second life, all the things you have now are temporary things in your life.


Every life is new when you know the dreams are waiting for you. It doesn’t create the shortcomings. It creates new imaginations or a cloud of full dreams above your wildest imaginations. It also creates your confidence, acceptance, appreciation and determination in your life. Because when you believe for yourself. You adore your life even more better and you will guide even bigger dreams to fill in your own shoes.




Every Life is New is the second anniversary article this year 2014. It also marks the 493rd year of Philippines history since March 16, 1521. This is also the third book covering new chapters, new series, new wisdom quotes and there will be a lot new articles coming this year.


The new second series Assistant’s corner will starting soon after it ended from the first series Assistant’s desk with 13 pages in its first chapter. Also the second series of Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome  will also starting soon after it ended from the first series Living being as Down syndrome with 10 pages in its first chapter. Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome will tackle more interesting topics and new experiences that it will take place bringing back the life before when I am still in denial stage.


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Rico Yan: The magic and the inspiration

Rico Yan: The magic and the inspiration

The only person in my mind the past days was only other than, Rico Yan. He was only the person I could relied to speak of my mind. Whenever I got to speak with him in my dreams, he would made me to wake me up.

My wildest dreams was complicated now that I am still dreaming if I can achieve it. No one will know but the God speaks the truth if I can still join. Somehow along the roads I will fill up to my shoes, there would be a right time to know about the truth.

Rico has someone I knew that we also have common friends. But I will not mention to this article. I am aware what I am writing about anything against negative. The only thoughts at the back of my head are all about positive thoughts and a good vibes also. Nevertheless, I speak from my words.

I really don’t write filipino in articles. Rest as someone of you know me already. But the rest of the society will come and wait what is in my mind. Rico is all about the magic and the inspiration. He was truly the icon in the Philippines.

Now it’s time for me that I also have to move on with my feelings with him. I’ve accepted the things he is no longer with us anymore. But his magic will spread more even more wider and wider. The new generation will also follow him in the time he will remember. Not everyone in the country knows him today. But the inspiration he made for his followers, his fans and to his friends also were all the knowledge he had.

The first time I met him, he was really good looking guy, spiritually and very friendly. And I didn’t know that he was spontaneous that time. He was really a good friend. He came it up and said to me, ‘one day, we will talk about you.’ He said to me that time. But the time he died on March 29, 2002, that was Good Friday. I was really shocked and still in denial. And I couldn’t coped up and I didn’t believe it either. It was rest assure that I led my life through him.

October 4, 2012, two years ago when I finally met Rico Yan’s family and his relatives also. By the time I knew that time last two years. I was really shocked. His male cousin I didn’t know come at the back of my head that I was really shocked.

In times when we were in grief and anger to our hearts, I eventually knew his untimely death. But I didn’t want to bring that issue in this article. It was to prevent some malicious words I would speak of. And I am aware what I am writing about. And I am happy to say that I was his avid fan.

In my work, everyone knew about me and my idol – Rico Yan. I made my acceptance three years ago when I finally moved on that I’ve had a disability being having with Down syndrome. And also it has been two years already that I moved on without him by our sides. He didn’t give up to his life. He only left us to this world to leave his message and said, ‘I would be leaving this world if I’ve served as an inspiration.

Thank you, Rico, for saving my life back then. And thank you that you didn’t give up. Now it is time for me that I would also serve as an inspiration for everybody living today. I would follow you whenever I go. And just what you have said to me, ‘go out and find yourself even better.‘ And the acceptance for me you was inevitable between the two of us. You are a truly inspiration icon. And I will be honor if the time permits me to go after my wildest dreams.

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Eightieth-Seventh English Quote:


If there is nothing to beat me completely

then it’s nothing to be afraid of,

of who you are to be

of what you can be for your real life

or to regret something you’ll forget.


I notice the doors will open

the bursting ideas will keep coming in

the regretful, frustrated and

flawless pointless ideas are

keeping to sink at the bottom

of the depths inside of the ocean.


What bothers me to uphold all

the things that cannot bringing it back,

the hatred must not come at the end

or shall it be repenting the last

judgment of the last days’ will.


No matter what it says

or no matter what it does an action

it should be open by now

anytime or any day will come

that the future will waiting for you

knowing your frustrations as

your last day wishes.


Eightieth-Eighth English Quote:


The creativity of all the beginning

when the world is created,

Adam and Eve was the first humans

in the world but neither less to say

that we are becoming aware of

our four billion population is growing more.


The chest pain in our daily lives

we see all in our eyes every day and night

we gather informations all we can

completing our mission but only one

cannot be seen is about the disabilities.


Night seeks the day and

the day seeks the night

and every day we wake up

we also sleep in the slumber nights

we can do in our lives.


One or maybe two

or shall I say it more than

disabilities I can see in the road,

the blind risks to work needing our help

in order to eat their stomachs,

the mute cannot talk but understands

what we are saying to them,

and the hearing loss seems helplessly

in order to gain in our daily lives.


With Down syndrome,

kids or adults being having with those conditions

needs our help in order to see them

under our unconditional love.


With Autism or other abnormalities,

kids or adults being having with those conditions

seeks more your help in order

to grow more in their potential talents

but what we can see in daily lives

is a discrimination acts.


Discriminative tools are not to be said,

discriminative words are not to be used

unless we take care them in our

long patience, understanding the pain

in their hearts listening to them,

and the world needs to know

that we need them in our daily eyes.




Every day I sit beside my keyboard and the screen in front of my eyes, I always think at the back of my head what to write next for my English quotes 40. It’s about the time when I need to think the next freshest group of words will come out. The key of existence keeping to write in this kind of literature is all about the achievements. And the achievements will test me new challenges if I can it write more than a group of words. And to test all about my courage and my capability knowing my knowledge are all at the back of my mind.


The last English quotes 39 was dated six weeks ago and it was dated 26th of January, Sunday, 2014. But among of all ideas synchronizing inside of my mind keeps me playing what I can do to those words and what to write is all the best I can have.


87th English Quote:


This eightieth-seventh english quote is all about the frustrations keeping you not to move forward. But all the things you regret in your life is your family, relationship with your partner, your financial basis, your relationship with your boss or to any key of frustrations in your life. The bothersome in your life relies too much in the other side of the world needing to say it’s not worth it. But it’s worthless to know all about the knowledge. The last actions of your ideas keeps knowing about you, but it keeps you away from any distractions, a miserable life.


88th English Quote:


This eightieth-eighth english quote is all about the discrimination, the beginnings and the disabilities that we know for today’s generation. I long fought my life in denial stage way back since my sophomore year in my high school. Until I reached at the certain age of adult, I was becoming aware that I’ve had to accept my condition. Knowing the truth honestly kept my composure to the ground. The world started with two first humans and God didn’t get mistakes but gave gifted children with different disabilities. With different disabilities in our lives whether in any kind of human race around the world insists growing more advocacy in our lives – to know the disabilities are more capable than the rest of the society. But discrimination is not an option. To end the discrimination, it must be to stop, educate the society and learn the fact that we all unite as one human race in the world, more than four billion in population.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

This has been 14 years already when I was struggling to my problems before I knew that I have Down syndrome. It was then, a miserable life. But I always have had to ask myself what I’ve had done in my life? Was it good to have experience this way or was it bad? Some of the thoughts at the back of my head thinking if I was overacting to my thoughts. The real solutions came later in my life. Those 14 years from the year of 1997 when I learned that I have had Down syndrome, was one of the hardest times I’ve never achieved back then.


Learning from my experiences in the year of 2011, the year of changing of views came and exchanged stumbling to my thoughts at the back of my head if I was correctly myself. Then I said it to myself, it was time to let it go and accepted who I was. It was the Disney movie animation theme song from Frozen, Let It Go, when I felt the same way I always sang it to my heart. It was really painful that time, and I felt that it was something in my heart that I wasn’t a perfect gift. After I saw and heard Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines last January 2012 in the social network platform, it was then I felt that I wasn’t alone in the country knowing that I was feeling this way. But in my heart alone, the coldness and the numbness inside of my heart were melting one by one inside of my painful memories. It was the song I also learned that past is the past. So I moved on.


What can I do to be in my life today? Should I wake up? Or should I move on? Those repeating questions always have asked in my head until today. But I said to myself that I can do this through a lot of hardship relationship with God. I said to myself that I will be always loyal and be obedient. When I hear a lot of comments at the side of my negative side at the back of my head, I always block the negative sides. And to think of it at the back of my head, I will always allowing myself thinking more positive sides inside of my brain.


Journey of Down syndrome

Journey of Down syndrome


If I can do allowing myself to do more than I can do anything, I will claim all myself to Him alone. But the gift inside of my heart will be always cherishing inside of my life. The country Philippines should learn one by one of the facts that being having disability or not, people should be aware what they are doing against some of the special people and disability people. Because in reality, there are some people who can’t trusted what the words they are saying from their mouths. It’s their attitude is what their disability all about.


