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Back to school

Back to school again starts on the second week of June. Well at least the traffic anywhere will get jam before you are going to your work. Mostly in the society needs a job to sustain their financial. Once you sustain the financial, it will pay for your children’s workload at school.


I was in my early 30’s already thinking of how I survived the workload of being a student in the school. I missed a lot of workload at school. I’ve usually got a workload of I.W.s (individual work), home works, school projects and take home quizzes. Of course when the exam came, the studying of burden of three long hours burned my mind to get a higher grade.


But back before when I was in high school, I wasn’t a type of a student who would get serious into studies. I wrote and wrote most of my time writing of my literature. And some of them I’ve made sent to my lovely friends I have. But none of them became my girlfriend. Only crushes. I have one dozen crushes back before during my elementary days to my high school days. But the next crushes I have was in my college days.


Then again, I am wondering if I go back to the school again. But this time I won’t be a student, I will be a teacher. I just want to help students to carry their workload at school and their talents in what they are capable doing must improve in their future. I have said to myself that maybe someday I will be going back to the school. Not as a student but I will be a teacher. Teacher is not as easy job as easy does to do.


What’s a teacher does teaching? He or she could be a homeroom teacher managing the class of his or her own class. If it’s an assistant teacher, it would be assisting the homeroom teacher managing the class or help the workload of student’s assignments. Well mostly some of the students in the school have priority to study well.


In my opinion, back to school is the most interesting topic when it comes that school will be starting in a few weeks after the summer ends. Maybe some of the students don’t want the summer end because of their fun and excitement ends at the end of their summer. But from me, going back to school is fun to study lessons because everyday is a learning day of each lesson you will be teaching. It may not as easy as a teacher, but teacher has a long patience to teach the children well. If the teacher doesn’t have a long patience of his or her class, maybe the whole class will shut in their lips off. Because sometimes I felt the same way teachers respected to each of student.


I remembered my teacher was really mad and furious. Each of the student in the class gave a recitation to be given a grade. But if the student failed to do give an answer in recitation, the student will bring an assignment to his or her home. Hmm…what a shame. But that was the life of being as a student and a teacher. Because teacher was second parents to students where in the class have to study well properly in their behavior and their studying as well. I missed my school before where I grew up as a best student but not as a good. But I was given as an improvement student from elementary school to high school.


English language is my best preference of my first choice language. And of course, I’m a Filipino. Anyone who is trying to make it best, that is me who wants to be the best of all.


Why English is my favorite language? The quick answer is because I love literature and the nature of being spoken of English. English for me is the universal language. Everyone who speaks English can be outspoken to your rights. And why English? Because I’ve really adore Americans, Englishmen, Australian and New Zealand who really speaks English. They were the first countries who really spoke English in the first place. And their unique of speaking their words is highly recommendation. Although my point here is taking advantages about speaking in English and writing in English, I’m really wanting to become who I really want to be. Just to be myself. I may not be a perfect writer, but I always love writing.


Spanish or Portuguese language may come in second hand in language. Because their language have in other countries. They have really rich in history making their language. And why I also love Spanish? Spanish language comes in second language because some of our words in Filipino have transfer from Spanish. And some of our language words have different dialects from other provinces we have.


Chinese language may come in my third choice of language. Although I don’t know how to speak in Chinese or how to write in Chinese, it’s because I believe it is opinion where I come from. My family roots from my mom came from the mainland of China. So to speak, my great great grandfather is half Chinese. I come from a middle-class family. But I don’t want to speak some of the information I have. This is to prevent  from people who want to know me better.


Japanese language may also become my fourth choice of language. It is because I love their nature of discipline and how to become like a Japanese. Japanese drawing or anime is what I’m really in love about. Their nature in anime may become my favorite part of my life. Drawing and writing are my hobbies. And I’ve always love what I’m doing for my best.


And why do I really in love with these four languages? It’s mainly because it is part of our life. Japanese have entered in the Philippines during 1940’s. While Chinese have already part of our nation which mostly have entered since 14th century. Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese have all distributed in our nation. For my part of my love in English literature or English language have already enhance mostly in my life.


