The day swiftly made my debut running to my old form and it was my first time I joined in the fun run led by Ateneo’s No Speed Limit. For the first time of my life, I spent myself not indulging in computers but to health and fitness day. And I was satisfied. To tell the truth, I always spent my adulthood in computers. And as if there was no tomorrow for me, I’ve always asked myself if I can do it in my running shoes.


Front jersey: 3k

Front jersey: 3k

Back jersey: 3k

Back jersey: 3k


When I firstly knew about the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines two years ago, then it was my fate to change my fitness for a good change. I didn’t know what I looked like if I go back to my old form when I was in younger age. But I did. The fact I minimized my body 34 pounds now, it was a difficult to turn the table back to a form age. I barely could not reach on this. Although my numbers for this year might be slow my pace back to my weight.


Last year I trimmed down my weight from 180 pounds above to cut it 31 pounds. And I made it to make my body fitted in my coat and tie in my sister’s wedding in Toronto. And all of my relatives was shocking to see that I was cutting my image from my body before. My role has becoming more wider and wider as I am going to change my world to look fitness more.


When I joined Special Olympics team last month, I met Ms. Kaye through facebook social network. It was a fate when I firstly knew DSAPI also two years ago, the same time I knew also in facebook platform. Well, I was merely shy back then. But when first things first came out at the back of my head thinking if I was shy right now, I knew some names in the Special Olympics team. And so my shyness becomes no worries for me no more.


I firstly thought I could be a shy. But at the back of my head simply is not resisting me at all. I saw thousand of dreams I could catch from my subconscious mind telling me if I could still follow my greatest or wildest dream to get in the entertainment world. But the real world has changing me now, for real. I was not intimidating myself anymore. In fact, I even more challenge myself into greatest roles – to become a role model instead going to the entertainment world.


If I know more dream I could reach is to believe myself within myself also. Whether you have impossible things you could ever imagine will turn into possible things. You realize how important your vital role is. Or how you could put yourself into a good position. If I do that, I would not imagine myself changing myself in the future.


The first run to 3 kilometers I ran up to this day made me to realize that I could still catch for my fitness. And yesterday was a good deal. I only ate two meals yesterday which it was oatmeal in the morning and chicken at the end of the day serving me as my dinner. And up to now, my diet was changing to a pace. I am more beginning to strict myself not to eat in six days about more than a meat in six days. Chicken, of course, is also considering a meat. Because it is poultry meat, the fourth cholesterol in a food pyramid which it consists chicken skin as a fat.


As I always made my mind changing my views from my culinary days, it was beginning for almost one year having myself in a diet period. My diet has started last the first day of April 2013. And up to now, I almost gave up my eating habits not to eat meat but it is also hard not to eat meat. I only now eat meat thrice a week. All of my days are changing as my habit turning into a vegetarian mode. Once the month of March will start occasionally of Ash Wednesday, the vegetarian mode will be turning soon.


The lessons here are simple. Eat a right amount in your body not too many in a day but to eat moderate in right time of the day. Eat breakfast, the important meal of the day. Once you put in your diet at the end of the dinner time, you could eat less in the evening. The hard it will digest you will be hard for you to make up to minimize your weight is. Don’t get frustrated on your diet. Take a time to spend looking yourself in the weight loss program. Always be conscious by looking your weight in a weight tool. And remind yourself so you could discipline your diet is.


Right now, my ultimate goal is a STEWARD. What is STEWARD? S is for Sunshine, TE is for Tiring Exercise, W is for Water, A is for Air, R is for Rest and D is for Diet. The more you discipline yourself in weight is the more you could minimize your weight down and helps you to realize how value your life is. And also put the number one vitamin in your body is a happiness.


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