I may be have being having Down syndrome, but my heart is pure, sensitive and always understanding. I will always have to be calm all the time. And I claim my life to the Lord because everything here in the land are all temporary shelves in life. With two copies of chromosomes are normal and an extra copy of chromosome is called Mosaic Down syndrome, based on trisomy 21 chromosome test led by Dr. Jerome Lejeune and Dr. John L. Down who learned and discovered about Down syndrome, respectively.


Life is always have been as one of toughest of journey. And a journey is waiting for me in the future will unfold to me. With a lot of unquestionable questions they have hiding in the future, it will wait for me to test it. But along with powerful believing myself is all my strength left. Because all things are possible no matter what you are dreaming in your life. With a help from my promising life, I always seek to my unique talents and use it for my purpose doings. I will achieve in small things. And every smaller details of smaller things will deliver the message for me waiting to achieve. So the power of believing is one of my optimistic thoughts.


Two years have passed by from the year of 2012. 2012 was the perfect opportunity year to change me as well. And the blessings from 2012 was still continuing to bless me last year of 2013. Last year was a little bumpy to me. I have had experiencing with 8 days of relationship with my ex-girlfriend. It was a fling actually, but it counted as one anyway. Then she was the one who pushed me that I’ve had to wake up from a reality that I needed a job anyway. When I walked in for the first time in my life in a school, I grabbed the opportunity and continued the battles I’ve had today. This month was my eighth month anyway in my job.


The passion from my heart when I felt from the special children, it felt me that I began to like as a role model and a brother to most kids with Down syndrome. We also have kids with Autism and ADHD. Kids like them are gifted children. When I learned everything I could learn from my two bosses, I always wanted to be a teacher when I was thinking at the back of my head before. But I didn’t have an special education course diploma neither that I’ve had an education course diploma. I always asked myself everyday before when the time I was in depressed and frustrated times. I couldn’t do it. Because I was still in trauma years. It was years to build my courage back in reality. Fourteen years (14) that I always counted from 1997 to 2011. After building 3 years from 2011 until today, it was a difficult trial to me but I’ve had to accept it.


Then I suddenly woke up in reality and I said to myself that I can normally do what other people can do mostly in their lives. Applying, getting a passport and completing the papers was the first priorities that I did last year. And I did have a job. I’ve completely to be honest that I can do this with normal people. People with bad attitude are their disability. Somehow I don’t want them to judge, but they have to look us as our abilities what we can do. We may have unique intelligence in one, two or more fields. But we are capable trying to absorb in normal lives everyday in life struggling in a real world.


Being labeling having with Down syndrome is also one of greatest gift and a journey has more to tell you more stories.


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When I came to Happy Walk three years ago, it was me and my dad. That was when I wasn’t yet aware what I was doing to my childhood until adulthood. The world was intimidated me. Knowing that I didn’t know what I was capable of. But the fact I’ve enjoyed my life – being as a special adult.


Being having with Down syndrome, or simply no labeling with disability, doesn’t come to my fears and my doubts anymore. But I coped all of my problems when I was a child until I grew up maturely. I was hesitated to come in a big world. All my life has been depended in high school, college and frustration in the past years. Hiding from shadows cloaked me almost 14 years already but I came out from shadows that I became a light in 3 years already since 2011.


2011 was a big year changing me throughout all my hurdles. My burden heart poured down like a fire like I’ve been feeling loneliness, frustrated and depressed. I was all alone in one corner waiting for someone to tap me in my shoulder. Suddenly I woke up from my real dreams was waiting me all along. It was then one of my guardian angels told me that I have to follow where my heart is. And I did.


I was bored during my days waiting for me to have a work during those frustration and depression days. I was never satisfied what I was doing. I was shadowed of my pride and frustration began piling me up those days. And then I said to myself after I met Lapena family on February 15, 2012, days before Happy Walk begins on February 19, I didn’t want to go back where I was standing before. The boring days settled me down to my happiest times. My satisfaction grew up more as I wanted to look forward. And my pride and frustration began fading away. Looking up was a big step for me. I’ve always asked myself if I can still follow my wildest dreams to enter in the entertainment industry. I only allowed myself eager to be happiness all the time and my lips began smiling again.


The big three I coped up from my problems: 1) I’ve always allowed myself looking down no matter how small or big problems will come to your doors. 2) Noticing my real world wasn’t big enough but I only allowed myself as a frustration and depression during those days. And last 3) I looked in my past that I always wanted to change like in the movie of Back to the Future.


The big solved problems I made it so far: 1) I’ve entered DSAPI few days before the 20th Happy Walk. 2) I’ve joined my 1st Happy Walk back on Feb 19, 2012. 3) Blessings started pouring me down. And there were more plenty solved problems to been telling you the truth.


I’ve started to be walking alone in my own small two steps. Those small two steps were bigger chances to change my decisions. That year 2012 changed my whole life after I’ve entered Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines. I became a member last December 2012. And I’ve renewed my membership last December 2013 for adding two more years. Working was my first step priority those years. And I did working hard to earn my job last year. The roads today are more bumpy this year, because some of the roads I will take have risky chance. But those risky chances will prove my steadiness in the future.


The big three to my 3rd Happy Walk was a success. I’ve gained experiences. Some it might fall, but I have to stand up again for making mistakes growing to be stronger. Some it might to grow a little, the opportunity will knock me again those doors opening for me again calling that I will go back from my talents I’ve today.


Green shirt front

Green shirt front

Green shirt back

Green shirt back


No matter what problems are going for you, you have to knock it from your heart and change it for a good. I may be a special adult, but labeling me as Down syndrome is not my fear anymore or doubts. I will always surprising you in many ways, but to tell you at the back of my head that I have more greater ideas to create in the future. Waiting is not good, but to act from my heart will surprise you.


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When I was a kid, I always dreamt having to be an artist or a writer or a dancer. But it never crossed at the back of my head that it came to my life will come more blessings to me. And yes, no matter how small details of blessing will come. I will always accept what I have today and ask for anything will come.


I’m a dreamer who always thinking at the back of my head will do anything to succeed more. But being having with Down syndrome for me was not an accident for me when I discovered during my sophomore year in high school. I just came home and told my parents if it was real or not. But it was more 17 years already. Since then, I never knew it came for me for the last two years that I’ve had to accept my condition. Little by little, I saw once my light again at the end of the tunnel. It was always I was dreaming about chasing my wildest dreams to enter in the entertainment industry. It is now still one of my wildest dreams today.


But I rather change my mind and change to choose my personality in a different path. Since I love writing, drawing, dancing and photographing all the good imaginations I have at the end of my head. And it is a good advocate that I choose today – to become a role model in the Philippines because no matter what career chooses you, I still choose what makes me happy.


Blue clear skies

Blue clear skies


The last two years was a rapid change for me. And the only thing changed me for good was the last thing I removed from at the back of my head was being a negative. Instead, I always look forward and always think at the back of my head is being a positive and optimistic mind. I took a glance and glimpse from my past that I was always be a humble, down-to-earth, friendly and always be an everybody’s friend. It was then that my first employer I worked with said that to me. I overcame being having with a disability, changed my visions and became thinking at the back of my head no labels as Down syndrome inside of my mind.


I deserved to have a special parents who always have been there for me to support me. And from the start of my birth that I didn’t know myself, I always said to myself that I have to exceed more for my limitations and be always a limitless person all the time. And the wonderful blessings will come in your way to bless you more. And the last thing I’ve received last Christmas was revealing that I’ve had a crush to our special education teacher in a school where I worked. But it was then that I chose my commitment to continue my work in the school instead go after her. It was my first time that I told myself it won’t happen to me again that I have to go after her. It was my choice and there were sacrifices that built in my life.


But then, there was a small bit inside at the back of my head that I still have had to change myself. And so I am to build my character to change little by little. All of my blessings will come at the right time for you when you are doing a good deed for something that will change you.


And what’s new this year? For this year of 2014 will open my another chapter and an empty pages will be fill in notes, quotes, stories and success in your life. The more you always do thinking at the back of your head being as a positive mind and having to be optimistic person is the more dream will come at the right time for you. Since I always do practicing at the back of my head that I don’t want to be hurry all the times. Instead I always open at the back of my head to sacrifice all the things you always do to your life. And I always do the right deeds than the bad deeds that I am still doing.


And so, for the next month which it will start tomorrow the new month of February of 2014. It is a month of valentines and also a month of my birthday lies ahead of 19th. And I’m aware that being getting older is a new sign, a new chapter and a new blessing will come in your way to your door.


The gift I’ve receive is being having with Down syndrome. It is not a hindrance. It is a gift that chooses your daughter, son, brother or sister with special needs. It is always a dream when you are as a chosen special parents. And the best blessing will come your way to have a better life for you to come.


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I was bad writing my sentences when I was young as a child. I had always pretending to be as a writer when I was a kid. In the past when I was younger from range of five years old to seven years old, I began writing. But my words were longer to cut in phrases, sometimes in difficult writing when I was a kid. My speech was also poor and it was delayed. But being having with Down syndrome wasn’t difficult for me because I knew in my heart time will come, heal and to accept my condition. And so I did.