Being having with my condition of Down syndrome begins something that I didn’t discover along time ago. But what I discover in myself is that I prove that I am really in love with who I am today. When I was a kid, I always thought that I can’t be myself today. With English, it is mainly considering my favorite part of my life. I am proud what I’ve accomplish. But to tell you the truth honestly, I didn’t know that I can be a poet and a writer. In the start of my life, I didn’t see my life back before. But it’s mostly black as the background is.


It’s rarely for a person who gives this gift where I can enhance more and improve more in this field of English language. And what did I get grades during my elementary and high school before? Hmm…to tell you the truth honestly, it was below the average of 8. And I wasn’t that intelligent back before until I proved that I can improve and enhance through experiences. It was since the 10th day of December 1998, the day of Thursday afternoon, I began myself improving more and more throughout my life. And I can’t stop being having with my condition. But what I really am in love is how to get the girl’s attention that I’m different from other guys. If I have only prove something I want to discover is how I am really bring my life on this way of living.


And do you know why I really been find someone who is willing to open with me? Hmm…it could be someone who’s intelligent. I have friends who have been intelligent. And sometimes they help me in times I need them. And mostly of my crushes are intelligent. But I’ve really stop admiring with someone I know. Because I have to prove myself as a better person. Know yourself better than to anyone. When you really love yourself, sometimes you need to know your side of your nature. My nature is something that I have my own unique. And that unique is sometimes I can help myself for. This English language I am writing about is to prove myself if I’m a better or not. Because you never know if you’re still good or not. Just be yourself and write what is in your side.

Time management

Running late

Running late

Life could be really hard if you are not multi-tasking person. Well, in this article topic Time Management will bring you some curious cases about your time. It is easy to say, but it it difficult to juggle your time. What is your problems anyway if you are really hurrying to go to your job? Do you have what it takes to do your time management? Do you go late to your job? Or do you go late going to your son or daughter’s schedule? Errr….it’s really hard mixing up your situations. Your answers will solve in the right time.


First things first, clear all your thoughts at the back of your mind. Then your usual routine time will flow together.


1. When your time spends more in computer and rather you spend other things you really want to do. The problem in this solution is less your activities in your computer, especially for the children. Do more activities by doing your physical activities to avoid eye-contacting with your computer. Too much computer sometimes may lead in wrong health and conditions including your vision. It may includes the condition to your computer stress or computer strain.


Other activities you may want to add: do your habit by a regular simple exercise (bending, moving, yoga, stretching, etc.)


Solutions: Make a schedule. Habit yourself to have time with interacting your children. (To the children: make a schedule of playing for one hour and reading a book for one hour and other activities as well.)


2. Are you getting late in your job? (For children: Are you children getting late to the school?) Sometimes your schedule is really juggling up with your time. Sometimes it may eat your time less doing your other activities.


Other activities you may want to add: do your habit by someone will remind your time schedule.


Solutions: If you have secretary in your job, advise her or him for your schedule. If you’re at home, make a habit reminding yourself by making a calendar reminders. Sometimes you may find your time excessively other things you want to do.


3. Eating your time going to your wrong place sometimes makes you unprofessionally. Sometimes I have time juggling with my own schedule between making articles and doing walk regularly.


Solutions: Make a habit by alarming your cellphone notes to remind you ahead of your time. In this solution, you will returning the excess time into the extra time. Always go to your job for extra three hours. Your traveling time is one hour. So get into actions by going there by early. Early arrival in your job may reward you in the perfect attendance.


4. Easy small jobs are sometimes eating your time when you find playing in the computer rather spending doing your household chores. (This is reminder for both adults and children in this generation.)


Solutions: Don’t play your computer when you are about doing something. Always remind yourself with a note in your cabinet, wall or anywhere you can see the note. So that you will keep noticing yourself do your chores in the house rather playing games.


5. Does your Sunday have difficult juggling with your time to your children or family? Sometimes I do giving myself an extra hour by giving them your time.


Solutions: Go out with your family in the mall. If you have schedule with your meetings, cancel all the meetings in Sundays. Have fun with your family or children by giving your time with them. An excuse is not a problem anymore because you will find yourself as a guilty person.


At the end of the day: Sometimes you find easy juggling your time management with a perfect schedule. Multi-tasking is a big factor for all ages that includes your children. I always get on time when I am on the job. But that’s in my past resume. For now, I am able juggling time with the television and doing other activities as well.

