It is supposed to be the title of my blog: Around the World. But I change the last minute I get in my blog. Anyway, I should be starting to discuss here. That is because I have no clues remembering them. I only remembered our vacation in Miami, Florida when they have had viewing us in a video back then, in a video camera.

I have traveled so many places since I was a kid. The places I had been going out in the Philippines were Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Hong Kong, Taipei and the last trip we had been together were Singapore and Thailand. These are the places I have been going already. What I really like the most to go is the provinces of the Philippines before I want to go far places as just Europe, Africa, Australia and South America. It is not the dreams I want to go, but it is possible if anything can be happen. I still believe in dreams they are saying it would be happen someday.

The Los Angeles is the place we had been there during 1990 when Mt. Pinatubo erupted that time. We can’t go home yet that time. I still have no memories. It is because I have mind that I can’t remember. Maybe that two accidents interrupted me when I got two accidents from electrocution and road accident.

If there’s anything you could help me about this situation, how come I cannot remember some of the things are happiness. Happiness reflects me when I am energetic during that time I was a kid then. For somehow reasons why I cannot still hoping to remember. Now my photo album have been washed out because of Ondoy, now it’s clueless how I will remember now.

What I get right is sometimes I get some wrong facts, maybe it isn’t right to do with it. Maybe somehow or maybe I don’t know why. Have you encountered this in your child? Maybe I am, or maybe you too can experience this also. But I am still lucky that I can write some of the things I can do what other down syndrome children cannot do. I hope some of the things will have to remember.