Whenever I always saw comics, I always thought also to become a comic artist. And I always wanted to become an artist when I was a kid. But things were different when I was a kid and when I was a teenager back then. But I didn’t know how difficult I triumphantly did what I can do for this years. When two years ago, my writing began calling to write it again. And somehow I did. The last twelve years ago, I also began to write in different social platform, blogger.com. But the site wasn’t improved during that time and so my writing also.


I never thought I can do this to write and to write until I always practice everyday just to memorize how small details can make bigger picture creating more structure sentences. But the picture there when I was a teenager when I started to write poetry, my classmate who was always have been topped in the school. She always had been intelligent in our class. But I’ve had to say that she was better than me writing those sentences good and structured. I didn’t want to make arguments. But sad to say, I lost my many entries to be included in the school paper. But she was the head of the school paper during that time.


Our valedictorian was always being as a top class in our school. But he was near in top 3 in the class when other of my high school classmates were my formerly school mates before. I was alone in seventh grade but somehow I never thought I can have chance writing was all of my accomplishments.


My motivation to my writing is continuously improving but somehow it’s not always have to be perfect hundred percent. It is always been 8 out of 10 rate. Because there are more rooms to improve my writing skills. But my proficiency in filipino somehow also have been in 7 out of 10 rate. I always have to compete my writing to my past days. And what I always see around is my inspiration in my bank at the back of my head. I didn’t know much of english writing when I was young. And I didn’t see much of myself in the past. From now what I am writing.


My motivation is always everywhere. I’ve been getting a lot to inspire me. I’ve always watch some english movies, english television shows and some english books to improve my writing. But I’ve never thought that this writing is how I motivate myself.


When the times are not right, somehow I skid myself in a piece of paper and start to write in an empty paper with a pen or a pencil. And I thought at the back of my head would be making easier, but it was also difficult to structure the sentence. What I did the last two years, I’ve attended again in call center training which my english would become improved. I did completing the 100 hours of call center training and gained the certificate of call center training instead going in call center career.


It was supposed for me going in call center because of my certificate. But I said to our english instructor that this training would benefited me for my english to become better. And so I did. After few days, that was why I decided to put back my studio to name it after my game online character name, Mikki and also after my youtube account, itsmikki. It was decided to put the name of Itsmikki Studio in the social platform, wordpress.com, because someone was recommended me to use the platform. And so I did. And later that year, I also put up my facebook page and name it the same, Itsmikki Studio.


There are many reasons I motivate myself to write. One was when my first love I sent my letter before sending to Illinois, the state of United States of America. And then I began also been in love writing when I entered in high school writing in poetry first. And I never thought that I can also have been in love writing in songs, stories and at the end, practicing to write in quotes also. What is my motivation? My motivation is how I write to my life and this is my testimony.


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The key of success life is to live peaceful, harmoniously, optimistic and free to open your mind to one of happiness times. I always think free flow at the back of my head never believe to sadness, sorrowful, hurtful or believing to negative thoughts. Seeing my future to unfold will realize how important trials or problems will test me. No matter what makes depressed me, I will stand way out that being having with Down syndrome will be no longer as my label but to act as normal. I am who I am. And I believe in happiness no matter troubles will bring me in.”

~Status message in facebook, January 27, 2014, Tuesday, 8:28 p.m.


It changes my life from the past to what I am standing right now. When I encountered more of my problems before stating I was in depression and frustration times, I was always looking myself down to the mirror before the typhoon in Manila hit last September 26, 2009, Saturday morning. It was then I looked always how I was unchanged looking myself in the mirror. I was thinking at the back of my head I was locking in the cave no wondering that I would ever come back to see the light.


When I saw a light at the end of cave, I always thought that something was missing about myself. It is a matter of acceptance giving myself to change more about myself and to the people who really loves me much. Giving a chance that I have Down syndrome, mosaic Down syndrome that indicates two copies of chromosomes are normal while another extra copy of chromosome has trisomy 21 Down syndrome.


Normally I always not study on my own how to base what is really have to have Down syndrome. When I joined Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines two years ago, the 20th Happy Walk on February 19, 2012. That was Sunday. One rare gift could send to me. And it was a real gift blessing I received from one of my angels I really believed. Angels are my beliefs. And somehow it changes me when they are seeing whether I am doing wrong or I am doing right. I am not perfect who I am used to before or even until now. But I am also a gift from God that He send me to see my visualize my purpose in my life.


I read Purpose Driven Life book before. It was then I realized that book was important to me. But the typhoon washed all the books I loved to read. And one of them is Purpose Driven Life.


My purpose in my life has beginning to change my visions. When I was not able to finish my second choice to digital course in 2006 and until now, I was somehow changed my mindset if I can study again. My third choice today is looking forward to study in special education if I can budget all my savings and turn it all good choice to able looking forward to have a four year course. But on the other side, I will still have my own business creating my unique line – creating more greeting cards in different sizes, pocket books, novels, quotes book and many freshest ideas to make more. And that is how the name of Itsmikki Studio change me as well. But the connection to my wildest dreams if someday will achieve. I will be able to make a movie somehow, or a television show, or something that creates my vision. So I can let other disabilities to work with me as well as the label says that there is no label of being disability allows here on earth.


God always says to me that Jesus Christ will be always our savior to change us, He will be remain to rescue us from the sins we make from him. But we always do what we can do to change us. But it will be my faith to remain as catholic no matter what. I am looking always no matter what you have religion you believe into, the relationship with God is most important.


Seeing no labels as Down syndrome will no longer be part of my life. But I always believe what I can do no matter trials or problems will come after me. The secrets will always open to the truth. And the truth will set you free no matter you have today. And you will see the light at the end of the cave.


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There is always a new height of new achievement. But sometimes there is always a pending dream still on your way to achieve. Looking forward to a pending dream somehow stop me for a while. I know it’s kind of hard. All the hardest part you always work for sometimes it falls to your knees. Well it somehow gets on a wrong turn.


I see a lot of positive sides of this year of 2014. I got my new barangay clearance and a cedula. And I am still way waiting for my renewed NBI clearance to get it on a few days left. It is somehow getting me stuck on my work. This work as an assistant teacher is really below the minimum salary I could get. But the experience gets me a roller coaster. Somehow I can’t imagine how things should not be lighter or heavier. It never breaks in the bank at the back of my head although it says to my mind that I should get another business, or an extra income, or to get another job perhaps.


2014 is always a new door for me. And I was starting to get on try-out practice last three weeks ago in bowling and cricket training. The first sport I’ve had trying on bowling was okay. But the bowling for me costed me highly not anticipating on my wallet. It really costed me that much aside from the golf I’ve always want to go back also. Because on my age, I should be now practicing my diet into maximizing exercise where I can get physical practice. But on the other side, cricket training was one tough ball-and-bat game like one in baseball or softball games.


Then another came to my place. It was one my closest to my dreams I should save more money for my own business in the future. Getting to open a new bank account as soon my financial basis is above 30 minimum or to 50, maximum already. Sooner or later, I should make more photo messages, create more greeting cards, quote books, make more a lot money from my freshest ideas. No one should get to my imagination but I am. Because on the way to my wildest dreams is getting on entertainment industry.


Entertainment industry is closer one of my goals as to film-making, animating, getting a new line of business or to create more stories as well for either television series, movies or in animation too. But so far, this is one I’ve been looking for a new heights.


And I can’t imagine how closer I am to, or maybe I am too curious what I am doing right now assisting children at the school where I am enjoying to my status to my work. But the problems are getting bigger. The financial problems are still on my shoulders. The expenses are also there. Maximize my potential skills are somehow exercising me as well. Maybe I should start to get on my own capital from my cellphone loading business to create another capital. But it seems reckless to me. Should I get to take a risk? Or should I not to get a risk? Somehow I always tell myself that my birthday is getting nearer and nearer. And I’m also getting old.


I’ve been locked to my wildest dreams up to now whether I like to go in or go out chasing another unexpected dream to create more financial basis. Hmm…it’s really hard to expect from me or to anybody else. And also speaking for entertainment industry, I should be saving also to build my own house in the future. I might want to hold on my wildest dreams just to enjoy what I am doing right now at the school where I am working.


Right now, I am planning to retire at least the age of 55. And I am starting to plan make business as late or make it worse it can happen in scenario. But the hindrance being having with Down syndrome is not labeling me anymore. I should be act like a normal person looking forward to a new heights.