Computer strain

Computer strain

Toni Gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga

I have a crush for someone even I wasn’t looking at her. Maybe if there’s a moment, I would like to pretend to be one. A girl of one, two, or maybe three, if I am correct. That sometimes I begin to realize that I really have a crush on her. Maybe a little of explanation won’t give an inch. Here’s another part of article I would like to bring up because I’ve been experiencing of this before until now.


Well normally when I have a crush, I am not pretending to look at her. I’m just feeling how I react towards of her. Maybe if there’s really a girl in front of me, sometimes I begin to freeze and become speechless. Of course, there’s already a countless of girls waiting that I would speak. Hmm…where do I start? Normally if I like a girl, I would do anything just for her. Maybe I’m a type of guy who would say secretly not to tell her that I have a crush for her.


Last year when I became active in any occasion, it became instantly for me to have a spark in my mind. Of course, I don’t want her to look at me. Maybe it wasn’t for me for this girl. I became frozen and speechless. In my experiences, I’ve already traumatized to love a girl. Maybe a little mutual understanding came a little awkward for me. I almost have a girlfriend in my past, but it almost breaks my heart. So I’ve decide not to name her, because she is already married and bear some of her children. And of course, I also have happen a crush in celebrity world, in America, yes. And of course in the Philippines where I also have crush. One girl to another girl, but I’m not literally loving her in my mind. Because it might break my heart and occasionally break my lifestyle instead.


There’s a reasons why I can’t fall in love to a girl’s intentions. It’s just that being having with Down syndrome in my life is not an issue. An issue is if I’ve ever fall in love, I would not probably put myself love more than a girl. Or maybe in vice-versa, I would not put myself in a difficult situation. Up to now, I still don’t have a girlfriend. And a mutual understanding doesn’t count in vocabulary where you can have a fling already. And of course, I respect the girl’s decision.


I have three sisters. Two of them were older than me and one was younger than me. My sisters are sometimes protective to me. Whenever I have a problem, I keep a secret. But my dad was always there whenever I have a problems towards girls. And why again girls are pretty? Somehow I find it hard to discuss here in this article. Maybe I am a little of confusing and complicated. Or maybe I still don’t have experiences to love a girl seriously.


Because I am still looking for a girl who would perfectly fit for me. And I still don’t have guts to love a girl. If I become an artist in entertainment industry, somehow it will become a little move for me to love a girl. Seriously, I already have dozens of crushes both in real life and in entertainment industry. Maybe I am too much of scared or maybe I am not giving a little attention for a girl’s intentions towards me. What if you were in place of me? What would you do if I do the same in your situation? I’m still clueless.


Life becomes difficult when you don’t face the problems in your reality. Somehow along the road I am following, I become stronger. But in the same way, I become matured already. And the way I am thinking at the back of my head somehow finds me amusingly what I become. So instead to find a girl perfectly, maybe I am giving myself in an attention to prepare in the future. And future for me means a lot. I become naturally when I really look to the girl’s eyes. Maybe my type of nature would become a different from any type of a guy they are looking for. I’m not also interested to the girls who really are not interested to me. Maybe it is something that I lack of. A little of hesitation comes awkward for me. Maybe so or maybe not.

I have made tons of literary works before. But none of them becomes unpublished. Writing for me becomes very addictive nowadays. Since I came back a year almost here in my blog. Maybe I am planning to get in right of direction. And I’ve almost lost in my way of living in life. I have business literally, most of my extra income comes from cellphone loading station. But through the years, I become depressed and frustrated. One of my biggest challenge in my life is considering to get up in shape and get in a right track – to become a writer instead. Yes, I have end up as a writer. But honestly, I’m not a good writer. I am not professional. I love to write.


Why writing becomes addictive? Normally when I write, making an articles about me are almost considering done in the past. But what I am telling to you is my future. Yes, writing becomes addictive for me. Let me give you a recap in my past forms of my life. I’ve almost gave up studying and finished the culinary course when I was in my college years. But to tell you the truth, it was the hardest decision to make. But during my high school, I’ve always wanting to finish my education. Perhaps education is one of the richest you will achieve in the future. And I’ve remembered that I’ve got a good grade in my senior year. That was Economics and it was a grade of 88. Normally of my grades were not that high. I was delivering my best of my best when I was still in high school.


