Victoria Lorna Aluquin-Fernandez is her real name. But we always call her mostly known as Lorna Tolentino. Lorna Tolentino or L.T. for her abbreviation, was born on December 23, 1961. She turned 52 years old today.


We saw Lorna Tolentino growing up as a child actress, then turned up a good actress, a host, an executive producer and a widow of Rudy Fernandez. She gave birth to two wonderful sons, Ralph and Renz Fernandez. But she was also a stepmother to Mark Anthony Fernandez who Rudy Fernandez had a child to another woman. But that is another story from Rudy Fernandez.


Lorna had numerous movies in her belt already and also grabbed many awards in the past. From her latest television series Genesis will end soon on Friday which it is slated in evening series. Lorna has worked many projects from RPN channel, GMA Network, ABS-CBN and TV5. One television series I’ve remembered that I watched was Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (One Great Love) where she portrayed as Alondra Sebastiano-Del Tierro. And she also worked together with Coco Martin, Maja Salvador, Andi Eigenmann, Martin del Rosario and John Estrada. Amy Austria-Ventura, Tonton Gutierrez, Boots Anson-Roa, Ronaldo Valdez and Dante Rivero was also there for supporting cast.


She did 34 television cameos and 75 movie appearances in various film projects. And Lorna did as an executive producer with 7 projects under her belt. With 19 awards to her name, Lorna has also 40 nominations today.


I didn’t know all about Lorna Tolentino. But I guess I just want to write to her fame from her numerous projects already. If I have a project, maybe I will include her in the future. Or maybe that I am willing to take a risk to gain my own name. Soon, but not later, and it will come to me some time in the future for me.


One of the old movies Lorna did in 1990’s was Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara (Kill Barbara in Shock). She shared the film with Antoinette Taus, my ultimate crush before. But now, Antoinette resides in California in present times. And Lorna also did twice in Mano Po series in Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di that was last shown in 2006 and Mano Po 2: My Home in 2003. Lorna joined with Jiro Manio in Magnifico last shown in 2003. But the last she was seen in television series of Genesis where Lorna did portraying as a president of the Philippines leaving the planet going to the spaceship with someone she really shared to love with. But somehow at the end of the series won’t be in top of my list. Because I haven’t watch Genesis yet. Sorry to bother you.


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