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Age doesn’t matter what you are looking for a right job, right decisions to make, for the fitness you like and right attitude towards to your life. I can’t imagine how painful I’m in my fitness and my mental age. Many from my problems measures in many ways of life. But I redeem all of my problems lighter. Thinking at the back of my head just seems not awaking for me. Doubts can also fear what you are doing. But happiness is all of my success in my life. Reducing or minimizing my mood situations can take in different stages. But the matter of fact, last year was full of blessings. And I come knocking again for this year’s blessings. I never stop knocking and do all the stuff I’m enjoying my days. My number one resolution last year was minimizing my weight. And I did. And the last unquestionable resolution also came to me last year. And so I did have a work today. My goals have changed. My dreams never stop me dreaming. The last thing I’ve received two years ago when I’ve joined in DSAPI. The Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines was a gift that I’ve received. Things have changed me. Those days of my depressions and frustration was over.

~Status message in facebook, January 22, 2014, Thursday, 8:12 p.m.


I am crossing my fingers to this Year of the Wood Horse. But I never believe in chinese traditions although my lineage to my mother’s side has chinese. And I’m also have part chinese in my blood. But the things have changed today.


When I see the whole point of changing attitude sometimes can change you for good. Whether what you are doing right now is bad, sometimes it may sounds bit of misunderstanding. Otherwise, you may sound awful what you are doing unmeasurable. I always count myself one to thousand. If I lose one number, I go back to that number and recite it all over again. But I always say to me that if ever I may encounter in this scenario, I always know what to do in right or wrong decisions.


Giant footstep

Giant footstep


The story of Growth success: Two years


I was disoriented in my life if I’ve had really have with a condition of Down syndrome. To think of it, I never knew in my life when I was a kid having with this kind of condition. I’ve entered high school and found out that I really have had Down syndrome. But I never asked my high school teacher which one really I’ve had in my life before. Later in 15 years for now, 2012 was the success changing my direction in my life. I started to join Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines 20th Happy Walk last February 19, 2012 in SM North EDSA skydome arena where I’ve celebrated my birthday the day of 20th Happy Walk. On this marking event of this 22nd Happy Walk coming this February 23, 2014, Sunday will be my 3rd Happy Walk. My parents finally confirm that they are going with me. And I guess time will come too if ever my siblings in Canada will join too in this event in next years hopefully.


I have two more siblings where I am a third child in five siblings. I am an elder brother to my younger sister and my younger brother. Time heals if time permits. All of the conditions before are now changing this past year and this year also. I’ve been doing all the good deeds. But sometimes I also have the few bad deeds unchanged until now. I admitted it that I was wrong. Time heals from the scorned mind at the back of my head. When I joined the 20th Happy Walk, it was not all about me. But it was also for changing who I am today. The acceptance was there when finally in my life came changing to me. Back to those days were depressed and frustrated. I’ve asked my colleagues, my bosses and my friends in my workplace to look after me. If someone got wrong to me again from anyone who can discriminate me, they will rescue me in the first place. I didn’t choose this condition. But God chooses to give me this condition and I’ve to accept in reality and change the heart in the society.


Being having with mosaic Down syndrome I’ve had in my life that my mom told me. That was because when I’ve finally attended the early intervention seminar thrice just to understand the situation I’ve had today. Because two copies of chromosomes are normal but the third copy of chromosome is an extra chromosome, which it is explained that I’ve mosaic Down syndrome.


New parents or new friends in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines keep me asking what are my success in my life today. Just don’t be afraid of chances of your special child. Believe in whole-heartedly. I’ve ask myself to be better this time. Fears of rejection was one of my fears before. But now, I’ve now changed. Instead of fears of rejection moves closer to me, it begin with a belief in acceptance. Accept the special child has changing you. And the special child sometimes can find your emotions changing also. From fear of rejection, accept the reality and move on. I also have had encounters in my life before alone to my problems. But just that I live with my parents doesn’t mean that I’ve to stop. I also have to learn how to work independently, share my little story blessings and change emotions to happiness state in my life.


When asking too much from God, I’ve always ask myself too. Change yourself to a better person inside and out. I never work to myself alone. And God also works to my promises also. But I am helping myself in what some ways I can work independently. When asking too much supervision from my parents, sometimes I, alone, can’t work performing very well. Because they are always have the word of wisdoms saving to say it to me. When asking some words I can’t understand, that is the way I could ask from my parents. But not from financial basis, I work for my own. I also don’t ask money from them. But I could supervise myself with my money through my loading business whenever I could go to. Now that I’ve a work as an assistant teacher. Money is not an issue to me anymore, but an experience is already demand in my life today. Because if I rush to some thing, it would be helpless to me.


No money involves in networking companies where I am not working with them anymore. I already have fear from them changing their attitudes to a rightful way of thinking at the back of their heads. Their attitude sometimes when calling themselves as an abnormal, because they are talking about the money, their rich. That’s what the abnormal talks about in their head. And I am already sensitive in that word since I dissipate that word at the back of my head.


Since encountering with the networking or multi-level marketing companies for the last two companies I joined in the past, I already moved on and have to learn not to go back from them ever again. It was because this was the lessons I’ve learned. But I discovered Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines through one volunteer from my distant relative in Davao. I want to thank her and want to see her in real person. If I ever have a chance in my life to be wish granted, I just want to see her and that’s all I’ve in my life today.


This is my growth success in two years already. And this marks two years when I met one person in Clinica Manila, Megamall last February 15, 2012 and that was Agnes Lapena.


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As life went on to another stage, another scenario and another life book chapters, I was looking forward to a brighter days. But I will tell you how I am lucky where I am going to the right path today. Soon but not so sooner, it will take time to me leading my new future. Probably I am not looking for a work in entertainment industry but staying good working here in the school as an assistant teacher. Well probably, it might knock my doors if I can go to entertainment industry or maybe I will go modeling career instead. But I am assuming that I still have a work in school.


Seven months that I was working as an assistant teacher already. It was meant for me to follow my own dreams whether I shall not breaking my promises as a dancer, as an artist, as a photographer and as a writer too. I may sound an ambitious person, but I am as well as an optimistic and limitless person who have dreams to follow on my own.


Let me a recap in the past three years already from 2011. I was beginning to accept my condition having with my disability. July 15, 2011 was the beginning to open my eyes I was able to hear some networkers (who were working in multi-level marketing companies such as 1Bro, VMobile, Forever Living, UNO, etc.) calling themselves as an abnormal. But their term to call themselves as an abnormal, they were referring to become successful and rich people. It was against all odds when I lasted working with UNO days from June to October 2011. Then after a few months later, I also joined to another networking company the defunct VMobile for selling their load products indicating that they were still recruiting some people to add their money to go rich. What can you do if you are selling those load products? But mine was different.


After I went back to my old provider in July 2012, the D-Loads. VMobile gave me an another lesson never to go back to the networking days. Because I heard some millionaire in VMobile referring to some mongee as ngongo (ngongo means as in english as an inappropriate term for speaking verbally to Down syndrome and other disabilities as well). He was a selfless person who was using a word deriving from as a shortcut from mongoloid. Ouch!


The time I was already subsiding my life going back to reality. I’ve attended my first seminar of Early Intervention Seminar in August 2012 who was then the wife of a president of DSAPI introduced to some new parents in the seminar as well. I was shocked when new parents was amazed from I became today as a high-functional intellectual disability person. To tell the truth, all of these blessings kept coming in for me, I was always to accept what was right from wrong. Whenever it was wrong, I’ve never made to accept it. Rather I’ve accepted the right blessings coming for me.


Hence, the new membership identification card was made during the Christmas party 2012. I became a member of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. My angels told me that I have to fixed my life today. And so also, I made a new historical date to my name that I’ve decided to becoming a special adult advocate for Down syndrome. But before the Christmas party, I was also invited by an UST student president who I talked my first short inspirational speech in their school. To become a new special advocate, I was aware that this was the track helping myself in a brighter future.


Last February 2012 was my first Happy Walk to attend the event and was also my birthday. But my second Happy Walk 2013 was even getting to know in a community better and better. Some new parents had to meet me. And I was amazed someone finally recognized my talent in writing an article here in my studio as well. I became also as an aspirant to many parents who have had their special child with Down syndrome just like me. I was working alone independently without a knowledge my parents knew about me. But at the end of the day, I told them honestly where I was going to this place.


Last year was a huge blessings from me. When I’ve applied in many applications from NBI clearance, passport, police clearance, my first PWD identification card and a medical certificate. And I didn’t know along the way that this was my girlfriend proved me that I have to push myself having to get a work ahead. Even if I did, then it probably both of us have had to decide to go back in any ways of living to work. My ex-girlfriend right now don’t have work. But I didn’t know myself either that I became a regular to the school where I was working as an assistant teacher.


The next thing it is approved for this year of 2014, I will becoming to sign a contract for having another year extension to my work hopefully as a productivity person as well. And to this day very moment, last two days I have had a tryout in bowling of Special Olympics hoping I will compete someday in Special Olympics. But I am determining to have my way of my path to success growth of my life.


That was my part accepting my condition having with mosaic Down syndrome. It doesn’t take me who I am, but I am happy for what I am today. Having part of this society makes me challenging. What challenges are telling me today, they are for my future, present and the past. What past is already past? I’ve been in denial stage before. And now I’m ready for my blessings to come moving forward for me.