My high school years was when I started like to write. Mostly around sophomore year when I began like to read books about William Shakespeare. And I’ve ended up as a poet during my high school years and college years. Yes, during my college years in culinary, I’ve never gave up writing. Writing is one of the forms that I would become wanting to write a good article. But not in the way I want to become a writer. But I did last year.


The original anniversary that I’ve continued my legacy in writing was December 10, 1998. Let me give you a trivia. John Lennon died on December 9, 1998 in United States on Wednesday in US time. But it was December 10, 1998 in Philippine time when he died around the globe time zone. To tell you the truth, music is also one of the forms I really like to write. Writing with music makes sense creating a numerous lyrics you would to compose of. But none of my works become famous.


The first anniversary of my studio will be starting on March 16, 2013 and that is on next Saturday. Not today. But there is another trivia I will be telling about. Did you know March 16 is memorable for all Filipinos? Why? It is because that day of March 16, 1521. The Philippines was first discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in March 16 in a bloody battle with Lapu-Lapu in Mactan Island, Cebu province of the Philippines. And I’ve discovered last year. Of course I also really like history and literature plus the interests in music.


The first blog site I have had it before was, but I’ve to deactivated after making to 100 posts. Mostly are irrelevant topics in my blog. This blog word is considering to me as studio. Mostly here in the studio I’ve been making are literature, entertainment, education and some other stuff. I want it to be look like a newspaper archives when I need it to be look like. In my matured age and right time, I’ve improved a bit. Mostly I consider when I have mistakes. I let my critics are consider my challenges to improve more of my English. Inside and out is sometimes hard to accept although I’m not a type of the guy who would love to go out and spend money somewhere. I’ve rather stay at home, selling cellphone loads to customer, watching in the television and making an articles.


Writing becomes my habit. And habit becomes sometimes my diary. Speaking of diary, I’ve lost my diaries before. I also made some of my diaries before during my high school time. That it considers one of my improvements to go beyond of my limitations.


Why writing becomes a form in my life? Of course, I read some of the articles in the newspaper whenever it’s headlines, sports section, business section, lifestyle section and entertainment section. One of my favorite articles I’ve reading about in the newspaper are headlines, sports of basketball in United States’ NBA and entertainment sections. Entertainment is really becoming my form of habit to read about the movie section, the section of celebrity status and up-to-date in music industry. And in the other hand, I’ve ending up as a poet, a scriptwriter, a fantasy novel writer and somehow I really want to make up a movie as a part of the production.


Making a movie creates a massive of brainstorming ideas, suggestions and doodling storyboard. It takes a lot of determination, courage, passionate and form of loving to make. Maybe a director, a producer and a writer takes responsibility to make a good movie or television series. Everywhere you go, you really love reading. I also love reading in the sense of my nature. Normally I read most of my likes. And to mention literature is one of my forms becoming to be a writer. Again, I’m not a good writer. I just love to write. End.

What I know about Veloso? It is said the oldest family tree that ever set foot in the Philippines according from Gracielle Veloso’s writings. But from my part, I am also part of the history. Given to any facts, only 20- 40 years is given to create another generation. From 1596 to up to date today, there are 10-15 generations already. I am not sure the exact generations what I write earlier. Because I haven’t some of them in real time.

My father’s father is our grandfather Veloso. About the entire of our given name, I am also a given name from his name. But because of that as a 2nd generation, my parents also gave my nickname from Pope John Paul II. I am never realize where to begin. To begin from Veloso generation, my grandfather is already going to be 86 years. I know he is already old. And he has already great grandchildren from 3 generations already. It’s all started from nine children, I think. I never get a chance to interview him. From what I am standing today, I want also to be part of history. Given the facts that Sergio Osmena is 4th president of the Philippines, it’s also our relative. I never get chance to interview some of other Veloso I met. But because Osmena is relatively to our side of Veloso.

One thing I didn’t know in my life when I was in high school. When our aunt (wife of the owner of Andok’s) died around 1997 or 1998 that is, I found out that I never saw some politicians before. Stood beside me, Jinggoy Estrada about one foot away, I stared a while and caught in a little misact I do. I stepped out and saw other politicians and celebrities as well. And I didn’t know that the owner of Andok’s is actually first cousin to my father. Amazed that I am so nothing afraid of. But I am not sure what I am talking about. This has nothing to do that I am talking boastfully, but to realize that I am also part of their lives.

