We all know about Rico Yan. His birthday lies tomorrow, March 14, 1975, 28 days after Valentine’s Day. His full name is Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan. Or simply we know him as Rico Yan.


Rico was dearly inspiration for me. I know him a lot. But not all of them, few of them I guess. It was 11 years already since he passed away in March 29, 2002, Good Friday. His closest friends, Dominic Ochoa and Marvin Agustin were been together with him since his last days. One day another comes closer. Once I think this way, nobody could replace the same Rico back to the entertainment industry.


When I became clueless, I was still shocked. 15 days apart after his birthday, Rico have dearly become our inspiration icon. He deserved to be the best man in our hearts. It was 2001, a year before he passed away. I was still in culinary years. His first cousin, Diego Castro, was my batch mate in culinary years together with Danica Sotto, daughter of Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie. Then at the back of my head, my cousin’s classmate was Rico’s cousin who was studying in Miriam College before. Of all of the same connections I have with Rico is interchanging. It was Jao Mapa who became my cousin’s relationship. I saw Jao Mapa every time he went to our grandparents’ house.


I was still shocked during that time. I am not aware what I am becoming to my situation. Being standing out or out of place makes me thinking what I should think about. Who is Jao Mapa? Oh, yes. Jao Mapa was one of the Ang TV days during his big break in ABS-CBN. He was also brother to Diego Mapa, the vocalist in Pedicab. Besides Jao Mapa, I also become aware of my surroundings. Danny Javier, Dyords Javier and among of the politicians I know was Jinggoy Estrada. I was still shocked when I visited grandmother’s funeral who Danny Javier’s mother died before. All of them were in entertainment industry and government industry when I saw them. Then later in my life, Rico entered in my life.


It was a perfect opportunity in my life. It was when he was still in ‘Sang Linggo Na Po Sila noontime series where my uncle was there. I’ve even asked my father if I have connections with my uncle. Yes, there were first cousins. But to tell you the truth, honestly I became aware of entertainment industry. One event to another, I’ve always want to become an actor someday. Who will be thinking wanting to be an artist if you are still dreaming? Well at first, I was afraid and demented. Knowing myself have become clearly. Rico was one of the first inspiration in my life. It was when he appeared in Master commercial. Then one commercial to another, I grew becoming to be the best what I have.


When Rico died, I was denying that he wasn’t dead. But it confirmed in newspapers and television when he actually died in Los Palmas in Palawan. I was curious that time. I thought it was my end of my world. But after 11 years have been pass, he grew in my heart stronger and kept me stronger enough not to think of him anymore. Because I want to be who I will become just like him.

Rico Yan

Rico Yan