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Page Six

Maturity level

I’ve had never encounter with my dilemmas before that I’ve been so insecure. To tell you the truth, in the past articles I wrote, there were several cases in my life before. It was also that I’ve been experienced getting what was not mine, nabbing some thing I liked and getting an attention from my parents. But that was my past. It was because I’ve never noticed myself before that I’ve really had with special condition – Down syndrome.

Did you know it is never crossed in my life that I’ve achieve and move in my life before until now? Maybe it is time to speak up some of my fulfillment. But it never make my life understood about what is going on and what is wrong from right. I’ve asked myself too many questions and I’ve never answered directly from my own perspective point of views. But I was able to speak and cope up with my problems. But now that I know, I made clearly my decision that I have to learn.

Half of my life I knew myself from the beginning I’ve had my thinking at the back of my head when I was in sixth grade. Before sixth grade to my childhood days, those pages were empty. The pages written there was gone. It was because I didn’t know. Little do I know is that I have to speak with my parents and ask them what is really feels like to be a child again. I am born with immaturity age before. But I never speak in cases in this article before. I’m afraid to open up with this topic. But it’s never too late when you say it. I’m also afraid what it feels like to open-minded today. But I am willing to share with my success story.

I’m also obsessed with too many attachments in my life including the book collection, music tape collection and magazine collection. But I never get what I want today. I start being to become a matured person. I’ve never feel this way before, but it seems feeling right and doing some good actions. Whenever I get advices from my two bosses, my co-workers and from the parents also.

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Part IX

Dreaming to be granted has 10 reasons to have chances for your life are to be productive in your life, create more circumstances driving to success and lifting you up in your religious bible groups or worshipping groups.


I am not an expert sharing or telling you some of my experiences where sometimes a full of doubts concern me all the time. But at the back of my head may tell a different side of story when you are dreaming for a success or dreaming to be granted. When you hear some bible studies, you always have to know what do you hear always from them.  We misunderstood them, and sometimes they also have a mistaken us a different stories to listen although we are always to be open-minded.


My religion is a Catholic. But most of the times I hear is all about other religion groups such as born-again christian, protestants, and other names you’ve to know. Somehow I get it by the point of views, or share by the own thoughts from a person’s mind. What else do you want to know if your child has something to say for you? Let me give a quick response: “if there was a mother and a child with special needs, they were always troubling their minds telling what future will handle for a child with special needs.


My side of my story didn’t have a way of sense of troubling. Because my parents raised me well, educated me in a better institutional school and got a college ahead. When I finished college, my mind troubled me at that time because the reality was hard coping which job you will prefer going in. I was devastated, frustrated, confused and depressed. My world seemed wanting my life to go end. When I saw myself in the past, I would rather go back in my past and redo all my bad things going to greater things. But at the end of my journey, my lessons I’ve learned before was to accept my disability being having with Down syndrome.


Being having a condition with someone else portrays your role might have a good offer before. When I read some good stories in different random blogs, I often hear some mother quarreling with their child going to enter the school institution. But instead, I often placed myself to a child. Because I also bear the pain of my mother when she raises me well at that time. During 1980’s, only few school institutions have granted school program for my age of 2 to 5 years of age. If my mom didn’t have her own way, I wouldn’t be here saying all my stories and share it to you.


Here are my top 8 quote stories for this week:


Quote #1:

Why God has place the center of  our hearts to finish all the trials we have?” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


When my mom have finished me going to the college in 2003, she thought my story was all over. And yet the troubled mind has never coping at the end of my journey. Instead I also prayed for what I have success today, minimizing all the problems that I made it before and coped all the problems on myself independently. My mom has sacrificed for her self trying me to finish all my problems. But she proved their son has making his achievements by itself when I made it even with them in my life today.


Quote #2:

Never doubt yourself without claiming that your son or your daughter with special needs has never exceed the expectations through their achievements of their life.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I also have a chances never admitted that I also passed through all of these as a special child with special needs. But I never dreamed that I could be go so far already. When my dreams back then I was in high school, all I thought was to finishing my college. Because I knew from the start that no people have gone so far through their achievements. Some people has to stop and to work already. Some people has to get married because their relationship grew already. And some people has financial problems so they will stop. Because we are not equally have to graduate. My goals had been set already. But I never knew in my life that I could do finishing my studies through 20 years.


Why 20 years? When I finished my college in culinary in 2003, I was already 22 years old. The fact was when my parents have started sending me to Cupertino School for Special Children first before going to Montessori Children Haus Inc, Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo and Center for Culinary Arts. I wouldn’t have been thought creating this studio as well. Parents from DSAPI has a few to listen to my stories before. If I concentrate to my success, then I would be starting to make more conference to new parents where they will have to listen to my success. My slogan said home of achievements because I make a various encounters already in my life.


Quote #3:

Cross your mind that your child will not finish his studies conflicting to their health problems.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I have chronic illness which means that being despite having with Down syndrome, I won’t live longer. But the state was hoping your child will grow more healthier. I don’t have other illnesses in my life neither I have heart problems. But my boss said that I am also immune to pulmonary problems or heart problems. I can’t stay in the area where people are smoking because of their problems. Smoking is one of hazardous problems in heart, lungs and other organs in the body.


But in time I’ve had finishing my studies already, I’ve complained why some of employers didn’t want me to work with them. Was it because that I was fat? Or was it because that I have special conditions? Employers also discriminated special adults in a way they can’t control their behavior. Yes, we have, in fact, a behavioral problems. Due to respect, I’ve also a knowledge when to control my behavior as well.


Before I was working in a school today as an assistant teacher, my PWD or person with disability identification card said that I’ve had a chronic illness. Then it began crossing my mind that I’ve had problems in heart. For my terms, it was a heart, but then when I looked in a dictionary. It was said that was long-life already. It was different. So trying to get a job before the month of June had come, I pushed myself limiting my eating habits. Then I offered myself not to eat rice anymore in a long-term already. And I minimized 31 pounds already and maintaining from my good health conditions.


Quote #4:

The doctor said you can’t bring your child to another physician, consultant or another doctor just to know what the case of your special child is.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is a very big case to each and every parent raising their special child either having Down syndrome, Asperger, Autism, ADHD and other genetically disorders. But my concerns to the doctors, consultants and physicians, they should consider the special child a second chance. Because no matter how big or small case is, the parents will still have a chance to grow their child accordingly to the plan. Doctors won’t worry, but the parents worry more concerns than them.


When I learned some other disabilities when I was working in a school, some of the lessons had crossing at the end of my head already. But at the end of a day, I was glad that my two bosses were keeping me a contract this year for upcoming new school year of 2014-2015. I was overwhelmed when I heard that. Knowing of my performances, I should applying in the school before but I don’t have a tough heart to do. Instead the work chooses me, because it wasn’t my fate. The fate chose me instead.


Quote #5:

Believe a chance when you seek God and sometimes the troubled mind will give you more headache how to understand your special child.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


When I entered a different religion church, it was me have to understand the culture of other religious groups. But it never crossed to my mind that I’ve to change my religion. It was me who will having to have relationship with the God and relationship to other people also. My boss was a born-again christian. But I was a catholic. No matter how small we were, we brought to this world to understand how special children was important more.


It was not an easy job to say this. But my relationship with God proved me that I have praying for Him in eternity and living after. When you seek God, that is the time you are asking to ease the problems for your special child. What is more important between religion or special children? The answer is both. The bible said that there was an introduction already in this world we were encountering special children, special adults and other disabilities also. It was Him that He saved us from our sins. And nothing to be declare but to surrender our souls to Him just to pray.


Quote #6:

My friend discontinued our friendship we have already, but I rather seek more help to other people encouraging to have relationship for friendship we have.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is already a common problem to all of us. When God said in ten commandments, “love your enemy and love thy your neighbor.” I was always having a problems to other of my friends and trying to reconnect our friendship we have for the past years we couldn’t agree for. But to tell you the truth, when you enter His kingdom, your soul with Him would never feel the sadness we have in earth. Instead, we encourage other people in the land of earth to have creating more friends. When you encounter having some enemies, try to reconnect yourself in other religion and you will meet yourself at the end of a day.


Quote #7:

When parents left without a reasons for their child going to another place or to another school institution, they will make their child or special child restart their life again without having connecting a connection to another friends.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This was my concerns today when I am confronting my future. I was trying to reconnect my past because I couldn’t remembered some of my classmates before. Three-fourths of the class from fourth grade to high school I knew of them. But some large bodies of students before was first grade and third grade. It was meant that we were group of 35 or more of students. I couldn’t moved all along. But to tell the truth, God will find a way to reconnect me to them. Just believe in faith and He will guide you.


It is the same issues when you are transferring your child or special child to another school, then a child would say, “mommy, why do we have to transfer? I already have friends here.” I could agree with the same answers with a child. But to tell you the truth honestly, it is me who also seeking creating more circle of friends right now. Because in reality, when you are making some friends, some people has to go, some people has to stay and some people has to ignore. No matter what you are making some new friends, it will have a time when you have a chance to see them again, you are changed today than the yesteryears.


