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Happiness defines as an obsolete or a good fortune that brings happy everywhere you go; or you make your fulfillment as a happiness life.


What defines you as a happy person? Is it really good to have receiving or is it having a good fortune you have right now? If so, all things you receive is about yourself. Not everyone has, because you are doing the right path you are making for the achievements you make. People sometimes don’t know how happiness define to themselves. Because they are not making well in their work, or in relationship, or sometimes in the school where you can’t satisfy for your assignments, or some choices you really want to do can’t make it yourself not properly. All things are bound to have what you are doing both in real and not real.


For somehow reasons, I’ve always made myself as a wrong decisions. Because it wasn’t for my dreams not working properly. If I make it a goal in my life, I would probably doing it for a good purpose and a good reason why are you helping by yourself. If you love yourself, don’t help yourself 100%. Instead make yourself a list of good deeds to make it happen. All things are not made for you. Because it won’t work if also your emotions will be mixing along with your life. God knows what we are doing right now. But on the other side of fortunate happens to you, it will make the benefits for you and for your perspective life.


Let me give you 6 quote stories what it is at the back of my head right now:


Quote #1:

People always has a choice, but sometimes they won’t achieve until they learn their lessons.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


There are several occasions that you can’t achieve it. Time will come and time will learn your lessons. What I did properly in most of my time in the past was dealing with myself. When I first knew about my condition about Mosaic Down syndrome, I couldn’t tell even if it was real or not. I firstly doubted about myself, my skills and my life also. My fears would it be didn’t make it happen so fast. Instead, it lasted for me 14 years in denial stage I’ve been experienced.


To expect the least expectations was accepting my condition and it happened even if you really liked your life even more better than the past. Because it is what you really feels better for yourself and not for the others. People will love you if you share your blessings and success of your life through experimenting yourself having with a good purpose in your life. Right now, I’m enjoying most of my time today because I’ve admitting myself having with this condition. That’s what it feels like to be happiness. And I learned my lessons from my experiences in my life.


Quote #2:

You can’t choose love bigger things between work or relationship if you find yourself happiness. The lessons perhaps will make you stronger to be happy.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This was the biggest opportunity happen so fast to me last year and this was the moment I’ve been learned through all challenges that I’ve had to accept it. After I’ve been in relationship last year, that was during May 2013. Eventually my girlfriend and I didn’t work our relationship. Perhaps I wasn’t ready for a commitment. If I’m ready for a commitment, then time will wait for purposely willing to wait God will permit me. I went to my fourth job as an assistant teacher in the school. But the teaching profession wasn’t my profession. My profession is something you really love to deal with your life. The thing was I went through the challenges. I’ve been graduated in culinary course before and took for a granted because it was the only choice to be able feeling you were really graduate from college. It took me about 8 years what was really my profession looks like. I guessed what it was really matters to me that I found the right time of a good job that I’ve had today.


Work of course was a priority for me. And then when the relationship encounters with me, it won’t work for me if I will be able to help myself. So I chose the work over relationship. I told my friend who was a special education teacher that I wasn’t able to look for a relationship with her, instead I made a deal that we were be friends forever. Because from the start, she had a suitors who were able to escorting her. Then I’ve asked myself if I was ready. But no, I choose happiness for my work and love all the children I can help. Love will wait for me instead.


Quote #3:

Time is not the goal for you to have defeating the deadlines even you want to have to get on time ahead of you. Instead, happiness will find yourself to learn yourself and it will help you to become stronger.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


When you are defeating the deadlines, will it help you more happier? Is it worth to have feeling that’s all you always wanted? My experiences were different. I was also been in a hurry state at the back of my head last year. When I really wanted to make it feeling encountering yourself, it would be making yourself a different occasion. The first resolution for me was whether to decide to pursue to keep more healthier for me. And I’ve decided to make it minimizing my weight last year. I wasn’t making yet to get in time. But I’ve asked myself that I really can do it after all.


From the time I was in 180 pounds, it was beginning for me to get weighing down all 30 excess pounds off from me. I wasn’t in hurry state. What you are doing for yourself is taking a product to make it yourself to minimize your weight so fast in one or two months instead. But in my state of my condition, I went all through dieting and long-term already. I went my weight down before my sister’s wedding came. And when I went to a vacation in Toronto. All of my relatives were shocked seeing me in a good condition. I was looking good. 30 pounds will learn yourself about dieting, discipline and an action good time plan for a months.


Quote #4:

You love the most of your time doing nothing. Instead you give all the love for your special child.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This was not my story. It was yours this time. I’ve been hearing a lot of this stories from the parents in the school where I was working. One parent came to ask me and said, “did you feel the love they are giving for you?” Of course I was feeling all the love. But the time came to me when my mom didn’t giving me all things for me. It won’t come for me, instead I learned my lessons that my mom did her love to love me after all. Happiness is a highest state in your life when you feel you are loved and feel the blessings keep coming in for you if you love other people.


Quote #5:

The eight days of relationship was keeping me down when the time I was in love. But the state of feeling in love wasn’t keeping for me to last for my happiness.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This was my biggest lessons that I’ve had encountering this to me last year. When I’ve had in love with her, it was okay. She asked me for having my hands to her. Boy, I looked like a girl having a long hair. But it doesn’t matter who the person was really in love that time. Then I said it was okay for having a relationship with her. But the idea I brought to my attention when my parents came from a incentive vacation trip in Europe, they found out that I’ve had a relationship with a girl. But they weren’t ready for me getting married. Of course, I might be get a lot of heartaches to come that was she said to me. Eight days of relationship was my lessons to have with her. I’ve eventually ask her not to have with her anymore, instead I’ve to give up with her. She had this a personality when it comes to a money issues.


Quote #6:

When happiness defines you the most, it defines your personality the most and don’t make it to change of yourself.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


This happens to me the most of my time and to anybody else also. This traits of yours will find you easily. But the problems you are experiencing won’t be able to make you happy. It was because you always excused yourself you were happy for you to change your traits all the time. Having to change your trait to someone else doesn’t prove you are happy. Instead, don’t let the other people feel coming from your personality test. Make a habit yourself praying everyday. Don’t excuse yourself that you can’t change. Change your attitude, change your lifestyle, change your work environment or take a vacation. This will make you find yourself an inner peace. Happiness will find you where you can explore things you want for yourself. And I am glad today that my friends are still contacting with me until now. That is what happiness tells me everyday not to excuse yourself.


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