Aside from the owner of Andok’s is Danny Javier, his brother and another sibling, Dyords Javier, also their brother. I never thought also in my life. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. It is that I am talking myself or the blog itself I am writing about. This is insane and whatever that is, I never want to conclude other names as well. Then last year, I am amazed again. I have never meet Dingdong Avanzado in my entire life. He is also part of Veloso. It is because it is in his middle initial. Then last two months, another one appeared. It’s Pilar Pilapil this time. Popping one by one like a popcorn, I don’t know what to realize or to amaze. It’s not normal for me anymore. As if my lungs want to burst like a popping balloon, but I have to calm down.

From what I have known, people everywhere might also be Veloso, because of population of the family tree that was. And of course, our family tree is also bigger. I have no regrets in my life regretting my grandfather’s legacy. But I have to continue my grandfather’s name. I never get a thesis either when I was in college. Because that is another story of my own. Knowing, of course, would be exciting is what I am expecting the next years of my life.

And if I would have loving a wife, I would probably want to have two to three children. Of course, there would be another junior and a daughter. It’s nothing particular I am against the RH bill. But protecting the RH bill is hopeless. Only God knows what we are doing for our children. And children is a blessing from above. No matter what I am doing, please let me give the love I need. But I never want to be hurry, time will come for me. And that is the only hope and patience will do.

From History: Velosos in the Philippines by Gracielle Veloso

The Veloso in the Philippines had traced its roots from Diego Veloso in the 16th century. He was known brave Portuguese explorer and trader in Asia. Diego was the great great grandfather of Don Eduardo Veloso of Cebu, the father of five (5) children, namely: Don Mariano, Dona Petrona, Fr. Rafael, Fr. Marcos and Don Dionisio.

Don Mariano married Carmen Rojas del Rosario and had 5 children: Don Maximo, Fr. Ambrosio, Dona Agustina, Don Gabino (Consul to Portugal and Ambassador to Venezuela) and Don Catalino (first lawyer of Cebu). Dona Petrona Veloso, unmarried, was awarded title of Marquesa by the king of Spain for her valuable donations and services to the church. The third son, Fr. Rafael Veloso was a missionary priest while the fourth son, Fr. Marcos Veloso also a priest, sired a son who migrated to Quezon province. The youngest, Don Dionisio Veloso married Evangelista Bautista had six (6) children: Don Juan, Don Esocolastico Jose, Don Antonio, Don Vidal, Dona Celedonia and Don Guillermo.

Don Diego was an explorer from Portugal, who along with Blas Ruiz, were the first Europeans to ever set foot in Laos. Veloso’s journey to Laos started in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, Veloso met and befriended King Satha of Lovek and Blas Ruiz de Hernan Gonzalez of Spain. When Lovek was invaded by Ayutthaya, Satha overthrown by his son and nobles who allowed Ayutthaya to take control, forcing Veloso to flee to the Portuguese colony of Melaka, the place where he began his adventure in Southeast Asia.

Eventually Veloso returned with Ruiz, who had fled to the Spanish colony of the Philippines, to Lovek. When they arrived, they learned Satha had fled to Lan Xang, an empire centered in modern-day Laos and consisting of Isan, Stun Treng, and small areas of Southern China and Vietnam.

Veloso and Ruiz decided to journey to Laos and bring back Satha to restore his reign over Lovek. They arrived in Vientiane, Lan Xiang’s administrative capital, the the summer of 1596. They were met with a procession showing off the city’s immense wealth consisting of Asian elephants, gold, jewels, silk, exotic snakes, bouquets of tropical flowers, chanting monks, Buddhist treasures and relics, music and beautiful women. Veloso and Ruiz were also received with a great feast. But while they were in Vientiane, they learned Satha had died from an illness he caught on his way from Cambodia to Laos. Saddened and angered by the news, Veloso and Ruiz returned to Lovek and started a rebellion to put one of Satha’s political allies on the throne and free Cambodia from Ayutthaya.