Quote #8:

Amount of percentage of our brain only counts few things to remember. But the size of knowledge doesn’t keep you to stay poor, but you also exceed the expectations.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Albert Einstein said that the amount of our brain cells would getting bigger if you are using them properly or functioning them in a good way of thinking and supplementing new knowledge. Because his center of his head said the more you have a large space your head is the more larger knowledge you have. This is a false. Yes, he could be smart and intelligent. But he didn’t know the size of knowledge around the planet itself if you could not learn everyday. When you are using your brain in a good way, this will keep you younger and remembering some small details inside of your brain cells. Some of elderly has already surpassing their age to remember. But the fact is when you use them everyday, you could remember also everyday and talk to them to someone you’ve really love to speak for. The lessons there are keep your loved ones in tact for you when they need you the most of their life. Because no matter how long or small life span we have, we always remember the way we are treating with them.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

When I bought my first android phone, I thought at the back of my head thinking what I should do with my android phone. It was my first phone that I bought. I’ve had four phones already in the past. There were Nokia 6110, Nokia 3530, Nokia 3120 Classic, Myphone Dual Sim and the last was the Cherry Mobile Burst. But I am planning to buy another new phone in the future preferably iPhone I want to buy.


What was my newest hobby that I was always do? When I’ve downloaded the photogrid from the playstore.com in my android phone, it became a popular for me although I was a lover making some stuff in Adobe Photoshop. When you said something you really loved, you really adored at your side. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking more creating photo messages. Because I never made it before when I was doing something in Photoshop before.


My first photo message I’ve created was this:


Photo message 1

Photo message 1


Down syndrome is not a disease, it’s Awesome!” At first when I created the first photo message, the views from my facebook page became a hit. It was then something I knew from my heart I should for my life. Then at the back of my head, I was thinking creating more of this to become a book in the future. When I thought of this, it will become something you really like for your book what it is best all about.


The second photo message:


Photo message 2

Photo message 2


You are not alone, because I’m like you…and today is Down syndrome awareness month.” But this photo message wasn’t used for my facebook page. I have to use for the Philippines’ Down syndrome awareness month this coming February 2014.


The third photo message:


Photo message 3

Photo message 3


“Life borrows us, and it’s worth to be happy. Smile everyday!” The figure from my face was showing how I was happy for my life was. Being having with Down syndrome for me was not a hindrance to me anymore. And at first, my point of views came at the right direction already. The world is giving me freely thinking of this at the back of my head. And I’ve been wondered how God was grateful to me after all.


The fourth photo message:


Photo message 4

Photo message 4


Each day I smile, each time I am happy, I’m always there by your side, I’m always have to smile for you.” This photo message delivered the happiness quote a big time. Why I posted of this photo message? It simply gives me a wonderful message everyday at the moment I have in my life.


This four photo messages delivered nailing from at the back of my head when I suggested myself what I could do for my facebook page. And to think of it, it never crossed at the back of my head that it will help easing out of my problems here. But to tell you the truth, I am even more happy because of this year of 2014 will come knocking at my doors what I should do to have opening a new book soon. Hopefully I can do manage something that I have to create more photo messages.


And the other four photo messages I’ve created:


Photo message 5

Photo message 5


Life is beautiful, so don’t waste it, because life is good…and the hardest time has difficult to understand…with or without disability, you are still beautiful inside and out.” The fifth photo message was creating a new different diversion for the disabilities who have been using their life without fulfilling their mission. But the reality here in the Philippines, it is one of the common practices that these people should realize how disabilities would allow working in a beautiful work environment. Like I do as an assistant teacher, therefore it won’t do much anything to do if there’s an action some to fulfill in the future.


Photo message 6

Photo message 6


Chromosomes are extra effort, but it’s extra care, long patience, inevitable laughter, gives you a long smile…and it’s worth to have a special someone…your special heart, a special child with special needs. Smile!” Oh, yes! This sixth photo message delivered a beautiful message. Although I’m not familiar to other abnormalities yet, but in the future if God permits me to study more, then I would study more about other abnormalities. Nick Vujicic has said, “if your disability is a hindrance, why would you live normally as any other else. It won’t matter if you act on your own and be an optimistic thinker.” He would say a thousand stories in his concert although I haven’t some of the words from his motivational conferences. Maybe I should do the right thing at the back of my head also.


Photo message 7

Photo message 7


My life without you…even in a darkest corners can change into brightest. I can’t help it thinking about you. I can manage, but there’s a possibility to change of what I am and to be frankly, I am stronger today that I am happier throughout with or without single love.@Single_quotes After breaking smoothly with my ex-girlfriend last 16th of May, I’ve decided if I still have time, then I would do this even without her already at the back of my head anymore. She was the one who pushed me for having a great and wonderful job I have today. To think of it, my ex-girlfriend and I became closer naturally because we have one common thought, it was Rico Yan that was at the back of our heads. And I’ve been normally doing what I love the most I can do for my life.


Photo message 8

Photo message 8


Down syndrome is not only as a genetically disorder, but they are positive and optimistic thinkers. They live fullest with wide smiles and live individual long life.” This was my eighth photo message I’ve created so far. And the message shows how people with Down syndrome creates more happiness. But sometimes like I do, I don’t think the word of stress or negative thoughts. It was a taboo already in our definition or in our dictionary terms. I don’t know of this but lately I’ve been thinking at the back of my head that I should do this each and every day.


And the last photo message I’ve created was for myself:


The Author 3 copy

The Author 3 copy


I don’t know much of myself in the past childhood memories. The only I’ve remembered when asking from my elementary friends, they were the ones who kept telling stories what I really did some naughty events in my life back then. But I admitted that I am really a happiest person. Because of them, I won’t be here today. And besides who would thought thinking at the back of my head that I would be successful today. All the while of this years, it is constantly changing my nature from bad things to good things. And the good intentions are creating more happiness memories and it will give exciting for me in the coming years to come. The public should know that I am aware what is happening to our society but not such said in religion or to any cases, it would be one goal I have: change the world in a good place where disability should act to do happiness in your life. It has something to do with our lives today.


One book I should create about: Inspirational quotes and art of literary quotes. You should be follow me here in my studio articles. And read among the articles I’ve create even each now and then. I should carry my own feet what life is telling me about that this life is beautiful even I have a disability. And in spite of that, I should know what is good from bad.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.


The Chinese new year of 2014 is a Year of Green Wood Horse. It embodies a career promotion or a new career will hold a great beginning for you this 2014.



Year of Green Wood Horse

Year of Green Wood Horse


What is your luck for Year of Horse? Does you have a career a better promotion? Or do you have a take what it takes you to become better human? This year of 2013 will end so soon in the 31st of December. But the real Chinese new year is still around February 2014.


My ancestors in my mother’s side is Chinese. That means I don’t troubles finding my own terms or definitions in Chinese translation. But I guess that I should study more in Chinese language soon. Because even I love my Chinese traditions, then I should continue what I really love for my life instead.


Did you know the year of Rooster? The Year of Rooster will come on the year of 2017. That means you have to prepare for another three more years. If you are born on the year of other animals, then you must wait. But you can’t rely on the bad lucks or good lucks. Because no matter what you are today, you are still a human. And sometimes a human believes in Chinese traditions around the world. The China today is already in billion in population today. But as of 2013 is nearly ending, you must prepare for your good will as well.


Quote #1:

Don’t believe in other people, instead make a believe in your will and your wishes instead.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


When you believe in other people’s wishes, then you are working in a different pattern of life. This means you are in trouble already. And trouble means something will get you trouble later in second half of a year. But it doesn’t mean you have to believe to me. You must be aware and be careful for you and for your loved ones as well.


I don’t believe in my wills before. But when I exceed my limitations, my skills are getting done impressively. And the skills I have today is getting used to it already. When I do something good in your life, then you are doing in a good track in your life.


Quote #2:

Work stresses you out from a longer hours, and not for your home stress.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I work for a longer hours. But I don’t stress my mind out in a longer hours. Sometimes a word of a stress is not my definition in my own dictionary body. When somebody needs an attention in work space, they are seems lack of attention, lack of understanding and lack of commitment. The preschool teacher we’ve used to have in our school. She had a lack of vision working to our school, lack of commitment and lack of attention to mostly to our students. Instead, she focused to her commitment getting married.


Her partner was a basketball player. But it doesn’t mean that her husband-to-be-soon was dating someone else. Then she must have to worry so soon to her child because she was pregnant already. Then again, it was one of my speculations and not from anywhere.


Quote #3:

Love doesn’t take easily in higher commitments, instead it works progressively in a longer friendship.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve had been a two dozens of crush from the past until now. But none of them became my type material to become my girlfriend. But I’ve had a girlfriend already before. The problem was between my girlfriend and I was a friendship level. All she wanted was getting married so soon with me as well. But none from at the back of my head thoughts became not thinking clearly to have marriage contract with her. My dreams will be shattered if I have continuing my commitment with her.


