28 days of February quotes (Down syndrome awareness month)


Day 1

I was born in the world not knowing I have disability – being having with Down syndrome, I will be loved by anyone else.


Day 2

God created man and woman. He didn’t give mistake by giving an extra chromosome. He created with powerful to change on us.


Day 3

Pure of unconditional love and pure of understanding are the ways to love an extra chromosome.


Day 4

Life is inevitable. It doesn’t give an accidents. But it gives an extra chromosome to be share gifted child to someone else.


Day 5

I am loved by my sister, my brother, my mother and my father. I am loved because Down syndrome surely rocks!


Day 6

With an ingredient of long patience, deeper understanding and full of unconditional love, those are the words to describe why we love extra chromosome, kids with Down syndrome.


Day 7

Labeling me as Down syndrome, I am not alone. I am loved in the eyes of God.


Day 8

Of all the creations in the world, disability is only an ingredient that can change our life to love them.


Day 9

You see me as different. But see me as a person who loves you. Being having with Down syndrome, we have ability to love you more.


Day 10

I cry because I am hungry to love you. I laugh because I am tickle to see you laughing. With me for you, I am special child. I am blessed with special parents.


Day 11

Love me having with a disability, but with unloved, their attitude is not exceptional.


Day 12

Don’t cry for me, my special parents. I am stronger to be loved from you. I will be stronger even I laugh to my mightiest smile.


Day 13

I’m an special angel. I’m a super baby. And I’m super loved from you.


Day 14

You are not alone, because you are like me. I love who I am being having with Down syndrome.


Day 15

I’m rare, I’m special and I’m your friend. Don’t be afraid with me.


Day 16

I always look in the limitless skies thinking at the back of the head that I will be always a role model for everyone.


Day 17

Don’t say mongoloid, it’s not nice. Say an appropriate word, a child or an adult with Down syndrome or DS. Because we also are humans who love you also.


Day 18

Look me as your closest friend. I treasure and value each and every person I meet. I am your special friend.


Day 19

I was born with of full of capacity and capable to do making you happy. Happiest is one of my ingredients.


Day 20

People see me as different, but I see them equally. Down syndrome is not a disease, it’s an ability to share our unique characteristics.


Day 21

Take care of my heart as I take care of your unconditional love to me. I love you from my deepest mind at the back of our head.


Day 22

Notice me as your love of your life. Remind me as your soul mate. Because with disability, it doesn’t matter for labeling. I also love you.


Day 23

With a greatest gift, I only can make you my smile to melt your stress away.


Day 24

Nurture one of my talents are to share with my treasure. Bless those who love me.


Day 25

I never fail to see you growing up. First you learn how to talk, how to walk and how fast you can run. Second, you make us learn how to love you more.


Day 26

Believe me for what I can change for the world, that is one of duty to make you happy.


Day 27

An appropriate to make an ingredient is to adjust yourself who is someone born with Down syndrome. Love me unconditionally.


Day 28

The duty of a special parents for special kid or special adult with Down syndrome are helping to shine self-sufficient duties and creating to teach good morale lessons.


Why 28 day quotes of Down syndrome?


28 day quotes of Down syndrome start in the month of February, the Down syndrome awareness month here in the Philippines. It represents the day quote and half away to teach for new parents, building trust to take care of their special child with Down syndrome.


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