They managed to drive out Ayutthaya forces from parts of Cambodia and create a new state but led the new Cambodian state into a brief period of chaos. Eventually Veloso returned to Melaka. It is not sure whether he died there, Portugal, or somewhere else.

Another challenge

Some people laugh so hard and some people cry a little. Well it depends on a person who is tending to think that way. But who knows, a little maybe or less.


Sunday afternoon, dazing off in the sun makes me more bored during this time of a day. The sun blocks in my blinds of my windows, and of course while I am typing of this article, I think what will happen to me in the coming days. I still have no work and staying at home handles my pressure about my cellphone loading business. There is no way I am giving up about my career and my dreams. Knowing my heart makes me more desire to get a foundation program for the children who have down syndrome just like me. Interviewers are somehow discriminating me to some of my past interviews during I was still working in the field of culinary. Hey no, I am not giving up yet.


And of course, I want to challenge for me to work in another industry, the call center industry. Business People Outsourcing or BPO can make me that to challenge. In my first try back four years ago, this contact center referred by my friend. But it failed me to impress in the interviewer in my first try. Well the luck wasn’t there for me. And then again, after that year, it is already 2012, the year of the dragon. I have had a chance to go in again this year. With seven different contact centers I was going in, the chance was not on me. After this holy week or during the holy week, I will try applying again in the contact center. And of course, a lot of courage and confidence will have to build my personality. Year of the dragon was I am hoping to get a job for me.


In every perspective point of view, people find failing in the field where they want to keep repeating to get a job there. You don’t have to stick one company you want to apply. Allow yourself to try other jobs as well. Never get afraid from them. When you are applying, you need to ask prayers from your family, friends and relatives to pray for you. Then when you are doing that, make sure you are not in a hurry to get in a job right away. Don’t be an overconfidence person, just relax your mind. I am not that kind of a person of that way. But I don’t know what people needs to be do working. There is a lot of options. You can go build a foundation program, build your business, go and look for the work or maybe have a partnership what your friend has a business.


I’m tired of running backwards and in circles. Doing that will make me more unstoppable during my life. I lost my usb twice already. The first one lost the way when we transferred from house to house. And then the other and second one, you hope you will not to lend your usb to anyone else. It may be your friend is doing some nasty towards to you. People like them do not know the word to think about giving back, instead they won’t slip right away under your nose. It is a nasty habit they are doing and it’s a bad attitude for me. My dreams in my second usb still have my responsible to get back on the track. Whether it’s a business or a work, I will do anything to get a new job.

Memorable moments

It’s almost midnight to 12. And I don’t know what to type in. So here I am, typing in the keyboard makes me weaker because I am too sleepy to concentrate writing down my article. And it’s been a while since the last time I blogged in.


My memorable moments in the past, well all I can say is about me, is quite emotionally. I don’t know where to start and where to begin in the first place. But I recall one thing. I discovered how my talents are really cool. In writing, maybe I am not that good enough. In dancing, well I certainly am willing down to dance with you. But not this momentarily though it’s hard to dance even if I am over in weight limit. In singing, there is some moments in my life are very dull. When it comes so much of boring, the state that I do not do anything. So it relaxes in my head then I start singing some of my own lyrics each popping out instantly from my mouth. But hey, I don’t want to explain everything.


I traveled in the past with my family in Canada and United States. Well it’s not enough I want to share that. It is about how I am cool guy you want to hang with. If you are looking someone who is expert in basketball history, just come closer to me and I will tell you what some cool players are playing that good. Then I said myself, why do I need more talents? Oh, I forgot to tell you that I still have more. In drawing, well I got a lot excellent works during back in my sixth grade and seventh grade. My Science teacher amazed my work although Science is my favorite subject that I could draw about living and non-living things. But I am not that good in animation during that time. But because of now, it is not the way I am killing to say this. I love what I am doing. I draw, I write and I execute some of my works. But not in animating, I am not still there. There are more rooms for improvement though.


In fiction tales, I would be a father of all superhero beings who create and give all powers what I want to give them. It is not that what I want really. But to tell you the truth, I am not good quite animator yet. I already have a good script and a good story, but there is more room for storyboard. Then in that case, I will add some element. An element to add some music, that is where I want to go music business and animation business. If there is someone willing to give me 5 billion pesos to generate hobs here in the Philippines. Maybe a tycoon, or maybe I am too dreamy about that. But hey, who knows that can tell.