The troubles came in last summer. But the good news came when I was been hired from my fourth job as an assistant teacher. I did all my best to become as an assistant teacher. And the best sometimes couldn’t reached as a full potential teacher. Because it has more roads to fill to become a teacher someday. But I must to study in a educational course in university instead. And also being a teacher is one of the highest professions around the nation and the world of course. Knowingly love can wait and the commitment also. You must focus to your work relationship with your bosses, your co-workers and commit with your friends to have a longer friendship in your other circle of friends also.


Quote #4:

Take responsibility to have being responsible person. Meaning that you are not fitted to become one, but you have to fill in to become responsibility.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I always have to cautious to become responsible special adult someday. Because I have many ways to become filling to become responsible special adult. I have Down syndrome. And it doesn’t mean that I have a hindrance against it. Instead, one of these days that I have to maintain my work relationship in my work environment, my emotions, my friendship levels with other people and to become also committed in church activities as well in the future.


My boss has been started inviting me of his church activities every Sunday. And every Sunday means a lot to him also. He has been not himself lately. Rather, I joined with him last Sunday. With him last Sunday, I was enjoying praising with God and singing christian songs as well. Well today wasn’t lucky, because I woke up late this late afternoon around 12:30 already. The time I was already been time-out. This means that I was irresponsible waking up late in the afternoon. See what I mean? I was irresponsible. To tell a truth, nobody is perfect in the eyes of God. Because you have to do it everyday as a responsible adult and act one as a responsible special adult like I do.


Quote #5:

Your personality describes the most good traits to everybody’s eyes. But none of other everybody’s good eyes has good traits, so better watch out.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Nobody is perfect in the eyes of God when I said in an earlier quote and I explained it already. But none of the personalities I didn’t like it was all about telling a lie. Somehow you must lie to confront one of your sins. And sins confront from demon’s likes they want from you. Tell yourself that you don’t like it. Because none of your friends will like you more better. Instead make a room for yourself cleaning your personality.


Take a church activities every Sunday and go out with your friends. And friends around you will treat you even better. Better personalities like one of the good apostles from God will treat you even more better. When I hear some of those quotes, I begin like to write one of a good deals writing my own version of building good stories. Like one of these good quotes turn to a good stories here in Living being as Down syndrome. It feels like that I’ve been writing for three months already. And I’ve been writing eight versions of each category. Somehow I feel what personality tells me about to write, but it tells you what is going on inside of you.


Your personality is a best defense to make ruling out making a new friends. And my field to become one, I’ve to build new life role in one – to become motivational speaker one day. To become motivational speaker someday, I might be one of successful special adult to become reaching out many stories in the future. And the question is, “what if?” Telling you a good stories will grow your personality even more better.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Part VII: Being single

Being single becomes part an embody of a person’s single hood and deserves to enjoy.


What is it all about single? Becoming a single member in a family becomes a part life in a short term and long term of being single all the time. Me? I have relationship with a girlfriend before. But it was my parents who decided not to have with me relating to someone I really love and to have belong with. In this part of article, being as a single doesn’t mean you won’t marrying someone anymore. There are many in the society who remains single. Not that you think about the priests and the nuns. It’s all about you take the meaning of being as a single.


What is the essence of becoming a single? Becoming a single in a first place is not a risk. It’s a first step in your life you will able to enjoy the long-term of becoming single or in a short-term if you want to get married soon. Because for me, it’s not a time for me to get married so fast. When you have relationship with someone you really love for and fight for your love to remain with you, it’s not that easy. Sometimes you’ve to get closer with God. With God alone, the person who seeks love will love itself in a longest time.


I was getting in denial stage before and yet, there were many trials and challenges for me along the path that I can’t choose for a career. I’ve been shaking in my life trying to get fix all my problems alone. But I was also trying to make relationship with God also. Because it was me who have been greatly troubled and yet in the end, it was you that God has plans to prosper not to hurt you but has plans to get you fix in your troubled mind. I was having trouble seeking myself in the past. And also part of my life of my hindrance before was my condition being having with Down syndrome. I didn’t know how to fix at the end of the day. But it was me all along that will fix in a long-term life. This life we have is our borrowed soul and a soul that we must achieve something great plans He gives to us.


And why God is the center for me being as a single? Because I’m almost enjoying my life each and every puzzle of troubles, trials and challenges that awaits for me. For those who seeks more troubles, trials and challenges sometimes have deeper mind at the back of their mind. It tells me for a purpose – to achieve your goal from time to time. And yet you are the center in life that you’ve a purpose. Here are my five quotes and quote stories will help you to understand the meaning of being single:


Quote #1:

I hate to excuse for myself that I don’t have a partner for a longest time.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


You always have alibi all the time. And yet you also encounter many times for your hindrances in your life. What can you do is to love yourself first before you love someone you really love. It’s a first step to have a commitment you really have.


On my part, I’ve been also experienced the same way. I’ve loved so much for my girlfriend and I gave the price of being in love for her. But yet, there was an excuse. I’ve never been loved myself first. Instead, I seek deeper with God and find a good job that suit for my happiness. It is not about finding a partner. It’s all about you if you’re ready for a commitment for your partner.


Quote #2:

There’s no one else in this world who really loves me the most of the time.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is also an issue for every each person around the world. Have you been heard about me? I’m not ordinary. But I am a special adult who has a special case being having a condition with Down syndrome. I’ve also been encountering there was no one else who loves me the most. My family loves me. My friends also loves me. My relatives also loves me. What else you cannot love for? Love yourself first before you love someone else. And enjoy your life being as a single.


Quote #3:

I want to get married as a young person and have to get have more children.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is also an issue here in the Philippines. I have friends who wants to get married in a certain young age. And a younger age sometimes is already an issue for a population for this country of Philippines. Why? There are many cases but I won’t name some names about it.


My case about me, I will stay longer as a single as long I’m happy. And when the time comes and someone who deserves me most, the single status will become married status when the time comes.


Quote #4:

Love thy will be done, love who most needs you the most and love thy not seeking for another partner.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This is a serious cases around the world. And it’s already a sin says the bible. It’s a case of adultery and seeking more partners. In moslem bible, you can have more than three wives. But I won’t give any more details because it’s already a serious case. It might get hurt from you when I am writing about this quote and the quote story as well.


Quote #5:

Seek who you love, seek a thousand notes and sometimes there’s only one you’ve really need the most in your life.”  ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


And this quote tells a different story than the rest of four quotes above. This is all about the Shakespeare that I’m reading about. And I love the sonnets and stories that William Shakespeare tells about his stories. But sometimes he also encounter the troubled mind he had with his wife, Anne Hathaway. This is a real story about William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway in their real lives before. But now you’ve seen the fake Anne Hathaway in movies who have many cameo roles in different stories, I’m ashamed that someone takes the name of Anne Hathaway.


But the quote says, “there’s only one you’ve really need the most in your life” at the end of quote line. It breaks my heart when the commitment comes around first. Because I’ve encountered first with my first fling girlfriend that broke my heart so easily. Then at the back of my head telling me it was not my life telling you about. It’s all about if you’re ready for a commitment. I guessed it was wrong decision for me after all. And it was also a great lesson that I need to learn about.


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Troubled Mind (Sacred song)


Feel about time and

phase out the stress,

feel about sorrow

and phase out your sadness,

tell me what’s wrong

in your troubled mind.


I get lost and weary

and I get depressed,

I get surprised and anxious

and I get frustrated,

I get in love and busted

when I feel about you,

there’s no time between us,

there’s no time between

the longest time we ever have.


In this quite journey for me

I long to tell you

that I’ve my condition,

in this quite journey for you

you long to forget

that you must pray and tell.


Feel about time and

phase out the stress,

feel about sorrow

and phase out your sadness,

tell me what’s wrong

in your troubled mind.


Oh, I am lost (I am still lost)

oh, I’ve been forsake (I am still forsaken)

oh, there are no miracles

oh, there are many doubts

oh, there are many fears

when I seek out at the end of the day

I almost get out of my troubled mind

that I almost forget about

is Him above, the sacred king.


He who will never give

forsake about you,

He who will give

miracles for you everyday,

He who will never give

fears and doubts

and I surrender my soul to Him above.


The story:

What is Troubled Mind (Sacred song)?


This was all about me who have been troubled mind in a longest time period in 14 years. And there was a time that I’ve had been in denial stage for a long time. And yet for about 7 years and 7 months, it broke for my emotions. It was all because that I’ve never stayed for a work that I all wanted. Being as an assistant teacher or as a teacher didn’t choose me. But it is a fate that chooses me. There were many hindrances in my life before. I’ve never thought or crossed at the back of my head becoming as an assistant teacher. I’ve never helped myself. I almost tripped out of all my problems, my trials and my challenges that awaits for me. What else can you become if you have a part of being having with Down syndrome in your case? It’s really hard for me. My parents didn’t tell me. My sisters didn’t tell me either. Or my relatives or my friends had never been telling me each time I’ve faced my troubles.


I am surely that I am matured already becoming to face what’s reality or not. I guess there are many trials and challenges that await for me to handle. And late last year or this year when 2013 came, my sister told me that I have a brother who has ADHD. At first, I don’t know what to do. But at the end of the day, I always ask God what plans he would rather chooses me the best. I came from a place where people celebrated from a church who listened to the word of God. Then I give myself a better chance to change my life.


When I visited for a fourth time in Rico Yan’s place, I’ve met someone who really loved me the most. In a span of 8 days, we enjoyed ourselves becoming my first relationship with her. She was the one who speaks to have handling relationship with me and I said yes. But suddenly with a range of disillusions, we partly changed ways and I broke her heart momentarily. Because my parents said it was not a time yet for me to marry her. This was all about doubts and fears that surrounded my thoughts before. There were no what-ifs that time and there were no second chances backing out. We were talking about marriage the way she said it to me. All she wanted to have a marriage to someone she really loved so much. What can you do all about the troubled mind? I guessed it was already the song chooses me after all.


Troubled Mind (Sacred song) is a song of life-breathtaking story about me. This is my second chance to fall in love and commit with God alone to focus what plans has been made and set it for me. And I declare my words to tell you that I”m ready to face another chapter year for the year of 2014.


Troubled Mind (Sacred song) is another one of my composition songs that I made it for today’s literature. And I guess if the time has come, it will be a big celebration if there will be a time someone who deserves me the most because I choose the right girl for me. When will it come? Sooner I think at the back of my head.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Things are not easy or difficult today. After delivering 1,000 sets of poems, sonnets, songs, poem stories and even quotes, they were already infinite numbers already that I made into this date.


What’s 15 years now?


15 years now is my anniversary today. And December 10, 1998 was the day that set me into a bigger dreams today and have had bigger responsibility to make a studio name.


What’s the original name before?


The original name were Cobalt 27 and Excess 48. But I’ve made my studio name before in blogspot.com before moving into another new platform, wordpress.com.


WordPress.com is my new home today and has different pattern levels from blogspot.com. But I’ve managed to write few articles before in blogspot. Then after, I’ve shut it down and let it cool for 9 years. Then last year March 16, 2012 was my first month of writing down the articles. And I was still remembered what I wrote for my first article called, Expecting the unreal world. The article was shown related to the introduction thus I also released World of employment for the second article I’ve also made for the day.


What’s a small step turns into bigger dreams?


A small step to my dreams before was making airwaves to have getting into entertainment industry in the Philippines. But my small step now turns now into bigger dreams. And the bigger news is that I’m also aiming worldwide if I make to be on top of publishing house and create my own version of writing a set of stories, quotes and literature poems, sonnets and also making into songs.


Other my bigger dreams are helping the Down syndrome awareness around the world, making the disability to have work into their lives and helping hands with other countries which they don’t have sufficient food in their country. What’s a goal? The goal is getting to be an ambassador. That’s a bigger idea and a dream already.


What’s next blessing will come?


I don’t know which blessing will come, but I have to wait. It’s worth to wait and wait but not getting to jump into conclusions that I know already what will it come. So I decide to wait instead.


In the nutshell:


Itsmikki Studio celebrates every January 1. But the anniversary date is on December 10. The facebook page said it was on July 4, 2012. And so the history will remain continue making new pages and new chapters.


ItsMikkiStudio Literature also sets on December 10 when the day sets opening new stories, new pages and new literary works where it begins a new chapters and it is also opening a new books. Itsmikki Studio: First book is already done. But the Itsmikki Studio: Second book is still ongoing.


What’s new?


I’ll release the new sets of literary quotes soon next year. And I hope you will wait for me to read more of my quote stories and also the quote poems.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

When I published my stories of How I overcome Down syndrome, Why Down syndrome and What’s wrong to have Down syndrome that posted in my studio journal diaries.


After three successful different pattern stories, this time I will tell you how I feel from my friends. When I asked my new friends in a new place that I met them, what would you have feel if you have a friend with Down syndrome?” My instance at the back of my head if I could give them a right answer. But at the end of the day, they asked me again. And I’ve accepted whole-heartedly being having with my condition of Down syndrome.


Melissa Riggio who also has Down syndrome just like me. But I’ve managed to overcome my mind about having my condition throughout my life. And I know how I will explain what the world Down syndrome is meaning all about.


I have mosaic Down syndrome. And being as a mosaic Down syndrome, two pairs of chromosomes are normal but another extra chromosome which it contains 47 chromosomes and why it has an extra chromosome in the first place. Which it is only mean that I really I have Down syndrome.


Then I’ve asked myself again when I got my first PWD card (person with disability), I saw upon myself what the term of chronic illness is.


Chronic illness is the long-life disability in your case to case scenario. Which it means it can’t be off with me. It only means that I still have chronic illness is. But at first, when I heard about chronic illness, I’ve started giving myself having with a strict diet. I’ve been doing since 1st of April without eating a rice. And I’ve been practicing before with three times already. They were successfully. But at my fourth time I’ve given myself a strict diet, I’ve begin to have giving myself being also a vegetarian. I’ve never done that before. Salad is always my favorite meal every time I eat and also goes to vegetables.


But to tell you the truth, chronic illness to me has gone to my mind. I only remind myself that I have to put myself enjoying my life. I don’t have other illnesses.


To date today, I have a work and I work as a hard worker. And I work consistently. I also have passion to the children which it’s my duty serving, assisting and helping regular and special children in the school. Here in my work, I am happier than my three previous jobs. And I love my new community as well – to parents, to my bosses and to my co-workers as well.


Those who also have same disability like me


Now that I’ve accepted myself with being having as a mosaic Down syndrome, I’ve overwhelmed when I speak my success story to new parents I meet along the way in my road. What’s the meaning to have condition like me?


It’s just to be like you as normal as everybody does. I love drawing, singing mostly, dancing mostly, writing and directing some animated short films. Or maybe I also want to try some other options as well – to become as an ambassador to Special Olympics or in the country also.


Work environment


My work place is different setting, different job description and different passion. My other three job descriptions were in the field of culinary. But I’ve never enjoyed inside the kitchen. So, what’s your passion? I’ve also been thinking someday if I can cook again. To tell the truth honestly, I miss cooking in the kitchen and practicing with my knife skills and culinary-minded also.


I also landed to get a certificate in contact center agent in training program. And I’ve successfully got it within 13 days. My attendance was perfect. And I didn’t know my english will getting improving. At the back of my head, I’ve been practiced trying to complete sentence to perfect sentence throughout my life. I am not a good writer to tell you a truth. But it seems I’m telling a story already.


Dream job: Dancer / Artist / Songwriter / Photographer


I’ve been dreaming to get in entertainment industry in a long-run dreams already. And I think it’s my long-term dreams to get attaining my dreams. I really love to dance and follow all songs I love to hear. What’s my passion? I also love to write poetry. Poetry means a lot to me since December 1998. And I’ve made a hundreds of poems, sonnets, songs and stories to date itself already. To added, I’ve also beginning to like writing quotes and making picture quotes as well.


One day in my life today, what will my world looks like in the future? Would I still continue to dream as a dancer, artist making animation short films and at the same time, photography? There a lots to me doing actively in my life today. And I’ve earn buying my first cellphone in my life – android phone. It was my first hardworking money.


You see yourself but what about me?


I see around myself everywhere in the world already. But I want you to know that you don’t have a right to look at me having with a disability. Look at me as a normal person. I am always happy to get around with my friends, my family, my relatives and looking for a girlfriend today.


Don’t look at me. Look at me as your friend. And I’ve always want you to respect me. Having a condition with intellectual disability doesn’t mean stopping you to be friends with me. Think and hold your thoughts.


What is Down syndrome?


Down syndrome is an intellectual disability in the Philippines. Around 500 to 1,000 babies in the Philippines are born each year. A person with Down syndrome has 47 chromosomes. A normal can only have 46 chromosomes. Extra chromosome is an extra care, full patience, capacity of understanding and a lot of love. Physical characteristics of a Down syndrome has similar structure in ears, slant face, tongue, slant body and other characteristics as well. Down syndrome has a nature of being as down-to-earth attitude and can manage to give you a long happiness in a day. Those who are similar with Down syndrome have unique characteristics and unique intelligence.


In the nutshell


If I leave this world behind me, I want everyone has to focus not only being as a disability, but I want the whole world to look me as a normal friend who can chat with you all day, have a long walk and have enjoying your life. Being having with Down syndrome in my life is not my weakness anymore, but my strength is to give everyone to understand what it feels to have disability in the first place. I want to live longer if I can. Each of us with Down syndrome live long-life individually. It’s not a comprehension whether you have a short life span or a long life span. It’s about a legend who gives a true meaning of Down syndrome – being having with an awesome syndrome.


Itsmikki Studio. 2013 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

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