My most favorite memorable talent really was dancing. I am good in cooking but I am not practicing anymore. There are some issues that conflicts in my life really. I cannot tell you that I am 100% guy who can really cook, but definitely I can cook. For some reasons, there is always a yes. Maybe not if I do not desire. In dancing, I create a little move tricks there. Some what may, dancing in creating action moves in animation is really in my level of imagination. But creating a studio is definitely I need to exercise with that. Maybe I can pump up with my stamina to lower my weight and start dancing.

Last three weeks and five days ago, I have had this training in Ortigas. Of course, I want to have more income to work my English fluently. But then it came another start from my cousin, I never knew about her in the start. But she gave me a signal to go there if there will be a future for me — in call center industry.


I have never thought my life will be different if my dreams will not working with me. So I said to myself that I need something to do in my life. No matter what my dreams is telling me, then I have to work on my own. Not somebody is stealing my dreams away.


My inspirations comes in different forms in my life. First, I have never thought I could never dance so well in the present times. I’m thankfully for Michael Jackson who inspires me a lot. Through these years, my eagerness is exploding like there is a superhero wants to kill me. Second if I wasn’t good enough to get exploring my talents, I would never been drawing in arts as well. I have started as an artist drawing in science facts like biologically skin, plants whether it’s living or non-living things.


Changing in my life doesn’t count in different shape of human. It is a God’s given talent. I may be not good in writing or typing like this in shape of paragraph. So if you are telling me I’m not perfect, I am type of a guy who would never give up that still catching my own dreams. My dreams should be building a foundation program first for the children who are down syndrome like me. That inspires me a lot from Rico Yan. When Rico is still alive up to now, he would be looking me up and wants to be part of my program.


Fifteen years before I started to write in sonnets and poems, but right now I may be not a good writer. I am still improving on my own. If there is someone to help me, that’s also good. 10th of December 1998 is my debut that I have my own collection in writing of sonnets and poems. So it started. Through these years, I have never stop writing because it still keeps me going on. Now that I’m a poet, I’m pursuing myself to be a good writer someday. My old blog I started many years, I deleted them already. it is because I stop already back then. And after that, I begin to fall in love again with this kind of environment, to write again.


After Rico Yan and Michael Jackson as my lifetime inspirations, I am also looking to Walt Disney, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. It is because I am not also as an artist, I also want to be part of writing my own inspirations from them. Jack Kirby writes a lot when Stan Lee drew a thousand artwork that time, now have had already top-billed movies. Which is that I want my own homeland to grow more in animation here in the Philippines. An animation studio and a music production is what I want to improve for the Philippines. We have many talent pools here in our country, where else you want to go if you want to go in Hollywood. I always want to look positive in our country. And I am a proud Filipino, that is. After that, I am also looking for inspiration to Coco Martin. He is so good in his acting. If Rico is still alive, he would be working with Coco in show business.

World of employment

Today I will talking about the world of employment. Yes of course, everybody knows how to work well in your job.


Since I wasn’t get in the interviews the last two days, it wasn’t get enough to get in. The first endorsement came last Wednesday in Transcom, I didn’t get in the job well. Of course, my best answer did well in the group interview in one-by-one situation. And the first critical question came into me: if you are given as a invincible, what will you do in a day? Of course, I remembered my answer and my answer goes to: “If I am given as an invincible guy, I would do anything as a normal person to do anything, going to the mall and have pleasure what all you want.” I guess my first day in interview didn’t get me in the job well.


The second interview yesterday in Startek came, it was all my best I did with my answer. The second critical question came in: what will you in a day if you are in the place of president? Then I said, “I will change the diplomacy, change the government rules and have everyone get a chance to get a job. So everyone outside the Philippines get a chance to have a job in the country, help the tourism and the economy as well.” I did all my best to get in, but I guess I didn’t do well for me.


But I still have two more endorsements to do in my wish list bucket: one in Makati which it’s the Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing or VKPO and the other one is in Quezon City where the Stream Global Services is located. I have to go out in Tuesday going in Makati, so if there’s a luck for me, I will do my best to answer properly and introduce as well.

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